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Average Pool Table Costs with 12 Examples

Trust me, folks! We totally understand when you say that buying a pool table is not a piece of cake. Imagine going through the pool table search through the market and the internet just to find the perfect pool table for you.

You have to go from the woodwork to the pool room selection. You leave no stones unturned just to find your absolute favorite pool table. Among all the factors, the price of the pool table plays the most vital part and is by no doubt the deciding factor as well.

The price range can vary from $500 – $40,000 and plus. The cost of the pool table varies greatly, mostly depending upon the materials that are used in the manufacturing.

Average Pool Table Costs

Popular brands of the pool game such as Brunswick and American Heritage; their pool tables can cost as much as $30,000 and plus. There are different categories of pool table whose price ranges according to their levels or type.

But why such big cost price variations? What makes these pool tables price as such? Why can we find some pool tables with as low as $500 cost while some can go up to a hefty amount of $40,000?

Usually, brand new pool tables are the costliest and not a problem for those who don’t mind spending a lot of money, but most people intend to buy second-hand pool tables or used ones.

Not only their price is somewhat understandable, but we can also find some awesome looking, cool pool tables in use category.

For your ease, I surveyed thoroughly online and in the physical market, from one brand to another and from brand new pool tables to used ones.

I have come up with a list of pool tables which vary a lot regarding cost, and I will explain further in the article what are those factors which aid the fluctuation of the pricing of the pool tables.

Surely, it will help you in deciding yourself about which pool table you want to buy and with what price range. But you must never stop looking yourself. It might be possible that you find an awesome deal even though the pool tables are new or used.

List of Pool Table Prices:

  • Rack vega foldable 6-foot pool table – $445
  • Barrington pool table – $599+
  • MD sports Billiard table – $835
  • Plank and hide Axel pool table – $5499+
  • American Heritage Savannah Pool table – $6000
  • Playcraft extra outdoor pool table – $2250
  • Ranch 9′ pool table rustic – $4700
  • Brunswick 8-foot Danbury – $2799- $2320
  • Vision billiards convertible pool table – $7000+
  • Brunswick Birmingham 8 feet pool table – $8000
  • Brunswick Merrimack pool table 8′ – $14000
  • American Heritage Almeda 7feet pool table – $6500+

Why the Price Fluctuation:

As you saw above, the price variation is quite visible. Now you must be wondering why it is so that these pool tables which apparently look almost the same with a slight difference of designs or manufacturers, have such big price differences?

I am going to explain the differences with the help of the following pointers;

Brand Name:

Mostly when it comes to the pool tables, their brand’s name plays a vital role in the price. Like some of the brands are almost decades old, so naturally, when their pieces are put for sale, whether new or used, their price is going to be high.

Some popular names such as Olhausen or Barrington, their pool tables are elaborated with such fancy woodwork that their price is automatically high.

Some brands operate with beginner’s level pool tables, so their price range is somewhat moderate and in easy access to everyone.

Year of The Production:

As it is commonly understood, whatever piece is the latest in the market has the highest price value. It is true. The latest pool table brings new hype and design.

This attracts a lot of attention. If you pick any pool table from two or three years back, their price will be low as compared to the new one. Again, if you get yourself into the original pieces like the antique pool table, their price is almost as per the owner’s wish.


Woodwork plays a vital role in price value. Some people go with the elaborate woodwork on the legs and the rails. This causes the price to get high. Also, the type of wood used in the making of the frame is also essential.

Wood has the tendency for lasting decades and over standing harsh environmental challenges so the better the wood, the more lasting pool table.

Everyone wants their pool table to stay fresh forever, so the wood must be of top quality especially if someone is paying a high price.

It also depends what kind of wood was used in the manufacturing of the pool table. It could be anything from mulberry to blackberry. The more grains mean more quality of the wood which in returns means more price value.

Some people opt with extinct wood type. Such options can be availed when you are opting for the custom-made pool table. Then you should prepare yourself for an absolute high price.


Whether the slate is 1-layered or three, it causes a lot of fluctuations in the price value. If the slate is 1-layered, the quality of the play can be of less quality as compared to the three-layered pool tables.

Now mostly, all pool tables are being produced with the 3-layered slate standard as it gives a more professional feel to the table. The better the slate which is made out of finely milled rocks, the more lasting the pool table will be.

If you are willing to pay as much price as you can for a good pool table, then go for the multi slate pool table. But if your price range is much tighter then go with less layered slate.

Pool Table Size:

The price is also determined by the pool table size. If the pool table is small like 6 feet or 7 feet, mostly the English pool table sizes; then the price is not going to be so high. But with large tables such as 8 feet or feet, you should expect a high cost.

When the tables are being custom made, then the size can vary as 10 feet or any other size according to your room, the price will fluctuate accordingly.

You must make sure before buying the pool table that whatever size you are choosing to fit perfectly in your selected pool room and that you are able to play every kind of shots from every side and corner of the pool table.

Plus, you should not forget that other people besides you will also be present in the room during any game. This case is for the house pool scenario.


Felt is the cloth that is wrapped over the slate. It usually determines how smoothly the balls are going to move or roll over it and how smoothly the game will happen. The better quality of the felt, higher the price will be. It is only natural that the best things cost you the most.

If you think of purchasing a pool table with a low quality of felt, then you must embrace yourself with the idea of buying a new felt within a small period because a poor felt will wear off quickly, that too depending upon the amount of the play on it.

When you are already paying the handsome price, why not get the best felt so the changing of the felt will happen after a long time.

Transportation and Installment:

Never underestimate the price of transportation and installments. Pool tables are not easy to move, and they required professionals in transportation. Many pool selling companies have their own delivery services and installments too, but they are a charge for these services.

In case you are buying a used pool table from any online platform, make sure that they are providing the delivery of it. If not, then you will have to buy the services of the outside companies who specialize in pool table transportation and installments. And they are not cheap.


The cabinet is the outer fence guarding the pockets and the side rails. Although the cabinet does not play any vital role in the game but in many customs made pool tables, this is a very vital point in determining the price.

Many customers ask for such intrigue designs and color of the wood which should match their indoor home decors.

Such demands will definitely increase the price worth. But you must remember that this is not a deciding factor. It should not affect your budget as the color matching, and designing is the least worrying factor in buying a pool table.

Folding Option:

This is an additional option which can be seen in many home pool tables. These tables are ideal for the home because they don’t need a room for the placement.

The folding option makes the pool table storage a much easier option. Most of the pool tables cannot be folded, so they require a proper space.

Although folding option causes a ripple in the price, but in my personal opinion, the folding option has its own downfalls. The folding part and screws can get loose, and they require proper oiling which many of us don’t fancy.

With the folding option, the real sense and grip of the game is lost. It is more like a child’s play, and adults like to go with the pool bar style play.


If you are searching for such a pool table which is not being made anymore or is out of stock, then the price factor may come in to play. Usually, out of stock items are made according to special requests, and they charge separately for these demands.

Different Types of Pool Table:

Commonly there are different categories a pool table is divided in to. They are as under;

Toy Pool Tables (Price Range: $500 – $1200):

As per the mentioned name, these types of pool tables are meant for the kids and young adults. Usually, the children with age of 7 years and above and till 14-15 years old teenagers fit into this category.

These pool tables are not meant for long durability. The material used is not of such high quality, but in fact, the material is very cheap. That’s why the price range is not that high.

Children learn how to play in these tables, and they can be rough with them. Also, the space required for these pool tables is minimum.

Generally, these pool tables are made of artificial material. They have hardboard in place of slate and velvet type cloth instead of feeling. They usually last for a couple of years if properly taken care of.

Beginners Pool Tables/Economic Pool Tables ($1200 – $2000):

Best Pool Table Under $2000

When a player starts playing pool, they are mostly asked to either join these pool tables which are meant solely for the beginners or to buy them. These pool tables are not that expensive but provide all the proper pool play.

They have a proper felt and a slate as the base ground. With proper care, they can last longer.

We can find such beginner’s level pool table in homes. They are also called economic pool tables because of their price. They come with an additional option of folding and not folding.

The materials used in these pool tables are of good quality because a new player is getting to understand the game.

The manufacturers of such pool tables confirm that with proper care, these pool tables can last up to a decade. Now that is a long time.

Mid-level Pool Tables ($2000 – $4000):

These pool tables are called mid-range because of their price. These tables are made with such materials which are ideal for any pool table.

The felt is of higher quality, and the woodwork is excellent. The cabinet and the cushions are made according to the pool governing authority’s standard of AAA gum cushions.

You can always find these pool tables at pool bars, homes and social gathering places. They come in different sizes such as 7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet. These pool tables have exquisite features, and the can match your home décor.

With proper care and maintenance, these pool tables can last for decades.

Pro Level Pool Tables ($4000 – $20000+):

Everyone is familiar with the pro-level pool tables. They are the best type. All the hype of the pool games is created because of these types of the pool table.

The lush green felt which is almost as smooth as any slippery cloth but perfect for play. AAA cushions and the rail work; the platinum nuts and bolts, everything is just great.

The woodwork is simple yet excellent and everlasting. The game played on such tables remains in our memories forever. The feel is entirely different.

These pool tables price can vary so much because every top brand is working on these tables. They are working day and night in producing the best pro-level pool table.

They are trying to introduce new techniques in cutting the wood, in tightening the bolts and nuts and of course, the gameplay mode.

When any brand’s pool tables are selected in any professional competition, that brand’s price skyrocket. It is only natural that the best gets selected, and the best have the highest price.

Custom Made Pool Tables ($10000+):

These types of pool tables are those tables which are made or produced as per the customer’s request or order. When you are purchasing such type of pool table, you should keep in mind that only the best quality of the material will be used, and the workmanship will be of the highest quality.

Usually, as customer explains in detail what kind of a pool table he or she is looking for. The woodwork can be different, the style, the color. In short, every single detail is discussed.

Such custom-made pool tables have a trendy style, the heirloom pool tables. These types of tables are of huge size like 11 feet and made with very delicate and intricate designs.

These are called heirloom because they are so beautiful and heavy and artistically made that these pool tables can be passed on to generations.


If only we could find the best pool table for us without any hard work or worry, which my dear is not possible. Although in the above article I presented you with the pointers you must look in to before purchasing a pool table, you must look into this matter by yourself and then make a solid decision because you cannot go and buy a pool table every second day.

Purchasing a pool table is a hard job, but to find the best, you must check all your options and then do the buying. Hopefully, this article helped in opening your eyes to many such factors which we don’t pay much attention to while buying a pool table.

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