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10 Best Pool Table Covers 2022

best pool table covers

Are you worried about the safety of your pool table? Are the dust and humidity causing you serious stress relating to pool table? Have you placed your pool table in an open atmosphere and you have no idea how to protect your pool table from worrisome factors which can cause the damage to the pool table?

We have discussed the ten best pool table covers in this post which are reviewed below in detail, but if you are in a hurry, I am giving you the name of the winner which is Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Cover.

This pool table cover is made of Naugahyde yet very lightweight and easy to clean. It will also last longer due to its ability to take more abuse. It is measured 100″ L x 56″ W x 8″ D which will be good enough to cover a 8-foot pool table. Easy to wrap when not in use and it don’t develop sharp corners and holes on wrapping, this wrinkle free factor gives them the long durability. Available in all sizes, various colors and designs so, you can choose one according to you table. This is the best bet you can get in such average price.

Well, worry not players! Today we are going to explain to you how to take care of your pool table. We will explain in detail how different conditions can affect your pool table and how you can provide the necessary care by covering the top of the pool table.

You shouldn’t only worry when you decide to move the pool table or when your pool table is not level BUT Pool tables can be very sensitive to humidity, sunlight rays, an open-air atmosphere. Dust and other minute particles can cause such damages to the pool table which will not only shorten their wood life span but also damage the felt and other essential parts of the pool table.

We will discuss every aspect of the pool table covers which provides all kind of protection.

List of Top 10 Best Pool Table Covers

Here is a list of ten best pool table covers for you to choose from.

Image Product Details
Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Cover Imperial
Pool Table Cover
Naugahyde cover Measuring 100″ L x 56″ W x 8″ D Safe from pets Silk-screened team logo Check on Amazon
Iszy 8 ft. Pool Table Billiard Cover Iszy
Pool Table Cover
8-foot 71 ” wide and 115.5 ” Long heavy duty vinyl Check on Amazon
GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Table Cover GSE
Pool Table Cover
Made from heavy-duty leatherette, Size:90″ x 51″ (Edge to Edge) Fits 7 ft. pool table Check on Amazon
Boshen Pool Table Cover Boshen
Pool Table Cover
Heavy duty For 7/8/9 FT. tables Machine sewn seams Check on Amazon
Iszy Billiards 7 ft. Pool Table Cover Iszy Billiards
Pool Table Cover
Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool 106 ” L X 66 wide For 7 ft. tables Check on Amazon
Harley-Davidson Pool Table Cover Harley-Davidson
Pool Table Cover
Made of thick vinyl Weighted corners Harley Davidson logo in the middle Check on Amazon
CueStix International Pool Table Cover CueStix International
Pool Table Cover
Naugahyde material made Waterproof For 8 foot table 100 X 50 inches Check on Amazon
Imperial Fitted Billiard/Pool Table Cover Imperial
Pool Table Cover
Heavy-duty Naugahyde For 7-foot tables waterproof cover Check on Amazon
Billiard Depot Pool Table Cover Billiard Depot
Pool Table Cover
Measures 56″(W) x 100″(L) Designed for 8 Foot rounded table Waterproof pool table Check on Amazon
Felson Billiard Table Cover Felson
Billiard Table Cover
High-quality Naugahyde made Protect pool table from dust and spills 8 feet long, 4 feet wide Check on Amazon

1. Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Cover

This Imperial Billiard table cover is made of superior quality Naugahyde, which is going to last longer than Vinyl due to its potency in handling abuse. The cover is big enough to cover the side aprons along the top. In this way, it can give all-round protection to your Billiard table. No matter whatever the size of your pool table is, the cover is available in various sizes, allowing you to buy the one that matches your table.

Whether you are looking for a custom pool table cover or a wooden pool cover, this 56″ wide cover can be a very good choice. Not only it covers the whole surface but also provide unpenetrable protection to the table under it. This cover is designed to cover 8-foot tables, bearing your favourite team’s logo in the centre, which can be a great way to show your support to your favourite team in any sport.

The cover is officially licensed and is therefore quite durable to fight off the dirt, sun and other damaging elements for a good number of years.
Moreover, if you have pets at home and they tend to scratch your Billiard table, don’t worry. This cover will save your table from your cat’s/dog’s sharp paws and maintain its smoothness.

A piece of advice: If you are delivered one with fold creases, don’t worry. Use the clothes dryer and it will straighten it out within a few minutes. Other than that, the cover seems to be of very fine quality and delivers what is advertised.


  • Naugahyde cover
  • Measuring 100″ L x 56″ W x 8″ D
  • Safe from pets
  • Silk-screened team logo


  • Durable
  • Suitable for Outdoor/Indoor pool tables
  • Beautiful design


  • Small logo
  • Overpriced
Why I chose this at #1
Resilient pool covers are hard to find – covers that can fight dirt, water and other damaging elements. But the Imperial Billiard cover seems to have everything from safety to other necessary features, including its availability in various size to cover all types of ( big or small) tables.

2. Iszy Pool Table Billiard Cover

Iszy 8-foot Pool Table Billiard Cover

If you are choosy about the colour of your pool’s table cover, think about shopping this model. These Heavy Duty Billiard covers are available in numerous colours, allowing you to pick the one that makes a good match with your pool table. This is probably the most suitable leatherette pool table cover you can shop from the market, considering the features and benefits its entails.

The 8-foot heavy Duty Billiard cover can provide utmost protection to the table, not only from dust and water but also from pets like cats and dogs, who can damage your table in just one dragging of their paws, if it not well-covered or the cover is not thick.

The cotton backing present on the unit allows it to fit with the majority of 8-foot tables with ease. The heavy-duty vinyl used in it makes it durable and a long term investment that will prolong the lifespan of your pool table. Double-stitched on areas where the stitching is needed. There’s nothing to worry about the protection of the table.

You can fold and unfold the cover with absolute ease, though it may require a bit of tugging to get on, like a fitted bed sheet. Plus, the fit is snug, making it hard to be swayed away by a little breeze or gentle pushing by your pets. Don’t mind if it comes with creases, due to folded for delivery. Use the clothes dryer, and it’ll sort out the mess in no time.


  • 8-foot heavy duty pool table cover
  • 71 ” wide and 115.5 ” Long
  • heavy duty vinyl
  • Cotton backing


  • Long-lasting
  • Full value for your money
  • Available in different colours


  • A few Complaints of bad smell and wrinkled cover
Why I chose this at #2
This cover will provide the full value of your money. Almost all the buyers have reviewed it to be exactly the same as it is advertised. Though, due to certain complaints of wrinkled cover, or bad smell coming from it, we have put it at #2. Keep in mind, such issues are not intentional and have nothing to do with the efficiency of the cover.

3. GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Table Cover

GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Table Cover

A tough cover, made of Heavy Duty leatherette is one of the best covers you can use to cover and protect your pool table. This cover is manufactured by GSE Games & Sports Expert, known for finest quality producing sports equipment for a good number of years.

This cover has a size of 90″ x 51″ (Edge to Edge), and a side drape measuring 7″ from the top. Hence, it can easily fit on a 7 ft. pool table. Since the cover is made of quality leatherette, it attains no wrinkles even during the folding, which is of course, a great relief for you. The folding and unfolding become easy and the cover remains in good shape for a long time. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about dust and spill damaging your table, once you have put this cover over it.

Durability is not the only reason to choose it, but its beautiful and attractive black appearance gives it an appealing look. The cover is reviewed as ‘ sturdy and beautiful’ by its buyers, which is why we highly recommend this cover. High-quality leatherette is the reason why this cover is reviewed as strong, as the leatherette is capable of withstanding must more abuse than the vinyl covers.

And the one last thing that further enhances its durability is impressive seams that are sewed using a machine. For this reason, this cover can withstand the sharp claws of your pets or other forms of abuse. If you are looking for a professional leather cover that will last long, give this cover a try!


  • Made from heavy-duty leatherette,
  • Size:90″ x 51″ (Edge to Edge)
  • Fits 7 ft. pool table
  • Machine sewed seams


  • Durable
  • Available in three different colours
  • Nice and thick


  • Fits like a tight glove
Why I chose this at #3

The reason for choosing this cover at #3 is its long durability. By features, the cover appears to be a decent choice, as the buyers are also satisfied. However, some buyers found the cover little too tight and long. Nevertheless, we believe this cover gives full value for the money you pay for it in the form of long lifespan.

4. Boshen Pool Table Cover

Boshen Pool Table Cover

This cover is 4th in our list. This high-quality leather made cover is perfectly designed to ensure maximum protection to the table under it, and is available in different sizes -7/8/9 feet. If your hunt for best pool table cover is still on because of fewer colour choices, this cover could be the one you were looking for. The product is available in three different colours ( black, brown and green), so you can pick one that is of your favourite colour among these three.

This cover is reviewed ‘perfect’ by its buyers because of its sturdiness. It is made of top-grade leatherette, a wrinkle-free unit providing a high level of durability and covering the table from all around to prevent any damage. Make sure you have measured the size of your table before you order one, of any of the three sizes mentioned above.

Machine sewn seams further add protection to this cover. The cover is well protected from the sharp claws of your pets, and you can trust it to protect your pool table under it from any form of abuse. The cotton fleece backing on the unit makes it ideal for long-term use.
Moreover, weighted corners are part of this cover, making it compatible and durable on the unit. You won’t have to face any issue regarding its fitting.

Still not convinced?

Don’t worry, the company provides this unit with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get what is advertised, or just in case you are delivered a torn/wrong product, you’ll get your money back.


  • Heavy duty with cotton fleece backing
  • Weighted corners
  • Machine sewn seams
  • For 7/8/9 FT. tables


  • Perfect in size
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Can be used on other furniture


  • Some complaints suggest wrong size is delivered to buyers
Why I chose this at #4
Its durability and versatility bring it at 4th. This cover is not only apt for pool tables but you can also use it on other furniture as well if you are inclined to. All in all, it can provide excellent protection to your pool table.

5. Iszy Billiards Pool Table Cover

Iszy Billiards 7-foot Pool Table Cover

Do you have a cat at your home? Does she regularly gets over your pool table and plays on it? How many covers has she damaged to this day?
Don’t worry, this cover will do the job for you. This cover is reviewed by buyers as having a special odour that keeps the cats away. While some praised its sturdiness, which is of course because of the fact it is Heavy Duty Leatherette made.

You’ve got this product available in four different colours ( amber, burgundy, black, and green), so beside sturdiness, you can add a bit of glamour to your pool table in the form of these appealing colours. Choose the colour wisely when you order it; make sure your ordered colour will make a good match with the furniture around your table and decor.

The cotton backing added to it ensures that it fits with the majority of 8-foot tables with ease. This cotton backing is made of Made of heavy-duty vinyl, making it long-lasting. Further, this cotton backing protects the table from both sides, so you can feel relaxed that your pool table is not vulnerable to any damage from any direction.

Another important thing to mention here is its fitting. As expected, no buyers have complained regarding its fitting, and most of them seem to be hundred percent satisfied with how well it fits on their pool tables. If you have got a 7 ft. pool table at your home, why not protect it with a durable and perfectly designed cover like this? Give it a try.


  • Size: 106 ” L X 66 wide
  • Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool
  • Vinyl made cotton backing
  • For 7 ft. tables


  • Reasonable price
  • Available in different colours
  • Perfectly fits


  • Has an odour some may not like
Why I chose this at #5

At a very decent price, this cover gives you protection, variety of colours and is capable of withstanding abuse. Besides its perfect design and durability, this cover contains an odour which some people may not like. That’s why we have kept this cover at #5 in our list.

6. Harley-Davidson Pool Table Cover

Harley-Davidson Pool Table Cover

Perfect for an 8 ft. pool table, made of thick but lightweight vinyl, this pool table cover will protect your table from any form of damage caused by pets, dust or other dangerous elements. The vinyl used is hard and is therefore unlikely to cause any wrinkles while you fold/unfold this cover – which is a relief!

This cover will take care of your pool table not only from pets but it is designed to prevent stains stylishly. The HD logo is silk-screened and is quite evident popping up off the deep black base of the cover. Moreover, it features weighted corners so putting it on and removing it is easy and simple.

Despite the fact material is decent and kind of thin, it is not highly-priced. The reasonable price it comes for is worth paying considering its versatile features making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In a nutshell, we can say that this cover is a pretty decent option to provide much-needed protection and a bit of glamour to your pool table.


  • Made of thick vinyl
  • Weighted corners
  • Harley Davidson logo in the middle


  • Low cost
  • Perfect for 8 ft. table
  • No wrinkles while folding/unfolding


  • Some people prefer fitted tables; this is not fitted
Why I chose this at #6

This cover gives full value for the money you pay for it in the form of maximum protection and durability. Moreover, the cost is pretty reasonable. Except for the little trouble caused by wrinkles, the overall product is fine. And that leaves it at #6 in our list.

7. CueStix International Pool Table Cover

CueStix International Pool Table Cover

Next in the list is CueStix International. A waterproof pool table cover made of Naugahyde material ( which lasts longer) can provide excellent protection to your hard-earned and precious Pool table from water and other damaging elements. The 8-foot pool table cover is available in different colours including Black, Green, Brown, Tan and Wine. You can buy in this cover in any of the mentioned colours you fancy.

Besides being strong, this unit is light in weight ( only 3 pounds), allowing you to keep it with ease. The material used is of top-notch quality, which is why this cover is going to last long and going to provide excellent protection to your pool table. Its durability makes it a cost-effective solution – the longer it will stand the less you’ll have to shop.

It’s not just the pets only who can inflict damage to your pool table, but liquids can be equally hazardous. But Cuestix pool table ensures that no liquid can spoil the felt of your pool table. In a nutshell, you are freeing yourself from all the anxiety caused by spill liquid or pets roaming around your pool.


  • Naugahyde material made
  • Waterproof
  • For 8 foot table
  • Dimensions: 100 X 50 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Sold at affordable price
  • Available in different colours


  • Buyers complained that it is a very tight fit
Why I chose this at # 7

Another very fine waterproof pool table cover we have reviewed. This cover entails different advantages at an affordable price. It is sturdy and is delivered as advertised – except the trivial issue with its fitting and colour. For this reason, we have put this at #7.

8. Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Cover

Imperial Fitted Billiard/Pool Table Cover

Imperial diverted from norm and used Naugahyde instead of vinyl or leather material. You can expect it to persist it for upcoming years as Naugahyde can provide the right kind of protection from things like dirt, spills and sun – not to mention hundreds of other impurities a pool table could be vulnerable to. Heavy-duty Naugahyde table cover protects the top playing surface and the side table aprons. Moreover, it is capable of withstanding much more abuse than vinyl covers

The brand knows the importance of design and manufacturing products in different colours, hence this pool table cover is available in different colours including black, mahogany and brown. Each of the colour it is available in is appealing and beautiful in its own way. Not a bad choice to add a bit of glamour over your pool table. Before buying, make sure you have the pool table of suitable size that it can cover; this cover is designed to fit 7-foot tables.

The unit is designed to adapt to the dimensions of the table, that is why many buyers have reviewed it as a ‘perfect fit’ for their pool tables. The cover sticks neatly with the top surface and aprons so that nothing gets inside. By looking at its features and the satisfactory buyers, one can conclude that this over gives the full value for its price and is undoubtedly worth buying.


  • Heavy-duty Naugahyde table cover
  • For 7-foot tables
  • waterproof cover


  • You can buy in different colors
  • Perfectly fits on 7-foot tables
  • Durable


  • Little expensive
Why I chose this at #8

From top-quality Naugahyde material that is durable and light weightiness, this cover has everything that you look for in a pool table cover. Moreover, this is a waterproof table cover, which is very handy. Except for complaints regarding its material and a fishy smell, the product has been reviewed as satisfactory-perfect by buyers. And that makes us keep it at #8.

9. Billiard Depot Pool Table Cover

Billiard Depot Pool Table Cover

Though it can’t be deemed as the best Pool table cover in this list, mind you, it is worth buying. The seams are constructed by double stitching, which means it can provide solid protection to your pool table – an 8-feet pool table. The size of the cover is 8-feet and drape measurement of 56″(W) x 100″(L), making it wide and long enough to cover and protect your 8-feet pool table. It will fit your 8 ft table perfectly like a custom made cover.

Its classic leather look makes it elegant and adds a bit of grandeur to your pool table. Moreover, the table is quite thick to resist any spill from getting in contact with the table, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your pool table.

Pets’ claws can incur serious damage to your pool table, and to bear their sharps paws, you need this pool cover. The scratch-proof cover will protect your pool table from such scratches that could be caused by pets’ claws.

Furthermore, there are no such things like funny smell in this cover’s case. And the buyers are happy that lines from packaging are slowly fading away more than after usage.


  • Measures 56″(W) x 100″(L)
  • Designed for 8 Foot rounded table
  • Waterproof pool table
  • Double-stitched Reinforced Seams
  • Good build quality
  • Leatherette Finish


  • Scratch proof
  • Reviewed as a perfect fit for pool table
  • Cost is reasonable


  • Ambiguous instructions on how to measure
Why I chose this at #9

The cover is neatly designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It comes for a reasonable price and is scratch-proof, which is what you are probably looking for your pool ball table. Excepts a few complaints regarding its ambiguous instruction, there’s no other such issue to worry about. After judging from its parameters, out experts have put it at #9.

10. Felson Billiard Table Cover

Felson Billiard Table Cover

Are you really concerned about your pool table’s safety? Looking for an indoor pool table cover? If your answer is yes to both questions, you are just reading about exactly the kind of pool table cover that can help you in protecting your pool table and prolonging its lifespan. Don’t get deceived by its affordable price, the cover is a very sturdy construction and the leatherette is of high quality

This 8 feet long and 4 feet wide will offer a great cover against all dust, sunlight and dirt lurking around your table. This wooden pool table cover is not only strong but also long-lasting because it is made of high-quality material, capable of withstanding a high level of abuse.

The cover gives a pool table a very attractive look; a look that is neither too glamorous nor too bland. Thus, you can keep your pool table covered with it anywhere – be it your play area or even your dining room.

Moreover, this indoor pool table cover features weighted corners ensuring that you get it off or put it over again with ease. And the machine-sewn seams further making it durable, capable of resisting and surviving any kind of abuse, so that your pool table remains safe under it.


  • High-quality Naugahyde made
  • Protect pool table from dust and spills
  • 8 feet long, 4 feet wide


  • Nice colour
  • Sturdy
  • Machine sewn seams


  • Frequent ‘Not the right size’ complaints
Why I chose this at #10

Well, well. At last, we have shown you the 10 best indoor/outdoor pool table covers you can buy for your precious pool table. This pool table cover stands at the 10th best in this list considering the size issue buyers had to deal with. Otherwise, looks alright to protect your pool table for upcoming years.

Best Pool Table Cover Brands

Now that we have seen best Pool table covers which you can use to cover your pool table, let us show you the names of best Pool table cover producing brands, so you can buy a pool table cover from a credible one:

  • Imperial
  • Iszy
  • GSE Games and Sports Expert
  • Boshen
  • Harley Davidson
  • Cue Stix
  • Felson
  • Billiard Depot
  • East Eagle
  • Jankong

Pool Table Cover and Different Conditions:

Pool table covers come in many different types. Some vary in color schemes while others vary with temperature factor. Lets discuss them according to weather conditions:

1. Table Covers According to Weather:

Pool tables are very sensitive to weather. Imagine putting a piece of wood in a humid atmosphere. What will happen to it? Same happens with the pool table.

With sun:

  • Wood will become faded. It will lose its finishing touch, the paint will dry out, and wood will eventually crack if the pool table is kept in the sun for a long period.
  • The felt will dry out too, and it will turn in to strong, dry trough.
  • The pockets and cushions will either crack or become over sensitive to the ball bouncing or dropping, and they will eventually lose the grip.
  • With sun, it is always best to have such cover which can withstand any hard weather conditions.
  • With sun the air is must present. Air contains dust particles. That destroys the felt and the wood frame.
  • Pool table covers with proper fitting and easily cleaned properties are ideal for such conditions.

With humidity:

  • Maintaining a humidity level is the most crucial aspect of the maintenance of the pool table.
  • If you are planning on installing a pool table in any dry region, say a desert or low humidity area. Make sure that the natural humidity level required by the pool table wood is fulfilled.
  • Usually, 40% to 60% humidity is recommended to be present in the pool room.
  • In other cases, the humidity causes the wood frame to start getting soft and loses the grip of the cloth.
  • Felt also develops certain moisture spots and become heavy. That is not ideal for playing a good game.
  • Always remember to install a humidifier in the room if the humidity is low by the pool table requirement or place a humidity sucker to absorb maximum humidity from the atmosphere.
  • Such pool table covers are recommended which are water resistant and have a tendency in them to never let pass any water residue from them to the table.

With open-air installments:

  • Placing a pool table in the open air is always very risky. Although it attracts a lot of attention and social gatherings but taking care of such installments are a little difficult.
  • Always keep the pool table cover when it is not in use or any game is not being played on it.
  • Choice of pool table covers sole depends upon the factor of water resistance and dust resistance.
  • Open air placements will attract water and dust the most. Avoid any such situations where the covers are not on the table. And no game is being played as well.

With home installments:

  • When the pool tables are installed in the homes. Taking care is entirely different. Because the home has another factor inclusion as well.
  • Usually, children spill any liquid on the felt. Avoid such situations and always keep the cover on it.
  • Any domestic pet or children can pull the cover from the pool table easily if it is in the extra hang. Always use fitted covers.
  • If your kid has also developed an interest in pool games, then I would recommend you to buy a new separate pool table for your kid, that would also help them to learn and it would also help you to keep your pool table in good condition.

2. Pool Clubs:

A most common place for anyone to find and play pool is a pool club. Many pool tables are set in one single large room with people flowing from everywhere around all the pool tables. It is necessary to take proper precautions in maintaining them.

  • Always keep the covers on all those pool tables which are not being used.
  • Watch for any kind of liquid spill. That spill can result in damaging the felt and the wood.
  • Avoid placing any liquid on the edges. This can cause the spill of liquid.
  • With low lights, dust is sometimes very clearly seen setting on the pool table felt..
  • Before taking off the covers, dust the covers correctly.
  • Wrap the covers and place them in a safe place to avoid any wear and tear.
  • Always use those heavy-duty water resistant, dust resistant pool table covers.

Things to Know When Choosing a Pool Table Cover:

A pool table cover is that accessory which comes with the pool table for its safety. Without a cover, the surface of the table is always at risk of losing its long durability and beauty. There is some general standard in choosing a pool table cover.

  • A cover should be made of such material which is easy to use. That is why most of the covers are made of Naugahyde, fake leather.
  • The cover must be water resistant to avoid water passing through it.
  • They must be able to maintain the humidity level of the pool table.
  • Easy to clean and dust is one of the most appreciated properties of any pool table cover.
  • When not in use, they must be easy in wrapping.
  • It can vary from loosely fit to fit cover, depending upon self-choice tightly.
  • Loosely fit covers can usually cover almost all regular size pool tables, i.e., 7″, 8″ or 9″. For extra-large pool tables, particular order or custom-made covers are available.
  • It comes in various colors. From dark brown to black. From green to yellow. Everyone has their own choice. But mostly dark tones are considered.

One of the best qualities of the pool table covers is the price range. Not everyone goes for the expensive lot. Getting your hand on a good quality cover with affordable price range is almost gold.

The covers can cost anywhere between $30 – $200. This is the common price range. Custom made covers have different price market.


Is it worth buying a Pool table cover?
Yes, a Pool table cover saves you from the arduous work of cleaning your Pool felt again and again and maintains the look of your table.

Are Pool table covers expensive?
Like all billiard accessories, they are available at different prices. If you are on a low budget, you can buy a cheap one. All your table needs is protection from dust, any cover will do this job regardless of its own look and quality.

Do I need to clean my Pool table cover?
Once in a month or two you can clean it to make sure the cover itself is free of dust so your table also remains nice and clean.


Having a good quality pool table cover is not only a luxury, but it is a necessity. Just imagine that you bought an excellent choice of pool table which cost you a handsome amount of cash, but its felt got worn out in just two years.

Why is that? Because the maintenance of the felt was not done according to the requirements. Felt needed that nourishment of covering it.

Always remember that a proper good quality cover can save you from so much worry and wear and tear expense.