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What is a Low Deflection Shaft | Best Low Deflection Shafts 2022

When we are playing pool, we tend to develop different techniques to improve the quality of our game. We get into different poses to strike differently and also use different cues to enhance the impact of different tips on the cue ball.

What is a Low Deflection Shaft

In all these attempts, we get to know how to use the different shaft to increase the shot abilities. One such shaft is known as “Low Deflection Shaft”.

Today we will be talking about what low deflection shaft is and basically what it does?

So, let’s get started here.

What is a Low Deflection Shaft?

A low deflection shaft is a type of shaft which is used when we want to move the cue ball away from its original path that is the straight line.

Also, the deflection is very slight that is why it is considered very helpful and used for better results.

So what makes a cue low deflection?

A low deflection shaft has different tapers which define the speed of deflection. Also, the ferrule which is the part of the shaft plays a vital role in it.

List of Top 10 Low Deflection Shafts in the World

Have a look at the top ten low deflection shafts we have found out after a lot of research.

Image Product Details
Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Low Deflection Shaft Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft Cue tip: Tiger Sniper tip
Ferrule: ultra-thin white sighting ferrule
Warranty: No
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Predator Z Low Deflection Shaft 3rdGeneration Predator Z Shaft
Cue Tip: 11.85mm Predator Victory Medium tip
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule with Vault Plate
Warranty: Life-time
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Lucasi Hybrid Pool Shaft Lucasi Hybrid
Pool Shaft
Cue tip: 11.75mm Kamui Black soft tip
Ferrule: 1/2″ Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule
Warranty: Life-time
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Purex Low Deflection Technology Pool Shaft Purex Low Deflection Cue tip: 12.75mm Kamui Black soft tip
Ferrule: 1″ Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule
Warranty: Life-time
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Predator Revo 12.9MM Pool Cue Shaft Predator Revo Cue tip: 12.9 mm Predator Victory Soft Tip
Ferrule: White Vault Plate ferrule
Warranty: Life-time
Check on Amazon
KATANA Performance Shaft Katana Performance Shaft Cue tip: 12.5mm Katana by Tiger
Ferrule: 10mm thin wall light ferrule
Warranty: No
Check on Amazon
McDermott Low Deflection Shaft McDermott Low Deflection Shaft Cue tip: 12.5mm tip
Ferrule: 0.125″ black ferrule
Warranty: No
Check on Amazon
Summit Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft Summit Pro-LD Cue tip: 11.5mm Kamui Original Clear Soft Tip
Ferrule: 22mm XTC Ultra-light Ferrule
Warranty: No
Check on Amazon
Predator 314 Shaft Predator 314 Cue tip: 12.75 mm Predator Victory Medium Tip
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule with Vault Plate
Warranty: Lifetime
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Spartan Victory Carbon Shaft Spartan Victory
Carbon Shaft
Cue tip: Multiple options available
Ferrule: 3mm Black or White Juma ferrule
Warranty: No
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Best Low Deflection Shafts Reviews 2022

Now, I’ll be reviewing some of the best low deflection shafts you can buy in 2022.

1. Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Low Deflection Shaft
So, here we are with the best low deflection shaft you can buy in 2022. This shaft is made of advanced carbon fiber composite and is a trusted shaft because it has been manufactured and designed under the guidance of Shane Van Boening, legendary billiards player who needs no introduction.

This shaft has been developed using an advanced technology, 15k carbon fiber tow, also it has been reinforced with a core made of poly-foam. It has a thin white ferrule which brings enhanced accuracy along with a 12.5mm Tiger Sniper, helping you to take your game to the next level.

Just give it a try and you’ll feel no vibration while playing, any issues while breaking, shooting or when trying spin-effects.


  • Made from carbon fiber
  • 15.5 inch Super-Slim Elongated pro taper
  • Ding-resistant surface finish
  • Available in six different styles
  • Tiger Sniper tip
  • Size: 29”


  • No vibration
  • Great in terms of playability
  • Low price


  • Small complaints regarding the tip

Why I Choose this at # 1?

When it comes to the quality, this shaft looks perfect. Also, when you consider the price, it’s well in reach of a casual buyer. So all in all, whether you consider the quality or price, it’s a win-win ratio for you. That’s why I have chosen this shaft at no. 1 in our best low deflection shafts reviews.

2. Predator Z Shaft 3rdGeneration Pool Cue Shaft

Predator Z Low Deflection Shaft 3rdGeneration
When it comes to choosing the best low deflection shafts under $300, it’s difficult to leave behind the Predator-Z-Shaft 3rd generation pool cue shaft. It makes it easier to pocket balls using English.

When you start playing with this shaft you’ll notice increased reduction in cue ball deflection. Also the ferrule is lighter than the second generation shafts, which ultimately enhances your performances.

Moreover, mounted joints in a phenolic core offer better stability and surface contact. A victory tip rests at the top to reduce mushrooming and improve the playability.

What else do you want when you are choosing a shaft to play with?


  • 11.85mm Predator Victory Medium tip
  • V-Tek Ferrule with Vault Plate
  • 29″ size shaft


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full value for money


  • A little expensive

Why I Choose this at # 2?

Normally, when you are choosing a shaft, you consider the durability factor, playability and the price. The only thing which may stop a buyer from buying this shaft is the price. However, if one has the budget, this shaft would be their first priority.

3. Lucasi Hybrid Pool Shaft

Lucasi Hybrid Pool Shaft
This masterpiece is made from the combination of various billiards technologies so you enjoy a great time on the table.

It features a pro table designed by the five-time world champion Thorsten Hohmann. Also, it’s the very same taper that once Hohnman used in his official matches and if you have seen those games, you don’t need any further elaboration how it performs.

One of the best bits about this shaft is Kamui Black soft tip made of 10 equally cut pigskin leather which is compressed together so it becomes an advanced vacuum sealing process. Genius manufacturing, isn’t it?

So the final rest is a tip that ensures quick, uniform and optimal feedback with every stroke. While playing, the player feels the enhanced control over the cue while reducing deflection to a significant level.


  • 11.75mm Kamui Black soft tip
  • 1/2″ Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule
  • 20” shaft


  • Great in terms of playability
  • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage


  • Maybe too light for some players

Why I Choose this at # 3?

Billiards players have their own preferences. Some like to play with heavy shafts while some like to play with light. This shaft is light and looks great for pros and casuals both. It entails life-time warranty and some great features. Yet, maybe for some this might be a little too light. So that brings this shaft at #3 in the list.

4. Purex Low Deflection Technology Pool Shaft

Purex Low Deflection Technology Pool Shaft
This shaft is all you need to amplify your game and turn your cue into a powerhouse by upgrading it with a 12.75mm Classic PureX HXT low deflection technology shaft.

It is available in two tip diameters and ten different joints so you can pick the tip size that meets your preferences and the joint that you feel is the best according to your play.

PureX HXT Low Deflection Technology Shafts are a true-aim shaft, you don’t have to line up but fire without worrying about the deflection or negative feedback. You can do well by simply concentrating on the winning shot.

It features an HXT ferrule 1” that is a high tech ferrule with light-weight polymer core that drastically reduces the front-end shaft weight, lowering cue ball deflection and a more dead-on accurate shot.

Its solid maple construction and Kamui Black Soft tip made from 10 layers of pig skin are all you need to enjoy great durability and quality game play.


  • 29” shaft
  • 1″ Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule
  • 12.75mm Kamui Black soft tip
  • Professional taper
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Great for the money
  • Not expensive


  • A Few complaints regarding the size

Why I Choose this at # 4?

This shaft is a great option to consider when you are spending your hard-earned cash on buying a shaft. It has nice features and gives you plenty of options to choose from. However, there is a confusion regarding weight in buyers, so maybe the advertised size is not accurate. So that brings this shaft at #4.

5. Predator Revo 12.9MM Pool Cue Shaft W/ White Vault Plate

Predator Revo 12.9MM Pool Cue Shaft
When it comes to the quality, Predator Revo doesn’t need a detailed introduction. It’s one of the most advanced shafts in the world, at least how the majority of the Pool players see it. The brand claims it took more than a decade for them to develop this masterpiece.

It is made from high quality carbon fiber composite. It features a light front end mass and offers great radial consistency, that you’d expect from any Predator shaft.

If you want to take your game to the next level, this low deflection shaft can help you to do it. It’s great for those who don’t like the feel of skinnier shafts.

Featuring an innovative low-rise REVO taper along with a Victory tip and a white Vault Plate, it’s a great choice for you if you crave for next level Pool experience.

It also features a white ferrule for sighting shots, making it easier for you to improve your aim. You can buy this shaft in the Uni-Lock Quick Release and also in Radial joints.


  • 12.9 mm Predator Victory Soft Tip
  • White Vault Plate ferrule
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • 29″ shaft
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Great construction
  • Quality wise also good


  • Too expensive

Why I Choose this at # 5?

For someone having a hefty budget, this shaft is going to be an ideal purchase. It offers both premium quality of play. Also, you can expect it to last long because of its construction. However, for some players it’ll be out of their reach because of the high price tag. So that brings this product at #5.

6. KATANA Performance Shaft

KATANA Performance Shaft
As the name suggests, Katana Performance Shaft is one of the high performance low deflection shafts you can buy today.

Katana Performance Shaft has become quite popular among casual players and even famous players due to its playability. It features a 12.5mm Katana Tip by Tiger, a short ferrule around ⅜”. And it is constructed through 1- years of radial lamination.

So this shaft comes useful with uniform transference of kinetic energy and increases the stroke’s power.

In other words, it allows the player to get good feedback. It is available in different pin sizes, including 5/16 X18, 5/16 X 14, 3/8X8, and 3/8X10.

You can also buy this shaft in variants with black collar and without collar, based on your preferences. Though it’s a wooden shaft, the lamination and the compression technology makes it durable and enhances its longevity.


  • Tip: 12.5mm Katana by Tiger
  • 10mm thin wall light ferrule
  • Hardrock maple pro taper
  • 10 piece radial lamination
  • Joints Available: Blank, 3/8 x 8, 3/8 x10, 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, Uni-Loc
  • Item weight: 13.6 ounces


  • Offers great play


  • Few complaints regarding the tip

Why I Choose this at # 6?

This shaft will be a nice addition to your billiards arsenal. In terms of longevity and playability, features suggest it’s a nice choice. However, after learning about a few complaints regarding the tip, I think it’s better here at the #6th.

7. McDermott Low Deflection Shaft

McDermott Low Deflection Shaft
When we talk about the top billiards brand, no matter what accessories you consider, you can’t leave behind McDermott from the list. And the same can be said for the shaft.

Let’s talk about the Defy, a shaft that defies a common stereotype regarding carbon fiber shafts. Defy is a great choice to consider when buying a new shaft, it gives you accuracy and control that you expect from a carbon fiber shaft. It uses state of the art technologies to shatter the limitations.

It features a mcWrap, originally designed for the aerospace industry, that absorbs vibration and dampens noise resulting in a confident hit with a soft feel and quiet sound.

The smooth coating reduces the friction so you can enjoy undisruptive play, and make sure the shaft glides through your fingers with ease like a wood shaft. It’s insane energy transfer will tell you the beast you are holding.


  • Carbon Fiber w/ SmacWrap
  • 0.125″ black ferrule
  • Fits 3/8×10 Pin
  • Tip Diameter: 12.5mm
  • Joint Collar measure 855 inches
  • Navigator Automatic Soft Tip
  • Item weight: one pound


  • Great in terms of quality
  • McDermott offers warranty for their products


  • A little expensive

Why I Choose this at # 7?

Based on the review one might think why this product comes at 7th? The thing is, not everyone can afford an expensive shaft. At least casual buyers prefer to buy a shaft that is under $200. So because of the expensive price and an odd complain from a customer, this product comes at #7th.

8. Summit “PRO-LD” 11.5MM Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft

Summit Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft
Next in the line is Summit Pro-LD 11.5mm low deflection shaft. This shaft is made to offer maximum spin with peak performance at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a shaft that has a small diameter tip to fit well with your current Pool cue, then this shaft is a decent choice.

The shaft starts with a small size tip, KAMUI original clear soft tip, which is considered to be a great tip by many of the renown Pool players, for its accuracy and for shooting it to a long distance.

If you are someone who craves for extra spin, you’ll enjoy playing with it. However, if you don’t like that extra spin, you might find it a bit touchy. However, in order to achieve next level command over your game, extra spin is good to have!


  • 11.5mm Kamui Original Clear Soft Tip
  • 22mm XTC Ultra-light Ferrule
  • 29″ Shaft
  • Comes with a joint protector
  • You have the option to upgrade tip


  • Good quality for price
  • Nice service


  • Some might not like extra spin

Why I Choose this at # 8?

Choosing a shaft is a tricky business, and before doing that I recommend you to sit down and give a thought to your preferences. In general this shaft looks great, a decent tip with plenty of options available. However, it features a tip that offers a little more spin than you might enjoy. While for some, this extra spin could be a problem, that brings this shaft at #8.

9. Predator 314 Shaft

Predator 314 Shaft
Looking for a decent shaft under $300? You can try Predator 314. This shaft makes it even easier to pocket balls using English. You’ll notice while playing with this shaft how it increases reduction in cue ball deflection with its lighter ferrule than the 2nd generation shafts, ultimately enhancing your performance at the Pool table.

This shaft features joints inserted in a phenolic core for better surface contact and stability. Moreover, it comes with a Victory tip which can help you to reduce mushrooming and increase your overall performance. And what do you get as a result of all these improvements?

Great playability as compared to the second generation predator shafts. That’s why this shaft is one of the best low deflection shafts under $300 you can buy in 2022.


  • 12.75 mm Predator Victory Medium Tip
  • V-Tek Ferrule with Vault Plate
  • 29″ shaft
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Nice quality
  • Gives a great feel


  • A little expensive

Why I Choose this at # 9?

Overall, this shaft looks great to enhance your game. From durability to the performance of the tip, and of course the relief brought by life-time warranty, you are getting a nice deal. But the price tag is a little too higher for a casual player. Not everyone can afford to play with an expensive shaft. So that brings this shaft at #9.

10. Spartan Victory Carbon Shaft – 12.25MM

Spartan Victory Carbon Shaft
And last in the list, but still a decent choice, is Victory carbon fiber shaft. It is a product of Spartan that has made it the industry’s first truly customizable shaft allowing you to customize it as per your preferences.

It features a 14” pro taper made from one continuous piece of carbon fiber. This solid constitution is the reason why you’ll find this shaft stiff along both the shaft’s length and circumferences, giving you great time on the billiards table when you are shooting.

There are options available regarding the joint style, tip diameter, ferrule color, and other areas of the shaft, so you can play with a shaft that has everything that you crave for.

The shaft is filled with an ultra-lightweight foam for preserving the low-end mass and preventing unwanted vibration when you are playing. Also, it produces an appealing sound when you make the contact with the ball.

All in all, this shaft is a great choice if you want to experience great playability and feel.


  • Made from Continuous Carbon Fiber
  • 29” shaft
  • 3mm Black or White Juma ferrule
  • Plenty of options to choose the tip
  • Couple of options to choose your ferrule


  • Nice in terms of playability


  • No warranty

Why I Choose this at # 10?

Though apparently this shaft has everything you need, there is a reason why it comes at 10th. The thing is, it’s a little expensive, and when such an expensive product doesn’t even have a warranty, then people are normally reluctant to spend their cash on it. So that brings this shaft at #10.

Best Brands For Low Deflection Shafts:

Not everyone is an expert at making low deflection shafts, but there are few brands that have made their names after years and years of long struggle and efforts.

One of the legendary names in pool history, their low deflection shafts are made with special technology, and they provide you with the results you expect, and you also get to experience those results.

Few of its famous low deflection shafts are Predator Z-3, Predator Vantage, and 314-3. You will also see that these shafts are expensive as well. But they are totally worth it.

Another big name from the past and still going strong, their low deflection shafts have made quite a difference with being one piece and also the strong inner working.

To name a few, their Meucci Ultimate weapon Pro shaft and Meucci Black Dot Bullseye shaft are excellent but somewhat expensive shafts.

McDermott shafts are known for providing strong grips because of their manufacturing. They are made by Octadic Laminated construction with a triple layer of carbon fiber core which makes one of the best i-Pro and i-Pro slim shafts in the world.

GS07, GS09, and GS14 are an excellent example to name a few.

We have covered some comparisons between Mcdermott, Predator and Muecci cues. Have a look at it to know about them more.

OB Cues
OB cues is a relatively newer name than others in the list, but they have set a high standard by producing amazing low deflection shafts.

Cues like OB-2 Plus, OB Pro Plus, and OB Classic Plus are few to be named.

For online cues and other billiards accessories shopping, Lucasi has set up its name as a reliable company. It offers cues and other accessories at an affordable price so that every Pool lover can play with premium quality accessories.

The company also offers a 60-day guarantee, which is why it has become the go-to billiard shop for many billiard enthusiasts.

Some of their popular shafts are Lucasi Hybrid Zero and Lucasi custom shafts.

Purex is another credible brand in the billiard world that sells all sorts of billiards accessories. Pool or Snooker, and whatever you want, from cue sticks to shaft, you can buy their stuff online.

Purex is also selling on the world’s renown online platforms like eBay, so you can evaluate the quality of their accessories. Of course, nobody becomes so popular by selling cheap stuff.

PureX Technology and PureX PSK are two of the best shafts available from this brand.

Katana has become popular by selling cue cases, shafts and cues online. Though for some this name might be unfamiliar one, it has established a decent reputation in the billiards community.

Katana cues are also popular because they are inexpensive. Anyone with a small or big budget can buy them.

Katana KATXS1 is one of the most popular shafts made by Katana.

Just like Katana, Summit doesn’t even have an official website. Yet both the companies are selling worldwide. They have put significant effort in crafting cues, that’s why they have managed to sell worldwide.

Famous online platforms, even those that only deal with billiards accessories, are selling Summit Pool cues, shaft and cue cases.

Summit Pro LD and Summit SUMSX1 are quite popular on such platforms.

And then comes the Spartan. A less known yet a reliable shaft manufacturer that has made its name among those who have used its accessories. Spartan cue shafts are also a decent choice by all means, but they can be a little expensive as compared to other brands.

Spartan’s most popular shaft available online is Victory which we have reviewed above.

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing A Low Deflection Shaft

Now, We’ll be discussing a few important things that you should consider when buying a low deflection shaft. Of course, you need a shaft, and for that, you need to consider the following things:

Low Deflection Tips:

First things first. You must check the tip first.

So what are the best tips for low deflection?

You can use these sizes tips to have better results:

  • 12.75 mm tip
  • 11.75 mm tip.

Another important thing I’d like to point here is the nature of your tip. Normally, people who want to avoid deflection prefer playing with thin tips. Due to their thinness, such tips provide you with great control and accuracy.

Did you notice that almost all the shafts we have reviewed above have decent tips? Moreover, you have plenty of options available to upgrade it. Don’t worry about the price, if you want to achieve low deflection, then spending a few bucks on the tip is worth it.


Another thing to note down here is the material used in it. Shafts are made of all sorts of material, wood, plastic, carbon fiber, and even some exotic material.

However, since you are looking for a low-deflection shaft, try wood made shafts, because of their lightness they can bring desired results.


Next thing is the weight. Normally you give it a thought before buying a shaft. Nobody likes to play with a shaft that is too heavy.

I’d advise you to buy a shaft that has minimum weight at the end so you can play with it with ease.


Now there are two sides, if you have a decent budget, you would go for the shaft that is the best. And has everything you expect a low deflection shaft to have.

But, just in case, you are on a low budget, now what should be your priority?

In this case, never compromise on the durability and construction of the shaft. You can change the tip and ferrule later, but the overall construction can never be changed. So in this aspect, you have to sort out your priorities in the right manner.

How Low Deflection Shafts are Manufactured?

When you want to purchase a low deflection shaft, remember that its manufacturing requires quite a bit of art. There are many ways in which they are made.

  • One has to drill a hole in the center of the stick for about 6 inches or so, and they leave it hollow. This will increase flexibility and make it lightweight.
  • Another way is to drill all the way inside and then refill it with specially designed rubber, so the flexibility and weight factor remain intact.
  • Another way is to drill the shaft and fill it with balsa which is a type of wood much lighter than maple.
  • Another way is the planting of carbon fiber rod inside the wooden shaft to increase the working of deflection.

Low Deflection Vs Regular Shaft

Though the majority of the players settle with the fact that low-deflection shafts are the best, this is still a hot debate if low deflection shafts are worth it or not. Or what are the pros and cons of low deflection cues when compared with regular shafts.

First, see from where this difference emerges between the two shafts:

Difference in Weight

Regular shafts are known to be heavier than the low deflection shafts because they have heavy tips. This is why you’d see players making a bridge close to the cue tip end when they are playing with normal shafts. In this way, they get low momentum to the high weight end and they get a low deflection on the cue ball, even with a normal shaft.

On the other hand, low deflection shafts are relatively light from the tip end. So the players who use these shafts make the bridge way more behind than it used to be once, when there were no low deflection shafts. In this case, they have nothing to worry about the weight of the cue tip.

So what are the pros and cons of playing with a low deflection shaft?

Low deflection shafts have following pros:

  • Of course, the first advantage is that the cue ball deflects less.
  • Your aiming improves the more you play with such cues.
  • You get adequate control over the spin of the ball so you can take aims with utmost control.
  • Such shafts are ideal for breaks where you might want to add less spin on the ball.
  • And lastly, these shafts last longer as they are less likely to bend over time.

Alongside, there are small cons of playing with such shafts.


  • When buying a low deflection shaft, keep these things in mind.
  • They are quite expensive as compared to normal shafts.
  • It takes time to get accustomed to them if you have never used them before.
  • Because of the weight at the lower side, the sound these shafts make can be irritating.

How Can Low Deflection Be Achieved?

Low deflection work like magic, if used properly and accurately. For this to work, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Hitting in the center of the cue ball makes it to follow the path of the cue stick, but to make it deflect, you will have to use the sidespin on whichever side you want to move your cue ball.
  • Try to hit the cue ball with such precision that cue stick hits a little sideways using sidespin and then you will notice that the cue ball will deflect.
  • When you are hitting, it is about the weight that matters and not the speed.
  • When you hit the cue ball, energy is used to move the ball in the direction of the cue stick but according to the science, technology and physics, little energy is also released to move the ball in the slightly deflected direction as well. We have to rely on that energy for deflection.
  • You must also remember that there is no such thing as no deflection. A cue stick always causes the deflection sometimes more and sometimes less.


Do Pool cues need low deflection, if yes, then how does a low deflection shaft work?
Yes, the less the deflection is, the better your performance will be. A low deflection shaft has less end mass than the other shafts, so it results in less deflection on cue ball.

What is deflection in a pool cue?
When you fail to hit a cue ball on the vertical axis, it’s called deflection. As a result, the ball goes in the wrong direction. For instance, you want to hit it right and you aim accordingly, but it’d go left.

Do pros use low deflection shafts?
Not all pros play with a low deflection shaft, however, there are exceptional cases. In general, every billiards player wants to play with a shaft that offers great control and precision, which is only possible with low deflection shafts.

Are carbon fiber cue shafts worth it?
They can be expensive, but if you look at the improvement they bring to your game and the durability they offer, it’s certainly worth it.

Are there ever uses for a low deflection shaft in normal play?
Yes, as said earlier, the greater your shaft is in terms of quality the better it will be. Whether you are having a casual play or a serious match against friends, a low deflection shaft can enhance your accuracy.


Choosing a decent low deflection shaft can be a tricky business. You must know each and every aspect about it before you make a decision. But I have made it easier for you to pick one, with some of the best low deflection shafts for money reviewed above, now not only can you buy one on a single click but you also know every tid-bit about them.

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