What is a Low Deflection Shaft & How It can be Achieved?

When we are playing pool, we tend to develop different techniques to improve the quality of our game. We get into different poses to strike differently and also use different cues to enhance the impact of different tips on the cue ball.

What is a Low Deflection Shaft

In all these attempts, we get to know how to use the different shaft to increase the shot abilities. One such shaft is known as “Low Deflection Shaft”.

Today we will be talking about what low deflection shaft is and basically what it does?

So, let’s get started here.

What is a Low Deflection Shaft?

A low deflection shaft is a type of shaft which is used when we want to move the cue ball away from its original path that is the straight line.

Also, the deflection is very slight that is why it is considered very helpful and used for better results.

A low deflection shaft has different tapers which define the speed of deflection. Also, the ferrule which is the part of the shaft plays a vital role in it.

How Can Low Deflection Be Achieved?

Low deflection work like magic, if used properly and accurately. For this to work, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Hitting in the center of the cue ball makes it to follow the path of the cue stick, but to make it deflect, you will have to use the sidespin on whichever side you want to move your cue ball.
  • Try to hit the cue ball with such precision that cue stick hits a little sideways using sidespin and then you will notice that the cue ball will deflect.
  • When you are hitting, it is about the weight that matters and not the speed.
  • When you hit the cue ball, energy is used to move the ball in the direction of the cue stick but according to the science, technology and physics, little energy is also released to move the ball in the slightly deflected direction as well. We have to rely on that energy for deflection.
  • You must also remember that there is no such thing as no deflection. A cue stick always causes the deflection sometimes more and sometimes less.

Low Deflection Tips:

Low deflection shaft is caused by two types of tips. You can use these tips to have better results, and they are

  • 12.75 mm tip
  • 11.75 mm tip.

Also, the cue is more flexible when it is used primarily for deflection purpose. Yes, the flexibility factor is important, but one should also know that low deflection shafts are more about the internal working rather than flexibility.

The Material Used for Manufacturing:

Low deflection shafts are made by various materials like wood, or plastic which is synthetic. Also, carbon fiber and exotic materials shafts are also used.

If you want to have the better working of the cue in respect to the low deflection, then you must use a wooden made shaft as the wooden shaft is much lighter in weight as compared to the others.

Weight is a very important part of a low deflection shaft. When you are going to use it, remember to have minimum weight at the end of the shaft.

Most commonly maple wood shaft is used, but other hardwood can also be used in this regard.


When you want to purchase a low deflection shaft, remember that its manufacturing requires a quite bit of art. There are many ways in which they are made.

One has to drill a hole in the center of the stick for about 6 inches or so, and they leave it hollow. This will increase flexibility and also lightweight.

Another way is to drill all the way inside and then refill it with specially designed rubber, so the flexibility and weight factor remain intact.

Another way is to drill the shaft and fill it with balsa which is another wood much lighter than maple.

Another way is the planting of carbon fiber rod inside the wooden shaft to increase the working of deflection.

Top Brands:

Not everyone is an expert at making low deflection shaft, but there are few brands that have made their names after years and years of long struggle and efforts.


One of the legendary names in pool history, their low deflection shafts are made with special technology, and they provide you with the results you expect, and you also get to experience those results.

Few of its famous low deflection shafts are Predator Z-3, Predator Vantage, and 314-3. You will also see that these shafts are expensive as well. But they are totally worth it.


Another big name from past and still going strong, their low deflection shafts have made quite a difference with being one piece and also the strong inner working.

To name few, their Meucci Ultimate weapon Pro shaft and Meucci Black Dot Bullseye shaft are excellent but somewhat expensive shafts.


McDermott shafts are known for providing strong grips because of their manufacturing. They are made by Octadic Laminated construction with a triple layer of carbon fiber core which makes one of the best i-Pro and i-Pro slim shafts in the world.

GS07, GS09, and GS14 are an excellent example to name few.

We have covered some comparisons between Mcdermott, Predator and Muecci cues. Have a look at it to know about them more.

OB Cues

OB cues are relatively newer name than others in the list, but they have set a high standard by producing amazing low deflection shafts.

Cues like OB-2 Plus, OB Pro Plus, and OB Classic Plus are few to be named.


If we want to succeed in the field of the pool, then we must practice more sidespin or English so that our hand on low deflection can work like magic. I hope by now you must have understood what low deflection is and how the low deflection shaft works.

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