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Best Pool Ball Set: Go Get Yourself These in 2019

Just as much a good felt is needed for smooth gameplay of pool, pool balls also hold the same importance. If you are not aware of their quality, then I am afraid you might have risked the integrity of the pool game.

The clear winner and standout name in pool ball sets is Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set. They are made of 100% pure phenolic resin and lasts five more times than other pool balls. They use special technology “vitrotech” which makes them heat resistant when pool balls comes in contact with other pool balls or pool table felt. They offer you durability, easy to clean and maintain. Will all these qualities, they are a little expensve but you will get the best in the market.

Best Pool Ball Set

Game of pool has their own set of balls because of the size of the pockets that are attached to the pool table.

So, what to look for when you are about to purchase the pool ball set? When you do the research, you come across so many different brands and set of balls, then how do you decide?

Luckily for you, I worked on this and brought a detailed article about the pool ball set. I surveyed the markets and search the internet and came to know that there are few set standards for pool balls and if you follow them accordingly, then you will surely get a super good pool ball set.

Top Three Picks in the Pool Ball Set:

When you decide to buy a pool ball set, this list is a must see, your search will hopefully end here as following pool ball sets are best in the market.

1. Yves Empire USA Deluxe:

They are cheap in respect to other pool ball sets, but they provide enough entertainment on the pool table which is required when raging beginners who like to hit hard shots are on the play.

2. Aramith Premium Pool Balls:

One of the most famous pool balls in the pool game industry. They are expensive than others, but they are best for what they make, and Aramith Pool balls are used by professional on a very large scale.

3. Iszy Billiards Marble Pool Balls:

They are not as good in inconsistency as Aramith, but they provide very decent gameplay. Also, their price is quite less than others, and they are ideally made in standard weight and size for a pool game.

Why I Selected Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set:

Well, I have rested my choice with Aramith Premium pool balls because they are the best and simple. Yes, it is true but there are many other reasons for selecting them, and they are as under;

  • These balls are produced from 100% pure phenolic resin, and that is the best material for the pool balls.
  • These balls are also heat resistant which helps when pool balls come in contact with each other and create heat and get affected by it.
  • They use a specially designed technology “vitrotech” to make the pool balls heat cured.
  • When pool balls have such heat resistant quality in them, they have more durability which also means that they will last longer with you.
  • They are ideally made in the standard size and weight for the pool balls to be.
  • Aramith premium pool balls are friction resistant as well which means that they will not damage the cloth or felt of the pool table.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • According to the Aramith, pool balls produced by them lasts five times more than the lower quality balls.
  • The pool balls from Aramith come in the traditional style of numbers and stripes.
  • One of the great qualities is that these pool balls don’t spread the chalk all over the table which most of the pool balls do.
  • Price wise they are expensive, but that’s it. Other than the price, you cannot find any such thing about these pool balls which can make you go back on your choice.
  • I say that you keep your eyes open and wait for the golden opportunity which arises after some time on a regular basis in the form of sales. You can always find some money saving schemes, and you can purchase these classic pool balls.

Features to look for in a pool ball set:

Whenever you are going for the pool ball set purchase, I say you must try a few shots with the selected ball set and try to understand them before the final buying is done. It will guide you in the right direction.

Also, you will get to know, how the pool balls behave when they are hit hard or slow. There are few things which you must keep in mind when you are looking for the pool ball set, and they are as under.


The weight of the pool balls is a very important factor; because they explain a lot about their manufacturing and how they will react to different kind of shots.

There is a standard weight parameter for the pool balls and if they are not according to that weight, they are not considered fit to include in the game. Pool balls must be around 5 ½ to 6 oz. per ball.


There is a standard size for the pool balls to be and that is 2 ¼” plus or minus 0.005″ in diameter. Why the size already?

It is so because the pool tables have the pockets which are not that big, and it is only convenient to purchase pool balls of this size. Other tables like billiard have large pockets, so their billiard balls are slightly larger than pool balls.


Usually people go for the brand because they are famous for producing best pool ball sets. Well, this is true. Brands like Aramith are well known all over the world for their pool ball set.

If you are going for the brand, then I will support your decision because well, they knew what they are producing. But remember, brands mean more money. They are expensive to keep in view your budget and then head towards classic pool ball set.

Manufacturing material:

Usually pool balls are made out of phenolic resin plastic. If the pool ball set that you have selected for buying is made out of this material, then it is alright.

But in case the selected set of balls are not made of this plastic then I will say, check another set of pool ball again. Only pool balls made out of phenolic resin plastic are used.


If playing pool is very important to you, you must remember that buying or getting yourself a good pool ball set is equally important.

Try not to touch the pool balls with cue tips or even with your hands when they aren’t clean.

If you go with some low-quality pool balls which do not support smooth rolling, then you will regret the purchase each time you play.

That is why I am suggesting you that first, you must find out the best pool ball set there is and then try them yourself. Play a few shots, and then decide the purchase. It will only benefit you and add your treasure of pool accessories.