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Dots on Pool Table and How they Help You?

If you have an American billiards table, you must have seen those white dots on your Pool table. And if you have no idea what they are used for, you have the right to be curious about them. If your guess is they have something to do with the measurement, then you are right.

You can use the white dots on your Pool table to take your game to the next level. Sometimes you’ll also see diamonds over these white dots, which make the look of those marking significant.

Where the Dots Go On The Pool Table?

  • There are 18 diamonds on rails and a name plate which you can use to mark the numbers.
  • As far as the Pool table diamond measurements are concerned, according to WPA, a 9-foot regulation table should be 12 1/2 inches (31.75 cm) from sight to sight. While for an 8-foot table, it’s normally 11 1/2 inches (29.20 cm) from sight to sight.
  • Just in case you are putting markings on your Pool/Snooker table yourself, you can use the above mentioned measurements.
  • Start from the foot rail and the corner pocket at which the two cushions meet is to be your 1.
  • Now move up the trail and give each diamond a number from 1-5.
  • Now repeat the same along the long rail and give each diamond a number up to 9.
  • Each opposite side, the long and short ends of the table, are the mirror of the other.
  • For instance, if you have numbered a diamond as No. 1 on one side, the diamond exactly opposite to it will also be number one.
  • Now what happens, when you have numbered the diamonds, whenever you are taking an aim, you aim in such a way that if you are aiming from the 6th diamond, you aim to hit the ball to the 3rd diamond of the other end.
  • The side from which you hit also matters and helps you in choosing the right diamond to aim for.

How Does A Pool/Snooker Table With Dots Look Like?

Wondering what a billiards table with dots looks like? See the image below, this is how white dots look on your billiards table:

Dots on Pool Table

If you want to see it in real time, I’d recommend you to watch the below video, it’ll clear all your ambiguities.

How the Dots on Pool Table Help You?

These white dots help you to execute Bank shots and Kick shots with ease. I mean at least with your calculation you will observe your aim improving.

Bank Shot

These dots are very useful when it comes to banking. When you are going for a bank shot, a simple trick is to find the dot that will make the object ball go off the rail then into the pocket you want. And it’s your job to ensure that the cue ball doesn’t come in its way.

Kick Shot

In the kick shot, the cue ball contacts the cushions before meeting with your object ball. A kick shot also comes to your rescue when your opponent has blocked your direct view of your target.

So when you are in a situation like this, just find the halfway point from the cue ball to the object ball and draw an imaginary line that moves towards the opposite rail. This point will be your target when you aim your cue ball on the cushion to hit the object ball.

Let’s take an example:

Pool Table Dots Case 1

In the example below, you are supposed to pot the red ball in the middle pocket while your cue ball is at the bottom left corner pocket. So by applying the above mentioned technique, you’ll find the halfway point between the cue ball and the yellow ball and aim your cue ball at the point on the rail.

Here’s another example:

Pool Table Dots Case 2

Let’s say the cue ball’s starting position is at the one end of the table and the ball you want to pocket is in the opposite corner.

Now, what will be the halfway point of the table?

It’ll be right in front of you, at the other end, and between the middle. So when you aim the cue ball towards the middle diamond, and whatever number you have put over it, it will come back after hitting the spot and hit your object ball.

As you can see here too, a diamond is formed.

Tricky Shots

And yes, of course, this system can help you to execute some fancy and tricky shots, which otherwise you might not even consider possible.

Like this example:

Trick Shot

Your first target is the yellow ball, and this ball will hit the blue ball into the bottom corner pocket. Now again, you’ll find the halfway, or in other words, half of your number to the other end as mentioned at the top, and aim this diamond. If all goes well, you’ll be able to pocket the blue ball.


Billiard is a tough game, it takes time to master it and get accustomed to the precision on different tables. These white dots (diamond system) eases up your job by giving you white marking on the Pool table that can help you to excel in this game. By using these markings, you can make a rough estimation when hitting a ball, and if these white dots/diamonds on your Snooker or Pool table are accurate, you are likely to get your shot accurate.

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