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Pool Table Pockets Installation & Repair Guide

No matter how well you maintain your pool table, and how safe you keep it, some things need to be replaced or repaired after a certain time. Just like your pool table pockets.

They are always vulnerable to wear and tear because you can’t keep them intact.
A dozen of balls sink in them during every game, that’s why it’s essential to learn how you can install new pool table pockets or repair your old pool table pockets.

So in this article, I’ll show you how you can change out pool table pockets from start till the finish, or repair the existing ones if you feel they are still good enough. By the end of it, you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge required for carrying out these tasks.

Pool Table Pockets Replacement

Pool table pockets are taken out in several steps. Each of the steps is to be carried out gently so no damage is done to other parts during this process.

1. Unscrewing Pockets

The first step is an obvious one, unscrew the pockets. Underneath your pool table pockets, you’ll find the screws. Depending on their size and shape, use any appropriate tool to unscrew them.

2. Removing The Pocket Cover

The next step is to remove the pocket cover. Actually, this cover is responsible for holding your pockets. So when you take out this cover, pockets will pop off themselves.

Also, you can take out the complete rail system with built-in pockets in order to redo your table with new rails and new pockets.

3. Installing New Pool Table Pockets

If you didn’t take out the complete system but only pockets, screw back the new pockets in the same style you unscrewed them.

Or, if you have taken out the complete rail system, you can install the new rail system with pockets.

Cut the felt using a scissor according to the size of the pockets you have. Make sure measurements are accurate so you have enough space left to fit the pockets on the respective places. Likewise, don’t overcut or you’ll have some space left despite placing the pockets.

More or less, leather pockets or net style pockets, all have the same way of replacing.

With that being said, in case you want to repair your pool table pockets, you’d like to to learn how it’s done. So let’s move on to our second topic.

How To Install or Repair Pool Table Pockets?

Repairing pockets is a little more complex than installing them. Because in this scenario, simple screwing and unscrewing wouldn’t be sufficient. If you are not confident about your knowledge, it’s recommended to get the job done via a professional.

And if you are happy to give it a try, follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Unscrew The Pocket

Like at the top, the first step is to unscrew the pocket.

2. Unbolt The Rails

In order to repair the pockets, you’d have to open the rail system. And for that, you’d have to use a socket wrench in order to open the bolts under all twelve rails.

Once they are open, you can lift these pockets and rails to start the repairing process.

3. Fix/Install The Pockets

Now repair your pockets. Sew them if they are wearing out. If you have any other way of getting them back in shape, try it and once done, attach them back to the rails.

If you want to install new ones, unscrew the previous ones and simply screw the new ones.

4. Place Back The Rails

In the same fashion you had opened the rails, put them back into their place and bolt each rail until it’s tight and fixed back to its place. Make sure that the bolts are neither too tight nor too loose.

Then screw/stitch the pockets straps beneath the table. And you’re done.

Now then, you have learnt both repairing and changing of pool table pockets. But what if you know how to replace the pool table pockets but have no idea how to measure them?

Of course, you can only buy a suitable size pocket when you know the size of existing pockets.

How To Measure Pool Table Pocket Size?

You need nothing but a measuring tape to do this. Measure your pool table pocket between opposing cushion noses where the direction changes. Like from pointed lip to pointed lip. This is also known as mouth.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Pool Table Pockets?

Yes, price is another important factor to consider here. There is a possibility that you might be on a low budget and repairing would be a more feasible option for you as compared to replacing the old ones with new pockets.

Pool table pockets come in a pack of six. You are rarely going to find them in a pack of one or two.

However, considering their lifespan, pool table pockets usually last for a decade or more, so buying them altogether at once is worth it.

Also, the price isn’t a big one. A decent set of six pool table pockets costs you around $80. Considering their importance and their lifespan, this investment is worth it.


What is a pool table without pockets called?
Carom Billiards table. These tables are used for playing French billiards in which there is no need for pockets.

What is professional pool table pocket size?
Corner pockets have a mouth of 11.4-11.7 cm. While side pockets are normally between 12.7-13.3cm wide.

Do Pool table pocket angles affect the game?
Not really, it’s all about the skills.

What is a drop pocket pool table?
They are the simplest form of pool tables. When the ball goes inside the pocket, it remains in the pocket till the end of the frame because of its mechanism.


Changing or replacing your pockets after a certain time is mandatory. If you are someone who likes to meddle with your pool table with an objective to do things on your own, you’ll enjoy this process. Conversely, if you have no idea how things work, you better hire a professional for this task. With the above mentioned steps, I believe my job is done. Anyone who wishes to repair his pockets or replace them on his own would surely find this information sufficient to get the job done.

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