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Rules of Snooker Shoot Out

The normal snooker is often regarded as a long game. With our tendencies growing more towards fast games, games like snooker can become boring for some. Or perhaps, too long to watch.

That’s why in the recent years we have seen a significantly smaller version of snooker, known as Snooker Shoot Out, became popular, especially in Britain.

So in this article, I’m going to discuss the rules of this relatively new format of snooker, and who have been the winners of Shoot-Out tournaments held in recent years.

But first, I think it’s important to give you a short background of this sport.

History Of Snooker Shoot Out

The first ever official tournament of snooker Shoot Out was played in 2011. However, before that, a similar tournament was played, in which except for the final, all matches were decided over a single frame. Though at that time, there was no such concept of snooker Shoot Out game, nor it had any name.

Because of being a short game, it grabbed the attention of players all over the world. In the first ever tournament of Snooker Shoot Out, the top 64 players in the world rankings participated. Renowned sports channels like Sky Sports and ITV4 televised the whole tournament live.

Since 2011, the tournament has been played regularly, once in a year. In 2017, it became a ranking event for the first time, and up to 128 professionals in the snooker rankings could participate in it by then.

To this date, it has become quite popular in countries where snooker is played. Because it’s quite different from snooker, you need to learn the format of the tournament and its rules in order to compete in it.

Format & Rules Of Snooker Shoot Out

As compared to snooker, I believe snooker Shoot Out rules are much more simplified:

  • Each match consists of one frame only.
  • Each frame lasts for 10 minutes only.
  • Referee has the shot clock in hand in order to monitor time.
  • In the first 5 minutes, players can take up to 15 seconds for a single shot.
  • While in the second 5 minutes, a player can’t take more than 10 seconds for a single shot.
  • Who’ll take the break is decided in the same way as in snooker. Both players simultaneously strike the cue ball from the baulk line to hit the top cushion and rebound back down the table. The one whose ball comes back farther gets the break.
  • If you fail to strike the cue ball in this given time, you have to bear a 5-point penalty. Or, if the ball in question is worth more than 5 points, then it will be equal to the ball’s value.
  • The same traditional rule that you must hit the cushion on every shot or pot any legit ball to keep the turn.
  • In case of tie, the blue-ball shoot out determines the winner. The blue ball is placed on the spot where it’s placed at the start of the game, while the cue ball can be placed anywhere within the D by the player.
  • The one who pots the blue blue directly wins the game. And yeah, it must be direct, not a fluke.

Easy, isn’t it?

So, with that being said, let’s have a look at all the major events held of Snooker Shoot Out and who were the winners of these tournaments.

Snooker Shoot Out Winners

Snooker Shoot Out winners of the events played in the recent years are as followed:

Snooker Shoot Out (when it was a non-ranking event)

Year First Player Second Player Score Season
2011 Nigel Bond Robert Milkins 1–0 (62–23) 2010/11
2012 Barry Hawkins Graeme Dott 1–0 (61–23) 2011/12
2013 Martin Gould Mark Allen 1–0 (104–0) 2012/13
2014 Dominic Dale Stuart Bingham 1–0 (77–19) 2013/14
2015 Michael White Xiao Guodong 1–0 (54–48) 2014/15
2016 Michael White Xiao Guodong 1–0 (54–48) 2014/15
2016 Robin Hull Luca Brecel 1–0 (50–36) 2015/16

Snooker Shoot Out (since it is a ranking event)

Year First Player Second Player Score Season
2017 Anthony McGill Xiao Guodong 1–0 (67–19) 2016/17
2018 Michael Georgiou Graeme Dott 1–0 (67–56) 2017/18
2019 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh Michael Holt 1–0 (74–0) 2018/19
2020 Michael Holt Zhou Yuelong 1–0 (64–1) 2019/20

Does Snooker Shoot Out Require The Same Equipment?

Yes, there’s no change in equipment when you move from traditional Snooker to Snooker Shoot Out. The specifications regarding the table size, cue sticks, ball size, etc. everything remains the same.

The only change between the normal and Shoot Out Snooker is the laws and format of the game, which we have discussed above.

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