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14 Best Snooker Cues 2022

Selecting a good cue may seem easy, but it is a lot trickier when you actually decide to buy one.

Everyone has their own choices and preferences, but for your ease, I thought to list some of the best cues in front of you.

After a lot of research, I found CUESOUL Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue Cue Stick to be the best snooker cue. This 3/4 jointed snooker cue has 18 oz weight and 57” length which is considered ideal for many players. It provides you solid and smooth grip with high quality gameplay. The shaft is made of selected Kiln Dried North American Ash and butts are made of walnut which comes with four splices, so don’t worry about the durability of this cue as it is very strong and sturdy. This is the best deal you can get in such price.

It all started when…

A few days ago, my friend told me that he wants to buy a snooker cue. Both of us were kind of clueless in this matter. So we decided to look out for the snooker cues on the internet. But the more we dug, the more confuse we got. We were not able to pick a cue!

So the question arose, what to do now?

Answer: We definitely need a guide!

That’s where it came into my mind! A list of best snooker cues to help my fellow snooker playing mates.

I did a lot of research and selected these fourteen best snooker cues for you guys.


Here is an unsorted list of some of the best brands of snooker cues.

  • John Parris: Ronnie use this brand, enough said I guess!
  • Trevor White: One of the most desirable cue maker.
  • Robert Osborne: The name on world’s finest cues.
  • Peradon: A very old company setting and maintaining the standards till today.
  • Riley Leisure: A worldwide famous brand from the UK.
  • Glover Cues: Specialist in making custom handmade cues.
  • Hunt & Osborne: Will Hunt has been making the highest quality cues since 1983.
  • Maximus: This brand is from Thailand which is known for cue manufacturers.
  • Wood: Best quality brand at a reasonable price.
  • Craftsman: Specialist cue makers for professionals for over 25 years.

List of Top 14 Best Snooker Cues In The World

Have a look at the following fourteen best snooker cues for 2022.

Image Products Details
Cuesoul Handcraft CUESOUL Handcraft
3/4 Jointed
Cue Length: 57″ Cue Weight: 18oz Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon
Mark Richard
3/4 Handmade
Cue Length: 57″ Cue Weight: 18-19.5 oz Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon
Youse Cue
3/4 Jointed
Cue Length: 57” Cue Weight: 18oz – 20oz. Tip size: 8.8-9.6 mm Check on Amazon
BCE Two Piece
Cue Length: 57.48″. Cue Weight: 18-20oz. Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon
2pc Cue
Cue Length: 57″ Cue Weight: 18-19oz Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon
Weichster 3/4
Snooker Cue
Cue Length: 57-1/4″ Cue Weight: 17.5oz-19.5oz Tip size: 9.3mm-9.5mm Check on Amazon
Jonny 8 Ball
Cue Length: 45″ (sizeable to 57” cue) Cue Weight: 17 – 20 oz Tip size: 8mm Check on Amazon
BCE 2 Piece
Cue Length: 57.09″. Cue Weight: 17 – 20 oz Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon
58″ Cue
Cue Length: 58″. Cue Weight: 18oz – 20oz. Tip size: 9.5mm. Check on Amazon
2pc Ash
Cue Length: 52″ Cue Weight: 17.5oz – 190z Tip size: 9mm Check on Amazon
2 Piece
Cue Length: 57.09″ Cue Weight: 19oz Tip size: 10mm Check on Amazon
Snooker Cue
Cue Length: 145 cm Cue Weight: 19oz Tip size: 9.7mm Check on Amazon
Jonny 8 ball
Snooker Cue
Cue Length: 45″ (sizeable to 58” cue) Cue Weight: 17-19 oz Tip size: 9mm Check on Amazon
Snooker Cue
Cue Length: 57.09″ Cue Weight: 17oz – 18oz Tip size: 9.5mm Check on Amazon

1. CUESOUL Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue

This 3/4 jointed snooker cue represents state-of-the-art work , that allows you to attach an extension at the end for more tactical play.

Its 18 oz weight and 9.5 mm cue glue on the tip makes you feel like a pro, once you get accustomed to playing with it. The weight and balance are ideal for anyone to hold it, with minimum effort and no sweat. With an ideal length of 57”, it enhances the reach of every aim you take.

Its Butts are walnut made and come with four splices, hence, they are durable and strong, while the Cue shaft is diligently designed and made with selected Kiln Dried North American Ash.

The Icing on the cake is, it comes with 6” Mini Butt End Extension, and other necessary equipment like cue Gloves for strong grip, and Joint Protector, which protects the thread in the butt from dirt and damage.

To ensure maximum protection, the cue comes neatly packed in Quality Aluminium Cue Case.


  • Cue Length: 57″
  • Cue Weight: 18oz
  • Tip Size: 9.5mm
  • Joint: 3/4
  • Butt: Walnut Butts with Four Splices and Maple Veneers + Front Burl/Maple/Kempas Splice Decorated
  • Packing: Quality Aluminium Cue Case
  • Other equipment: 6” Mini Butt End Extension, Aluminium Telescopic Extension, Cue Towel, Gloves and Joint Protector.


  • Smooth slide of cue on hand
  • Strong
  • Provides high-quality stroke play.
  • Weight and balance are excellent.
  • Non-slip grip.


  • The only con is, some may find the grip too slippery.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 1:

For us, this cue comes at the top. If you are a pro, all you want is a smooth slide of cue and sweat-free grip. While playing a player aims to focus more on the game rather than worrying about sweaty grip or weight of the cue. This budget-friendly cue has all the comfort you need for a first-class play.

2. Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker Cue

This cue is an example of top-notch artistic work, with a blend of modernism. Cue’s butt design comprises of four secondary Marble Grain Wood splices with face splice and much needed three sets of veneers to enhance its beauty.

On holding this aesthetic cue, it gives you a feeling of its super quality and comfort in infolds. This comfort is due to its ideal balance as the cue has an intricately designed Hand spliced ebony butt.

The cue comes in different weights from 18-19.5 oz, so that you can choose any according to your preference.

Further, it is 57″ long, with a tip size of 9.6mm, consisting of a Solid Brass joint and Air Lock Release to ensure easy liberation of air.

The hand-selected woods leave you awe-struck and give you the feeling you crave for in a quality cue.

The cue has a straight and sturdy shaft which is crafted after 3 years of natural drying of American ash, that also prevents it from being warped.
All these perks are fixed into it after months of effort, that too with hands making it unique and reliable.


  • Cue length: 57″
  • Cue weight: 18-19.5 oz
  • Tip: 9.5mm
  • Butt: Hand spliced ebony butt
  • Shaft: Straight


  • Solid and smooth grip.
  • Provides high-quality stroke play.
  • Weight and balance are excellent.
  • Minimal effort is required to hold and use
  • Feels smooth and fluent in hands.


  • Needs extra care because falls and bumps can inflict serious damage on the material.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 2:

This intricately designed cue is soft, well balanced and adds comfort to the whole play. It is made of material that can last for years if handled carefully. Moreover, even a beginner can start with because it has a perfectly straight shaft, decent tip and most importantly, little weight to lift.

“So, excited with the way this list is shaping up to be?
Let’s move on to number 3 on our list.”

3. Youse Pool Cue 3/4 Jointed Snooker

This cue has an artistic look and comes with a black and white leatherette case ensuring safety and protection from dust and other hazardous material that may mar its quality – thanks to soft sponge material inside. Moreover, spacious 115cm of external length makes your cue an easy fit into it.

The cue has a length of 57″, and a tip size between 8.8 to 9.6 mm, leaving it on you to pick any of your preferences. You can ensure smooth play by picking the cue of the right choice, from 18oz to 20oz. However, regardless of weight and size, quality remains the same.

Its butt is designed with 4 secondary splices with face splice and maple veneers, and supreme quality AAAA grade mature Canadian ash, making it less susceptible to warping.

For your convenience, it comes with a mini butt to give extra reach and prevent overstretching, thereby improving your concentration level. It also contains a telescopic extension to provide maximum comfort to you.

With all the required resources at your disposal, now you can take a better aim and focus more on devising a tactical play.


  • Cue length: 57”
  • Cue weight: 18oz to 20oz.
  • Tip: 8.8-9.6 mm
  • External length: 115 cm.


  • Strong,
  • Comes in beautiful black and white leatherette case.
  • Well balanced.
  • Spacious external length.


  • The tip may not be smooth

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 3:

We put this at number three because its grip and tip may not be as good as the other two’s. However, it still is a very versatile cue to use and grow your skills. The mini butt extension it provides often prove to be a great deal of help as overstretching during the game disrupts the flow and may not let one solely concentrate on the game if the reach is insufficient.

4. BCE Two Piece BLUE Mark Cue

This quality cue by BCE could be the one you may fancy the most in this list. And why isn’t it possible, when all-time snooker great Mark Selby has endorsed this tip-top cue, with beautiful Veneer that Inlays a matching ash grain.

For your convenience, at BCE, cue weights available in different ranges from 18oz to 20oz; we’d love to hear from you which one you might prefer to play with.

The cue’s length measures 57.48″, while the shaft length is less than 30, 27.95″, to be precise. A unique characteristic of this cue is its spiral centre joint, which means it is suitable for both snooker and pool. Further, 9.5mm leather stick on the tip with brass ferrule protects the wood on the end of the shaft and allows one to change the tip without damaging the shaft wood.

Tip-top quality North American matching ash grain shaft makes it unique and one of its kind and a machine spliced four-point butt, made of ebony wood enhances its resilience and durability – not to mention the aesthetic BCE logo badge sitting on the butt of the cue.

Now comes the trait that separates it from other cues in the list – Rubber butt protector , for cue protection against knocks and butts.


  • Cue Length: 57.48″.
  • Cue Weight: 18-20oz.
  • Tip: 9.5mm
  • Spiral centre joint: You can play both Snooker and Pool.
  • Butt protection: Rubber Butt Protector.
  • Shaft quality: Made of North American matching ash grain


  • Leather stick on the tip.
  • Rubber butt protector provides extra protection.
  • Available in different weights.
  • Modern and unique design.


  • The grip can be sweaty at times. Make sure you don’t put too much effort while aiming, or you might lose the control.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 4:

It was a tough pick for us – which one to be put at 4th and which one at 3. This cue has all the features to get on 3rd, except in terms of providing extra reach and level of control. If it had these two, that would have been a tie for the 3rd place.

5. Riley METALLIC BLUE 2pc Cue

A fancy-looking 2 piece ash cue which consists of elegant metallic blue butt, with a solid Riley hard case can’t be left out from this list.

The two-piece cue with quick release centre joint is apt for both snooker and pool, with a 9.5 mm leather stick on its tip with a brass ferrule ash shaft. Each part of this cue reflects its durability and resilience, that you can’t ignore while choosing the best cue for you.

This cue with a length of 57″ and a shaft of 28″, is aptly designed to provide the finest of the experience to the one who uses it, not to mention the sweat-free grip it offers.

It is diligently designed, with a Riley logo badge etched on the butt, which alone is sufficient to make one trust its credibility. Further, it has a Rubber butt protector for added cue protection against knocks and butts.

Further, the case has hard construction, covered with vinyl to prevent water from warping it or inflicting damage in any form. This makes the cue extremely protected and easy to carry – thanks to its useful carry handle. Another feature of this amazing product is its internal divider to keep the shaft and butt separated from each other.


  • Cue length: 57″
  • Cue Weight: 18-19oz
  • Tip size: 9.5mm
  • Shaft size: 28″
  • Rubber Butt Protector: Butt protection
  • Case: Covered with vinyl to protect from water


  • Perfect length size.
  • Shaft is protected.
  • It will last for a long time if handled carefully.
  • The vinyl-covered case ensures maximum protection.


  • It may turn out to be a little heavy to carry for some people.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 5:

Although, it seems unfair to keep this cue at #5. The reason for it being at 5 is its vulnerability to fading and cracking. Despite being protected in various ways, as it appears to be in the picture too, the cue may not be able to stand a sudden fall or bump. Though the cue is protected to the utmost possible extent, this cue may not be as durable as the top four are.

6. Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cue

This intricately designed cue can be immensely helpful in raising your game – considering its apt features. The cue comes with a Black Brown Patch Case, one you’d definitely admire.

Like other cues in the list, this cue is 57-1/4″ in length, according to the set standards. Not to mention the different weights in which it can be sought, between 17.5oz-19.5oz.

A dexterously designed tip which may vary from 9.3mm-9.5mm is another of its features to praise and admire. The tip is strong, aptly fixed and remains undamaged despite a few minor bumps.

Quality material used in its manufacturing lays out the base for its exemplary resilience, that includes fifteen splices of Walnut and Maple veneer wood to provide much-needed protection from being warped or damaged in any form. The top-notch quality ash-made feels smooth and strong while taking a shot.

While designing the cue, your comfort was kept at first preference, therefore a Telescopic extension and a Mini butt is also a part of it to give extra reach and more focus during the play.

Further, the product is provided finishing touch by splicing real wood, and natural coating that prolongs its life and sturdiness.


  • Cue length: 57-1/4″
  • Cue Weight: Weight between 17.5oz-19.5oz (Feasible for all)
  • Tip size: 9.3mm-9.5mm
  • Quality material: Top quality material-made product


  • Ideal length of cue.
  • Weight range is appropriate for anyone.
  • No-slip grip.


  • Only con is that there is no lifetime warranty. However, the material used in it can make it last longer.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 6:

The overall product seems fine but the only reason for pushing it at 6 is its slightly higher price because equipment provided alongside and other features are of a slightly lower quality than the ones above.

7. Jonny 8 Ball SPIDER

Annoyed of awkward shots caused by lack of space? Here is the right solution for you. A cue that can be shortened from 57 to 45 inch to let you execute most tactical and classical of shots in modern snooker/ pool.

For smoother cueing action, the cue comes with 4 x 5 gram removable brass weight rings to ensure perfect aim and execution, while the shaft is made of Grade ‘A’ North American ash – durable and strong.

To shorten it, simply remove the handle section and carefully screw the butt into the middle section, where the Jonny 8 Ball logo is etched on the butt.

This 4-piece ash cue is considered apt for a pub pool cue, however, there is no harm in using it for snooker as it is designed to deal with both. Its 8mm leather stick on tip and brass-made ferrule is all you need to experience the sensation of improvising intricate aims.

The Black Rubber Grip handle at the top makes the whole thing feel lighter and fluid in hands, thereby removing any jerks or extra effort that may result in an easy opportunity missed.

Moreover, you can also choose a cue that matches your strength and play, in a versatile range of Weighs approx 17 – 20oz.


  • Cue Length: 57″ to 45″
  • Cue Weight: Comes in different weighing ranges from 17 – 20oz
  • Tip size: 8mm
  • Shaft: Made of Grade ‘A’ North American ash
  • Cue flexibility: Resizable cue ( 57 to 45inch)
  • Ferrule: Brass-made ferrule
  • Rings: 4 x 5 gram removable brass weight rings


  • Made of top-notch quality material.
  • Smooth Black Rubber Grip.
  • Resizable – that means you can execute complex shots.


  • In some cases, the player may not enjoy playing with a Rubber grip.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 7:

When every product in the listicle is of amazing quality, you’ve got to be unbiased and careful while sorting them. The product is super impressive to be used, however, I feel its price value is on the slightly higher side when compared to the features provided.

We are half way down in our list.

The cues mentioned above are all high quality and almost similar to each other with little differences of ifs and buts.

So it comes down to your priority and likeness.

Have you chosen the best one for you?

If not then don’t worry, we have other options for you.

Let’s have a look at them.

8. BCE 2 Piece Ash Pool Snooker Cue

A modern looking 57.09″ cue, is another one in the list that’s endorsed by Snooker legend Mark Selby, who has a better eye and better judging skills than anyone else when it comes to evaluating the quality of a cue.

This two piece cue is appropriate for both Snooker and Pool, with a Grade ‘A’ North American 28.35″ ash shaft, known for its sturdiness and can suddenly impact your game significantly.

Another luxury this cue entails is a Rubber butt protector, like all top-notch quality cues have one for extra protection, and a BCE logo badge on the butt – the bigger the brand, the more credible it gets.

With a quick release centre joint, one can improve sharp shots with extreme accuracy and strength – and that’s why it is suitable for both snooker and pool. Not to mention the diligently designed leather stick with brass ferrule, further improving your experience with this cue in hand.

Coming to the most important part i.e. Cue weight. This cue is available in range from Medium to Heavy, and you can pick the right one that you can use smoothly and with maximum comfort.


  • Cue length: 57.09″.
  • Cue Weight: Available in different range of weight from medium to heavy.
  • Tip size: 9.5mm
  • Shaft: Grade ‘A’ North American 28.35″ ash shaft
  • Butt Protection: Butt is protected with a Rubber Butt
  • Usability: Can be used in both Snooker and Pool


  • Perfect cue length.
  • Extra Rubber Butt protection.
  • Available in different weights – which means, it can be used by anyone from kids to adults.


  • Vulnerable to cracking and chipping even in minor collisions.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 8:

Though this cue has some jaw-dropping features, we have kept this at 8 due to no life-time warranty and the grip may cause trivial issues in summer because of sweating. However, the product still appears to be viable and budget-friendly.

9. Grand-Handmade 58″ Cue

Modern day 58″ cue, which comes with a 6″ Mini Butt to provide you extra reach. This carefully designed impeccable cue looks astonishing in hands, as its glamorous design instantly catches attention. Due to its lightness, it feels extremely fluid and light in hands.

The cue comes with a Candian Ash shaft, strong and durable, and Black Ebony Hand Spliced Butt that makes this cue easy to hold and fluid in hand, hence allowing you to easily hit difficult aims, with jerk-free movement of hand.

Like aforementioned cues in the listicle, this cue is prepared by experts using top quality material, including the outer cover of the cue, which is veneered with maple. And a 9.5mm tip at one end ensures effective shot-making with high accuracy.

Further, a Hard wood case is also part of the kit, that makes sure the cue is well protected and not vulnerable to rainwater or any hazardous substance that may cause severe damage while carrying it from one place to another.

For the convenience of user, weight size varies from 18oz-20oz, allowing snooker/pool enthusiasts of all ages to play with it – the one with the weight according to their preferences.


  • Cue length: 58″.
  • Cue Weight: 18oz – 20oz.
  • Tip size: 9.5mm.
  • Mini Butt size: 6″.


  • Variable weight.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Comes with extension.
  • Can be used by anyone.


  • Case is a bit small.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 9:

As per our sorting, this cue stands at 9 because of a small complain, i.e. small case. Further, one may argue that the product price is on the higher side, however, the price can be still justified considering its wonderful features and the whole kit it comes with. So, the reason for putting it at 9 is its small, yet fancy case.

10. Riley RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN 2pc Ash Snooker

With racket-like bottom, this cue has proved to be extremely viable for those who gave it a try – and it turned out to be a product worth using. RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN himself helped to design the cue appropriately.

The 52″ 2 piece cue is centre joint with a Elkmaster leather stick-on tip, that is not only strong and straight but, fancy too. A leather butt end protector is also part of it, which is now considered a piece of necessary equipment for the safety of cue. Diligently designed cue has all it takes to become a trust-worthy cue, ultimately helping the players to improve their performance and gain confidence.

More on its features, this cue has a brass ferrule, a genuine Ash front splice and solidly-built, Ebonised 4 point butt which makes it aesthetic and enduring at the same time. Not to mention the Cream & black decal veneer, that further enhances the overall look and each of these cues have a unique serial number to distinguish one from the other of the same brand.

These cues come in a different range of weights from 17.5 – 19oz, and the company would be more than happy to provide you the best of these that would match your preferences.


  • Cue length: 52″
  • Cue Weight: 17.5oz – 190z
  • Tip size: 9mm
  • Butt: Protected with leather
  • Extension: 6″ matching mini butt extension


  • Butt protection.
  • Solid and smooth grip.
  • Excellent weight and balance.


  • Slightly thin butt and some may find the shape of cue odd.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 10:

The reason we have put this at 10 is its vulnerability to be broken or cracked if it falls on a hard and gritty surface. And for some players, who prefer a more straight and solid-looking shape may not fancy it because of its thin and racket-like shape.

11. Powerglide 2 Piece Snooker Pool

Elegantly crafted and designed, all-white simulated graphite cue is one of the most beautiful looking cues in the list – their gold and blue decals separate them from the rest.

This 57.09″ long cue has a Powerglide logo badge on the butt of the cue, and a much-sought rubber butt protector for extra protection of 28.35″ butt. The butt also has a Powerglide logo badge, evident on the lower end of butt.

The cue comes with a tip already on it, but it’s a flat tip so it will need rounding off or a new rounded tip. Further, it has 10mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule and a fine quality simulated graphite cue shaft, making it appropriate for both snooker and pool.

The cue weighs approx 19oz, which is very much comfortable for kids and adults to hold and use it, because the material used in it makes it durable but light-in-hands at the same time. Hence, it can be a great match for you if you prefer playing with light and fancy cues.


  • Cue length: 57.09″
  • Cue Weight: 19oz
  • Tip size: 10mm
  • Butt Protection: Butt is protected with rubber


  • Excellent weight and balance.
  • Butt is protected.
  • Durable.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Can be easily warped by water,
  • Scratches can be evident.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 11:

As you have seen above, the overall cue looks splendid and elegant, but it has a downside as well. The cue may not be strong enough to bear small bumps and even a small amount of water can cause irreparable damage. However, if taken these two factors aside, one who prefers looks over sturdiness may pick this cue over others in the list.

12. TIGER Snooker Billiard Pool Cue

This stunning-looking cue covered in black-gold unique colour combination is 145 cm in length, features a smooth North American matching ash grain 110cm shaft in golden colour and complete black ebonised butt, forming a perfect match. The cue is not only suitable for one type of play but proves to be as effective in Pool as it is in Snooker.

A 9.7mm Tip with brass ferrule is selected from the finest leathers, therefore, it is strong enough to remain straight and rigid, even after thousands of shots. The red-coloured tip on entailing black-gold cue further enhances the elegance of this cue.

The 3-piece 3/4 jointed cue comes with a Mini Butt extension length approx 10cm, in a comfortable-to-lift weight of 19oz, that is convenient for adults and kids as well. Further, to let you speed up your play, you have rapid release brass joints at your disposal to allow you lock/unlock extensions in seconds.

You have quite a few options to choose as the company provides same cue with different accessories – each cue has specific accessories, and you can easily pick the one according to your choice on site.


  • Cue length: 145 cm
  • Cue weight: 19oz
  • Tip size: 9.7mm
  • Shaft length: 110cm
  • Extension: Brass joints make it easy


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Top-quality stroke play.
  • Excellent weight and balance.


  • Grip may slip due to sweaty hands.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 12:

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this piece of cue has wears aesthetic beauty and perfect color combination. It is trust-worthy enough to buy for a long time, that too at less price, yet there are some reasons we have put it at 12. Due to its slippery grip, people with oily skin will have trouble holding it.

13. Jonny 8 ball Pool Snooker Cue

Not many cues have the luxury of being flexible in size to execute difficult shots, and this particular trait makes it unique. This 58″ long cue is sizable and can be shortened by screwing the butt into the midsection. The pool is ideal for pool players because of its apt features for the game. You can reduce its length from 58″ to 45″ to cope with those tight spots while aiming.

Diligently designed cue has a usual 9mm leather stick on the tip with brass ferrule, and to protect it from getting damaged, a heavy-duty vinyl ‘Jonny 8 Ball’ black soft case is made part of this kit.

Coming to the shaft, which is ash-made and strong enough to survive a few bumps here and there and can last longer if protected from water and other harmful substances. 4 x 5-gram removable brass weight rings are also part of the kit – enhancing the accuracy of your shots.

The cue is apt for anyone, as the weight range is between 17oz – 19oz, within the comfort of kids and players of all ages.


  • Cue length: 45″ (sizeable to 58” cue)
  • Cue weight: 17-19 oz
  • Tip size: 9mm
  • Rings: 4 x 5 brass weight rings
  • Case: Vinyl covered


  • Nice weight and balance.
  • Resizable.
  • Tight grip.
  • Fluid in hands.


  • Slightly expensive.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 13:

The cue looks fine in terms of beauty, size and weight. It can be shortened for the use of kids and for tight shots, but the reason for putting it at 13 is its cost. When better products are available at a cost near to it’s, some people may prefer to buy products with same features but at a lower price. However, the product isn’t a bad deal at all!

14. BCE Pool Snooker Cue

Yet another cue endorsed by RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN.

This 57.09″ cue is a blend of both classic and modern design, neatly crafted and having all the necessary features required in a cue to experience tactical play. The 29.3″ sturdy butt is further protected by Rubber butt protector to ensure maximum protection and prolong its life span. Its Shiny maroon butt is not only well-protected but attractive altogether.

Be it snooker or pool, this cue is suitable for both, as it is designed to deal with both types of plays. On top of this, the shaft is made of top quality ash, to make certain that this cue ends up being a long-term companion for you.

Along with it, 9.5mm leather stick on the tip with brass ferrule paves way for executing strong shots with minimum effort, improving the accuracy alongside – eventually improving your game and confidence.

Moreover, the cue is available in medium weight from 17oz – 18oz, which is pretty much suitable for all ages of players. Medium range cues are more sought than light and heavy cues, as more often than not, they can be used by varying level of players.


  • Cue length: 57.09″
  • Cue weight: 17oz – 18oz
  • Tip size: 9.5mm
  • Butt Length: 29.3″
  • Shaft: Ash made


  • Well-protected butt.
  • Fluid in hands.
  • Nice balance and weight .


  • Grip may slip if there is no cover.

Why I choose this at NUMBER # 14:

This cue has a very decent look: shiny, well designed and has butt protection as well. However, there criteria to rate these cues not solely revolve around features but their pricing also matter. Aside from its pricing and trivial issues in gripping, the cue is absolutely top-notch and capable of lifting your game.


Next time you want to buy a cue, you would want to consider the following things.


Ash and maple for shaft section and ebony or rosewood for the butt section. They are good and commonly used materials so look for these.


There is little difference in gameplay in all the three joint positions. It comes down to your preference.

1 piece (no joints) – People prefer one piece because they think its solid. Not easy to carry around.

2 piece (joints at center or close to the butt section) – Easy to carry around as the two pieces can be disjointed. Their cases are also cheaper as compared to the long one-piece cue case.

3 piece (A cue with a joint in the butt section) – Pool players prefer this because they don’t need that longer extension. In fact, if they are playing in tight spaces so they can remove the butt to make the cue shorter.


The cue tip should be around 9.5mm to 10mm diameter which should be made of the brass ferrule or stick-on leather cue.


The fancy the design the more expensive the cue.


The splice is the way that the butt wood is fitted, or spliced, onto the shaft section.

There are two ways to do this:

By machine: Cheaper, results in very sharp points at the top of the butt wood.
By hand: Expensive, cues will have a more rounded point on the four sections of the splice.


Buy a cue case as well


Buy according to your need/level.

If you are a new player, then you need to focus on the basic things like the weight, balance, and straightness of the cue. Don’t buy an expensive cue for its looks. You have nothing to improve right now, you are in the learning phase, so buy average quality cheaper cues.

Once you finished learning and now you want to improve then go for higher level cues.

A Professional or mid-level player should consider all the things before buying a cue because his games would be competitive and he would want to improve with every single game.


  • Q. What is the ideal length of a cue? – BEST LENGTH FOR A CUE

    Cues of length between 57” (145cm) and 58” (147.5cm) are suitable for most adult players.

    For younger players, we suggest using a shorter cue. Use a jointed butt cue so that the butt section can be removed to make the cue shorter and when you can grow up you can join the butt section to make the cue longer so this way you don’t have to buy an entirely new cue.

  • Q. What is the ideal weight of a cue? – BEST WEIGHT FOR A CUE

    It depends on player’s personal preference. The cue should be of average weight so that you can play both long powerful shots which require heavy cues and delicate shots as well which require lighter cues.

    Weight between 18 to 20 oz (509g to 565g) is ideal for snooker player.

  • Q. What is the best tip size for my cue? – BEST TIP SIZE FOR A CUE

    Again it comes to down to players wish but a tip size of about 9.5mm is favored by the players.

  • Q. Which cue should I use, 1 piece or 3/4 piece?

    They both plays the same. It’s only about which one you prefer.

    The only difference is 3/4 piece is easier to carry around.

  • Q. What type of finish should I have on my cue?

    Raw Linseed Oil. In damp and humid conditions, it protects the cue from moisture and in hot and dry condition, it saves the cue from drying out.

    Use hard wax burnish on the butt for the smooth feel and silky shine.

  • Q: How do I know if my cue is bent?

    First thing you can do which everyone does is roll your cue on snooker table and check if it wobbles just above the splicing.

    Second thing, which will give you the more accurate result is close your one eye and sight down the cue from butt to tip. That is what you do when you want to make straight shot, right?

  • Q. My cue is rattling, what might be the reason behind this?

    The weight in the butt of the cue has come loose, To undo this problem, you can remove the rubber butt end and insert some glue into it to balance the weight.

  • Q. What happens if I use a cue with a worn tip?

    A worn tip is of no use, you can get scratches on the balls or tear the cloth and worst of all, you can make a bad shot!

    You will chip the balls or tear the cloth or worse still, make a terrible shot!

  • Q. Are snooker cues different than pool cues?

    Yes, snooker cues are relatively bigger than Pool cues. That is due to the fact snooker balls are bigger than the Pool balls, so bigger balls require a bigger stick to play with.


So, this is it!

This was our ultimate list of top 14 best snooker cues. Hopefully, you would be pretty satisfied with the varieties and versatilities of the cues.

If you are a beginner or a pro level player, you have to gift the cue to someone whether he is a child or a grownup, We have something for everyone!

I hope this review about the top 14 best snooker cues will benefit you in a lot of ways.

Kindly let us know in the comments section if I have missed anything and tell about your favorite cue as well.

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