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Difference Between Pool Table and Snooker Table

Whenever it comes to the table whether pool or snooker, we are unable to tell the difference. No matter how much love and passion we have for it, we never try to go in the details of what is what and how to tell the difference.

If anyone tells us about such things, we get so much impressed that we never try to learn by ourselves. Well, today I am here for your help.

Pool tables are smaller than snooker tables in size. However, bigger in height, larger pockets and larger balls. The regular size of a pool table is 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet whereas a snooker table size in America is 10 feet by 5 feet, and in Europe, it is 12 feet by six feet.

Pool Table & Snooker Table

I will be explaining to you how you can tell the difference between the pool table and the snooker table.

Now I must tell you this before we get into details, there is not much technical difference to start with. Both are played with slightly different cues, both have balls of different numbers.

Now as they have different numbers of balls, so definitely the rules are also different, at least a few must be. But today we are talking about the tables. Let talk about them.

Pool Table vs. Snooker Table (Chart)

Pool Table Snooker Table
Size 7 ft – 9 ft 10 ft – 12 ft
Pockets 6 pockets (larger) 6 pockets (narrower)
Height 2 ft 5.2 in /
2 ft 7 in
2 ft 9.5 in /
2 ft 10.5 in

Let’s see what major differences these two tables have and how much difference is there.


Size of the table is something which tells you right away whether the table is related to a pool or snooker. Not many people are aware of this detail, but this is what gives away the difference.

A snooker table is a large table on which the game is played. The regular sizes of these tables are somewhat 10 feet while in some part of the world like in Europe, snooker tables are usually 12 feet long.

In America, these tables are shorter than European styles, they are of 10 feet in length.

Pool tables are, however, shorter than snooker tables. The regular sizes of the pool tables are 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet. You will find some pool tables with more than 9 feet sizes but remember they are specially made and customized tables. Nowadays, a new style of pool tables is also being introduced which are termed as multi-functioning tables.

It means they can also be used as dining tables + pool table or 4 in 1 type in which more than one sport can be played on one table. Like pool or table tennis.


Pockets are what make the gameplay on these tables, fun. Without pockets, there is no way to hold the ball or even to claim the pocket as it is required in some versions of the cue sport.

Pool tables have 6 pockets in total. Each corner of the table has one pocket while the middle of the lengthier sides has one pocket each. These pockets are slightly larger than snooker because the balls size is bigger.

These pockets are usually made up of synthetic rubber or synthetic leather. If not taken care properly, they can get damaged easily. You must dust them properly and keep them safe otherwise they will crack and tear.

When it comes to the snooker table, the snooker table has narrowed pockets because the ball size use in this type of cue sport is smaller than pool game ball size. It also has six pockets so not any difference in there.

The measured difference is about their pockets which are narrowed. Snooker table pocket is also curvy from inside, so they require more accuracy in the shot for them to stay inside.


When it comes to the height of the tables, it means how easily you can stand against it. It also means how low you have to bend to play a shot.

Pool tables are little higher in height. They have strong and well build frame structure and somewhat higher legs so that makes these tables higher than snooker.

A snooker table is known to have a low height. Their height is so low that the required height for the comfortable cueing is attainted in the snooker table. It is usually 2 feet and 9.5 inches or 2 feet and 10.5 inches from the ground to the top of the cushions.


Whether it is a pool table or snooker table, the much-needed difference is not to be found because a) they belong to the same sports category that is the cue sport. (b) They are both equally enjoyable and beneficial. (c) You will only find the maximum difference when any of these tables are made by special order that is when the customization is done to them.

Then their size, weight, designing, and other aspects get different, but by the book, these two are very much similar.

I must say here that both are excellent choices and without any judgment, we can play easily without many difficulties because they are like brother and sister to each other.

Enjoy playing games on these tables as you play some other games and enjoy with your siblings. Hope this article has provided you with enough details to learn about the difference between the pool table and snooker table.

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