10 Best Pool/Snooker Cue Racks 2020

We always want to keep our most previous, prize-winning cues safely. They are delicate structures so pool cues require maximum care when they are not in use; otherwise, cues can get damaged and then they will not be able to give 100% true performance.

Safety should not be compromised when it come to cues that is why I bought Billiards Stick Wall Cue Rack by ISZY. This pool/snooker cue rack is a real space saver as it can hold 6 cues at a time and a full set of pool balls. Wood is of high quality as mady by ISZY and you can get it in three finishes: Mahogany, Oak and Black. It has a mounting hardware included with L brackets.

Best Pool Cue Racks

A cue must be kept in a safe environment because their tips can worn out and butt regions can get damaged pretty quickly and once they are damaged, they don’t get repaired easily at all.

Today, I bring you the best racks that will keep your cues safely and hold them strong. Racks are those wooden, or any other material structures build to keep the cues in a standing position to keep them safe from hitting the floor or walls and prevent them from getting any chipping or damage.

I kept in view the market trend, people’s choice, and most economical racks, so they are not a burden on your pocket as well.

List of Top 10 Best Pool/Snooker Cue Racks

Here is a list of ten best billiard cue racks for you to select from.

ISZY 6 Billiards Stick Wall Cue RackBilliards Stick Wall Cue Rack
Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches Weight: 3.92 pounds. Holds 6 cues and a full set of ballsCheck on Amazon
6 Billiards cue storage rackBilliard Cue Standing Rack
by Rush Creek Creation
Dimensions: 26.5 x 8.6 x 28.8 inches Weight: 17 pounds. Holds 6 cues and ballsCheck on Amazon
10 Pool/Snooker cue and pool ball rackBilliard Sticks and Ball floor rack
Dimensions: 31 1/4″ H X 29 1/2 W X 8 7/8″ D Weight: 15.8 pounds Holds 10 cues and a full set of billiard ballsCheck on Amazon
6 cues and 16 balls rack by FlintarSolid Hardwood Wall Cue Rack
by Flintar
Dimensions: 27.2 x 2.8 x 28.2 inches Weight: 5 pounds Holds 6 Cues and 16 BallsCheck on Amazon
Two-piece wall mounted pool cue rack2 Piece Wall Mounted Rack
by Fat Cat
Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 6 inches Weight: 1 pound Holds: Mahogany – 8 cues & Oak – 6 cuesCheck on Amazon
Viper 2-Piece Wall Mounted Pool/Snooker cue rackPool/Snooker Wall Mounted Rack
by Viper
Dimensions: 22 x 8 x 7 inches Weight: 2.5 pounds Holds 8 cuesCheck on Amazon
10 Billiard Sticks and Ball Wooden wall rackCue and Ball Wooden Wall Rack
Dimensions: 28.2 x 2.8 x 27.2 inches. Weight: 3 pounds Holds 10 cues and full set of ballsCheck on Amazon
6 Pool/Snooker Cue Wood Wall Rack with ClipsCues Wall Mounted Rack with Clips
Dimensions: 14 inches long, 1 1/4 inch thick Weight: 15.2 ounces Holds 6 cuesCheck on Amazon
12 Cue Wall Mounted Billiard Stick RackCue Wall Mounted Rack
by Felson
Dimensions: 24.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches Weight: 1.7 pounds Holds 12 cuesCheck on Amazon
8 cue and ball floor rack made of woodCue and Ball Floor Rack
Dimensions: 30 1/2″ H X 15″ W X 15″ D Weight: 13.7 pounds. Holds 8 cues and full set of ballsCheck on Amazon

1. 6 Billiards Stick Wall Cue Rack by ISZY

ISZY 6 Billiards Stick Wall Cue Rack

You have brought a big pool table and now you are out of space, you’re gonna need a pool cue holder so fit the accessories of your pool table in your room perfectly.

This 6 cue ball rack is made of wood. The dimensions of this unique rack are 1 x 1 x 1 inches and the weight is 3.92 pounds. It holds 6 cues and the whole set of balls. The cues and balls are not included with this wall rack. It is oak furnished and there is some assembly required.

The structures of the cues are very delicate so the cues require extra care. A convenient portable item that will give you relief with space, will protect you cue sticks from getting damaged and balls loss problem. Great toy furniture piece which accounts for the price.

That is why we are providing you with this product so you can have your fun without any problem. This will save much space and you can fit any other playing items in your gaming room too. The appearance is very attractive and useful. You don’t have to put a single accessory out of this rack so you can access each of them easily.

The structure is perfectly balanced and levelled which gives you the freedom from watching over the items all the time. Enjoy your leisure time in the pool room where everything is perfectly managed.


  • A Modern design.
  • Will look perfect in any game room.
  • Made with high quality material.
  • Manages your equipment perfectly.


  • Space saver and easy to keep.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect structure.


  • Assembly required.

Why I chose this at #1
It holds every single characteristic which is required to be the number one recommendation. You can save a wide area to add other snooker items. Specially designed for real pool lovers who want to keep their snooker items very safely. A well-designed decor.

2. Billiard Cue Standing Rack by Rush Creek Creation

6 Billiards cue storage rack

This easy storing portable cue rack will make your day. This is a perfect addition to your Snooker zone. Uniquely designed for pool lovers who hold their accessories and pool goods very delicately. Manufactured with solid pine and is constructed with skip-peel and polyurethane which will provide you superior resistance and will keep the rack in a good condition for a very long time.

The holding capacity is up to 6 standard cues and a set of balls. This is a floor- standing cue rack. The builder also has built-in drink holders for your convenience. The best flat square rack which is worth the price.

The dimensions are 26.5 x 8.6 x 28.8 inches and the weight of this rack is 17 pounds. There is no assembly required. The structure is quite awesome which is in rustic style. Keep your snooker space-optimized with this rack and get rid of the accessories loss issue. The classic style of the rack will match any pool table and area. The cues can be placed side by side so each cue can be accessed easily at any time. A comfortable product with great convenience. Enjoy your time in your room with greatly balanced gaming items.


  • Helpful in managing and organizing equipment.
  • Equipment will be safe from untimely breakage.
  • It is sturdily built and is long lasting.
  • Offers you exceptional value for money.


  • No assembly required
  • Steady and portable.
  • Lightweight.


  • No hook for the triangle.
  • The drink holders can be unstable for your cups sometimes.

Why I chose this at #2

The reason it is the second-best pool cue rack is that It is quite affordable. There are drink holders too for the beverage lovers. There is no assembly required, this is a thing that usually players look in any rack before buying it.

The only downside is you can only put 6 Cue sticks in it.

3. 10 Billiard Sticks and Ball floor rack by ISZY

10 Pool/Snooker cue and pool ball rack

Fit your room with this Floor cue rack. This rack can hold 10 cues at a time. It is made up of pure solid wood. There are rubber rings for cue holes and rubber pad for drinks glasses. The dimensions 31 1/4" H X 29 1/2 W X 8 7/8" D. The weight of this product is 15.8 pounds.

A lightweight product that will charm your pool slot with its presence. It can hold every single accessory that comes along with the pool table. You don’t have to worry about the safety of those accessories because this rack will keep them from the damage.

A portable rack that holds the quality to turn your gaming area into an interesting one. It holds the 30 inches height which is the ideal height. The chalks, brush, cues and balls are not included but you can buy them from any billiard store. A simple step assembly is required for this unique pool cue rack.

Manufactured with high-quality wood that will keep your pool cues in the best condition. A floor- standing rack in which the cues can be placed side by side so you can have access to each of them so easily. The balls can be placed on the top of the rack and between them there is a rubber pad on which you can place your drink.


  • The set is made of solid and high quality wood.
  • Fit for a corner wall; it only takes up a little bit of space.
  • It is extremely easy to assemble.
  • The sturdy and stylish wood makes it worth the money.


  • Portable.
  • Easy to access.
  • Rubber pad for keeping the drink safe if you love beverages.


  • Assembly required.

Why I chose this at #1
People chose this product and love it because they can keep all the accessories in it without dividing them into different places, and it is quite worth the investment. This is portable and saves a wide area in your room. It holds the ideal height that every rack should be of. You can also put your beverage on the pad which is available on the top of the rack between the balls

4. Solid Hardwood Wall Cue Rack by Flintar

6 cues and 16 balls rack by Flintar

You’ll love to add this unique wall rack in your pool addition. A perfect match for your pool table and classic furniture. You’ll get a way to save much space and well organize your things in a modernized way.

This pool cue rack is perfectly finished with oak and came from pure wood. When you went out and worry about your things to be in your children's or younger siblings' hands, you can hang your things entirely on it and they will stay straight upright neatly on the wall. A product that is worth the price. It is tight enough to stay fixed on the wall, you won’t need any extra ingredients to get done with that part.

This will be a handsome addition to your pool table set if you are a pool lover.`The dimension of this rack is 27.2 x 2.8 x 28.2 inches and the weight it holds is of 5 pounds. There is a bit of assembly required for some parts though it is easy to install. Space it holds is of 6 cues and a set of 16 balls. A hook is there for you to place the triangle too. Nicely built according to your needs and demands. You will be provided with the necessary hardware such as L bracket which will be bottom mounted. It won’t damage your wall with its grip and will secure it from top to bottom.


  • An amazing and affordable price cue rack.
  • Is built with premium quality material.
  • Is long lasting.
  • Has a compact yet sleek design.
  • Perfect for placing it anywhere you like.


  • Come with some important hardware.
  • Easy to place on the wall.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • No pre-drilled holes on the top of the rack so you can place it on the wall easily.
  • Very much resistant when it comes to taking it off from the wall.

Why I chose this at #4
It has been ranked as the fourth-best cue rack because of its portability, and its structure is quite refined.

5. 2 Piece Wall Mounted Rack by Fat Cat

Two-piece wall mounted pool cue rack

Cues are one of the most precious tools in billiard’s game. You can keep it safe by buying this wall rack and save the space in your snooker area. Its classic design will match any type of furniture as decor. You can easily get rid of the thought of getting your cues damaged by risking them to anyone. By keeping your cues in this wall rack you can use and enjoy a wide free space in your room or can add another gaming item too.

This sweet cue rack can be fixed on the wall anywhere near your pool table, so you can access them easily. The dimension is 18 x 8 x 6 inches and the weight it holds is of 1 pound.

Manufactured with solid wood and can be easily mounted to any wall. By keeping your cues organized and in perfect position you can make anyone stare at your pool space. Its modern fashioned look will highlight the cues along with the pool table.


  • Will hold all your cues in one place.
  • One of the cheapest options in the market.
  • Is very easy to put together and assemble.
  • A good product for the price.


  • Low weight
  • Modern fashioned look.


  • No place for balls and other accessories.

Why I chose this at #5
It has taken as the fifth-best cue rack because of its flexibility and portability. This small rack comes with great space and will save a wide area in your pool room.

6. Pool/Snooker Wall Mounted Rack by Viper

Viper 2-Piece Wall Mounted Pool/Snooker cue rack

Free your room from chaos and keep your delicate cues safe in this wall rack. You can keep up to 8 cues in this modern rack. The dimension is 22 x 8 x 7 inches and the total weight is 2.5 pounds. Cues are the most delicate part of your pool table and must be kept safe, producers have ensured that this rack will keep them safe and will also add an awesome look in your pool area. It is easy to install if you have a proper screwdriver and other tools.

Don’t try to fit extra-large cue in it as it will damage both the rack and cue itself. Easy to keep and the distance between each cue is very perfect that you can access each of them nicely.

You can keep it anywhere near your billiards table. The pool table lovers would be charmed by its appearance as it is quite attractive and useful and a good addition to your snooker arena. It comes in mahogany colour and is oak finished. The pre-drilled mounting holes are 16 inches in the centre. This will work great if you have tall ceilings so it doesn’t get collapsed with it. Adjust it carefully so you don’t face any of these problems.


  • Provides you ample storage to keep all your equipment.
  • Enhances the décor of the game room.
  • Easy to install and put together.
  • Will keep your equipment safe and secure.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Wall-mounted.


  • The predrilled holes sometimes appear to be too small.
  • The height could become a problem if you have a short ceiling.

Why I chose this at #6
This is the sixth-best cue stick rack because of its durability, structure and portability that make it eye-catching.

7. 10 Cues and Ball Wooden Wall Rack by ISZY

10 Billiard Sticks and Ball Wooden wall rack

There are many reasons why you should own a cue rack. If you are a beginner then it will be a perfect item to organize your accessories and have easy access to them while playing. If you need a practical and convenient pool cue rack then this is the best product you must add in your buying list. You can save much space in your pool area and keep it organized with this standing cue rack. You can turn your simple room into an awesome clubhouse. It is available in three famous colours, Oak, Mahogany, and black.

Make your friends jealous with this catchy rack holder. Protect your precious cue sticks by keeping them managed in this rack. The dimension is 28.2 x 2.8 x 27.2 inches. The weight is of 3 pounds. Easy installation required that can be done even by yourself. You can keep 10 cue sticks, the whole set of balls and triangle, all together in one. This rack can be fixed on the wall too. This is beautifully designed with solid wood. It comes with mounting hardware. The main purpose of this rack is to keep it inside your house but is also portable. Keep the rack dry and clean and dust with a dry cloth. This classic design will match any kind of furniture in your game room.


  • Comes with a great storage space for your billiard balls, ball triangle, and chalk.
  • Has a beautiful finish and will enhance the look of any room.
  • A sturdy and reliable wall rack.
  • Takes only a few minutes to assemble.


  • Easy installation.
  • Colour choices.
  • It comes with mounting hardware.
  • It can be hung anywhere.


  • The screw holes are a problem sometimes.
  • Assembly causes trouble.

Why I chose this at #7
The reason people chose this wall rack is because of its capacity of storing 10 cue sticks and its portability that allow them to take it wherever they want to.

8. Cues Wall Mounted Rack with Clips by OUTLAW

6 Pool/Snooker Cue Wood Wall Rack with Clips

By keeping your cues and balls safe you can have fun without any disturbance. You don’t have to spend money on the same product again and again. Cues and balls are an important tool to the Pool table and are very precious and delicate, they can get damaged by a very tiny hit. You can save them from these issues by buying this 6 Pool cue wood Wall rack.

If you are looking for a cue rack that will add a charm to your gaming room and will also save a place for other items then you can go for this product blindly. This is quite a practical design that will amaze you with its quality. Perfectly manufactured with solid wood and come in different colours such as Midnight, Chocolate, Honey and wine.

It is designed to hold 6 cues at a time provided the nice distance between each of them to be accessed easily. Simple installation is required, you can drill the screws yourself on the wall and you're good to rock. All the mounting hardware is included with the product. Just place the cues of normal height in it so you can save the tips of cues from getting damaged as well as the ceiling, but if you have a tall ceiling then you don’t have to worry about that.


  • It is of great quality and price point.
  • Well-built and highly durable.
  • Will last for a long time.
  • Installation of this rack is very easy.


  • Easy installation.
  • Easy to access each of the cues.
  • Colour specifications.
  • All the hardware is included.
  • Lightweight.


  • No space to store balls and other stuff.

Why I chose this at #8

It is chosen by a number of people, as it holds many special features that make them pick this one. The Easy installation of this rack is the main thing that people get attracted to. The other thing is its colour option so they can enjoy their favourite game with the selected pool items.

9. Cue Wall Mounted Rack by Felson

12 Cue Wall Mounted Billiard Stick Rack

Turn your simple boring gaming room into an interesting one but managing it with space saver classy products. You can keep your cue sticks elevated and isolated by adding this wall rack in your buying list. This small wall rack can be fixed anywhere near your pool table, you can have access to them easily just like an artboard. Place them on the wall so they can be used anytime and are in action. It is quite easy to install if you have a screwdriver and other tools at your home.

This will go perfectly with the normal height of the cue sticks so you can stop them from damaging your ceiling if it is low. A two-piece wall cue rack in which 12 cues can be placed at a time. It comes with all the necessary hardware to fix it on the wall. A great way to maximize space in your pool spot.

The dimensions are 24.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds. The cues will be placed straight upright and will look perfectly organized and attractive. This straight freestanding wall rack is an ideal match for your pool table. Its classic design will fit into any room with any modern or old pool table.


  • Is a quick and convenient way to organize your billiard room.
  • It maximizes the space even in the smallest game rooms.
  • A dream rack made from high-quality wood with secure hangers.
  • This unit is easy to install.


  • Easy to access.
  • You can store many cue sticks at once.
  • Easy installation.


  • It is heavy sometimes, so you have to be careful with its installation.
  • You cannot put balls and other items on it.

Why I chose this at #19
This is chosen as the ninth-best cue stick rack because of its lightweight and easy installation which attracts buyers.

10. 8 Cues and Ball Floor Rack by ISZY

8 cue and ball floor rack made of wood

Are you worried about getting a budget-friendly corner cue stick rack? And are in trouble with finding one? Then you are at the right place, here is the best Corner pool cue rack you’ll ever find.

There are three different colours so you can select your favourite one. It is made for 8 cue sticks and a whole set of balls, chalk and a triangle. Easy to install but still, some assembly is required to get the proper look. It comes from pure wood and holds a classic design that will fit in your gaming room with any sort of pool table. The dimension is 30 1/2" H X 15" W X 15" D and the weight is 13.7 pounds.

A simple attractive design that will save the wide areas from being occupied and will keep the stuff safe in it. The holes for the cues are also filled with rubber so the base cue stick will not get damaged. The installation is quite easy as it doesn’t require any special tools. The main reason for these corner racks is to fit your corners with useful decor items and also make your room look more organized and eye-catching. You can please the corner of the room in a very stylish way.


  • A beautiful design.
  • Compact yet offers great storage space.
  • Will accommodate all your pool accessories.
  • The contemporary design is a plus point.
  • Installation is easy and user friendly.
  • It is durable, reliable, and well-built.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Still and Steady.
  • It holds everything from Cue stick to chalks.


  • The hooks cause problems sometimes.
  • If you have round walls then it can’t fit perfectly there.

Why I chose this at #10
This is the tenth best cue stick holder because of its easy assembling and installation. Players choose it because of its perfect structure. This fulfils their needs and is a beautiful decor for their pool slot.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Pool Cue Rack:

When you are looking for a cue rack, you must remember the following points;

  • Always check the material first; whether wood or any other material, it should be strong and firm.
  • How many cues can the rack hold in one time is probably the biggest question. It is also imperative because you don’t have just one cue but many and you can need them anytime.
  • Remember the cost may vary as brands are expensive and not so famous and new brands offer somewhat low-priced items.
  • Check for other options in a rack like pool balls placement. Check if there is any space which allows you to secure your pool balls as well.
  • Other options like beverage mats and score counter; these additional options also add a lot of value to the cue rack.
  • You must remember that there are two types of cue racks; wall cue rack and corner cue rack.
  • Wall racks are pretty famous, but they have their pros and cons, and they need extra support to remain stable and firmly attached to the wall.
  • Floor or corner cue racks are portable in the sense that you can adjust them in the room according to your need. Also, you can use them easily.
  • Keep your options open; look for first hand and used as well because you never know when you can find the best rack and where.


We love our game of pool to the heart, and of course, the pool equipments are just as much as dear. So, we must take proper care of the cues as they are the most essential equipment of the pool game and it takes a great deal of effort to find a good pool cue.

You must place them securely and avoid any drop or hit as such acts can damage your cues and you will not be able to take full advantage of it.