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How to Take Care of Your Pool Table

When you purchase any pool table, you are bound to take special care of it as these tables are expensive and you cannot go replacing them after every few months or years. They are to be with you for a long time. If you take proper care and do maintenance regularly, then these pool tables can go with you for lifetime and also for generations.

How to Take Care of Your Pool Table

But what are the proper ways of taking care? Today I will be guiding you about the ultimate care you need to give to your pool table for its long durability and wellness. These are few but instrumental methods or tips, and I am sure they will provide you the best results.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions:

When you are focusing on the pool table maintenance, then you need to ask few questions to yourself. When you get the answer, you will automatically understand the purpose of maintenance and why it is so important. To name a few questions, they can be as under:

  • Do the felt need maintenance?
  • Do different types of felts need different type of taking care?
  • Can liquid spills damage the felt?
  • Is extreme light or weather harmful to the felt?
  • Can the wood of the pool table get damage?
  • How does weather damage the wood cabinets and legs of the pool table?
  • Do the pool balls need maintenance too?

When you can answer these questions, you know how important the care of any pool table is so let’s see how we can explain each question along with their answers.

Taking Care of Your Pool Table:

Any pool table is made out of wood, slate and felt. They need separate maintenance, and we will be covering them one by one.

Felt Maintenance:

Felt is the cloth on the top surface of the pool table and a good quality felt improve your game a lot because it plays a big part in speed, rolling and spin on the cue ball. It also protects the slate which is the base of the table top and most important part of the pool table.

Cleaning felt is not easy, but at the same time, it is not difficult as well. All you need is some time to learn the proper techniques and ways. Once you get hold of the soul of the method of cleaning of felt, then it will become easy for you as a cake.

Cleaning Equipment:

To clean felt, you must have the basic equipment that is brush. A soft bristle one which does not damage the surface of the felt.

Since felt is a piece of cloth which is specifically designed for the pool tables, you must use the appropriate brush which is designed for the felt maintenance purpose.

Also, the detergent which is used for the stubborn marks on felt is also specially made and available at pool table retailers.

How to Use the Brush:

This step is significant. You must always remember that you need to use the soft bristle brush in straight strokes. Never make the circular strokes as it can easily damage the threads of the felt.

You can make a soft straight stroke from the center of the table towards the edges and then repeat the process from every angle. Then go from one end of the table to the other while making soft, straight strokes.

Keeping a soft hand is a must instruction because if you are using any pressure, then you will damage the felt or even make it lose.

Using Vacuum for Felt:

Any vacuum cleaner which has a light mode in it, can work for you. You can use the upholstery tool of the vacuum to clean the felt where it will collect the debris and chalk residue which can be found there.

For Liquid Spills:

You must act instantly when you spill any liquid on the felt. Liquids are hazardous for the health of felt as the felt can soak them up, and they can damage the slate as well.

If you see that a liquid of any quality has been spilled on felt, get a spare piece of clean towel or any cloth which is good at soaking the wetness out of felt.

Don’t press hard but gently try to soak the liquid up. Try to clean the spot with a dry cloth when the entire spill has been absorbed.

Stubborn Marks or Stains on Felt:

If by chance you have not been able to notice any stains and they have become dry and stubborn, you will need to use a special detergent which is specifically designed for the pool felt.

You can find that product at any pool table retailer or sports shops. Carefully read the instructions and use them accordingly to get rid of the stubborn stains.

Weather Conditions and Felt:

Felt is a very sensitive piece of cloth which gets affected by weather conditions rather quickly. Direct sunrays can damage the felt in no time.

So, avoid placing the pool table under the sun or in the room, try to keep the curtain drawn. Also, the inside of the room must have normal room temperature.

Too much cold and too much heating can cause severe and unrepairable damages to the felt. Also, the humidity can cause serious effect on felt so try to avoid all these factors as much possible.

Covering the Felt:

You must always keep the covers on the felt when there is no gameplay happening on the pool table. This will protect the felt from all sort of dust and dirt.

Plus, extreme weather conditions will also not affect the felt when the cover is on. You can get the pool table covers from any pool table retailer shops or sports shops. They are expensive, but even they are, they are worth each penny.

Different Types of Felt and Different Care:

There are two type of felt; worsted and woolen. They are manufactured in separate ways and they need separate care procedures.

Like woolen felt is a plain weave cloth which requires more maintenance as it can soak up liquid spills rather quickly. While worsted cloth has tighter weaving, which enable the maintenance to stay less because of its ability to repel stains and spills.

Little more about worsted and woolen felts.

Wood Maintenance:

Pool tables have wood in abundance. The cabinet, the legs, the railings are all made out of wood. They need proper care, or else they will start to wear off, and the pool table will get damaged beyond repair.

Soft and Dry Cloth For Cleaning:

When you are cleaning the wood regions of the pool table, remember that you should use a dry and soft piece of cloth.

It will dust off the dirt or other small particles like chalk residue and other debris. Wood is sensitive to wetness so avoid using nay wet cloth or any other material. If you must, then try on with a slightly damp piece of cloth and softly clean the wood. And let it dry.

Special Products:

If you face any rigid stain that is not going away even with a damp cloth, then go for the special products which are easily available at sports stores and pool table retailers. Use them moderately and let them dry. Always follow the instruction for their usage.

Weather Conditions and Wood:

Wood is sensitive to all sort of weather conditions like coldness, hotness, wetness, and dryness. So, keep the room at moderate temperature and keep the wood healthy. Too much of any weather will damage the wood, and it might crack and get damage.

Cover it Properly:

When the table is not in use, you must cover it, so any dirt particles in the air don’t rest upon the wood of pool tables and damage them. Any humidity in the room can also damage it so when it is over, it stays safe as covers are always water repellent and humidity resistant.

Pool Balls Maintenance:

Pool game is not fun without good quality pool balls. It may come as a surprise to everyone, but this is true, pool balls need maintenance as well. But their care is quite simple and important. Balls get covered with all sort of debris and chalk residue, so their cleaning is due as well.

Cleaning Them and Dry:

If you feel that any liquid has been spilled on them, dry them instantly with the help of the soft cloth. They must be kept dry otherwise they will lose their shininess and rebounds.

Cleaning Them With The Product:

Every once a while, you must also clean the pool balls with special products which are made especially for them. All you have to do is to apply them to the balls and rub them gently to find the perfect cleanliness.

Placing of the Pool Balls:

Pool balls must be placed at such position where they don’t get on the ground or touch to anything sharp. Also, humidity and other such factors must be avoided for any damage.

Additional Tips:

These additional tips will guide you further in the maintenance of the pool table felt, wood or pool balls.

  • Try to clean the felt by brush or vacuum at least once a week.
  • The more usage of the pool table, the more gameplay means more cleaning so stay active and act instantly otherwise debris will stay on the felt for a long time, and you will eventually feel the need to change the felt.
  • Keep the covers on the pool table when there is no play going on.
  • Worsted or woolen; the two types of felts need separate care. Do the care according to their needs.
  • Wood needs proper cleaning every once in a while. Try doing the dusting at last once a week and deep cleaning once every month.
  • You must store your pool balls in safe height like ball holders for their safety and well-being.


You must have learned that taking care of the pool table is not difficult, but all you need is some regularity and activeness. I am sure if you follow the steps mentioned above then you will be able to give long life to your pool table, and your love for the pool game will flourish more and more.

We all want our pool tables to stay with us for a long time, don’t we? So, use your mind well and stay alert about dirt, debris and pool table.

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