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14 Things to Avoid when Buying a Used Pool Table

When you buy a pool table, you can enjoy an hour’s long enjoyment with your friends and family. It is an excellent choice to have a pool table at home, not only for the leisure purpose but it can be used to practice different kinds of moves and techniques to master your game.

Buying a Used Pool Table

But buying a brand-new pool table is not everyone’s options. Many are content with their used purchases. But we all know that buying used pool tables has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Usually, we buy a used pool table when our budget does not allow big expenditure. We move towards this option because it has so much of budget feasibility.

Today I will be proving you with a detailed article about certain mistakes you must avoid when you are about to purchase a used pool table.

Thing to Watch Out:

Following are the things that must be taking into consideration when you decide to buy a used pool table.

1. Budget:

Moving towards the option of buying a used pool table has a lot of ease on the budget. We usually set a range of amount in which we must do the purchasing. We must never try to cross it as it can have adverse effects on our budget and on other accessories.

What wrong we do is that we cross our limits on the budget and then when our table needs some kind of re-touching; we are out of cash. So, I would suggest you to set a budget as the first thing before you go out for the research and try to stick to your plan.

2. Manufacturer:

Always determine the maker of the pool table. Usually, a pool table has a manufacturer’s name tag on the headrail or apron. It can tell a lot about the model and the place where it was originally made.

Different places have different kind of pool table makers and designs. So, you better get the information and get to know about the brand before you say the final word. You can also ask for the sale’s receipt from the seller if they still have it.

From the receipt, you can learn a lot about the original price, whether the original purchase was made in sales or not and many other things. This will help you in setting the right price, and you will know your pool table properly.

3. Size of The Table:

Before the purchase, you must go through the size of the room in which you want to set the table and then go for the desired size for buying.

You cannot just buy a table and then when you install it, only then you realize what a mistake you have made. Pool tables come in various sizes, and they are easily available.

All you have to do is look for the right size. Then you can negotiate if you are satisfied with all other aspects of the pool table.

4. Size of The Room:

You must keep in mind when you are finalizing the size of the room for the pool table that it must have enough space not only for the play but also for the people who will be playing pool and for long sticks to move easily and without any hitting on the wall.

I will say that the room must have at least 4-5 feet space left on each side of the pool table for the comfortable play of pool. You will not want to buy the pool table of the exact size of the room and have no room for another person. It will be a shame if the scene like this is set in your house.

5. Build:

Always make sure about the build of the pool table. The quality of the pool table can be judged by the woodwork.

Whether the wood used in the making of the table is heavy and solid or just an adequate engineered wood. This will say a lot about the kind of pool table. I personally like the solid wood made the structure as they are more durable and long lasting.

You should make sure what the seller is saying is 100% true. If the seller is saying that the pool table is made out of Cherrywood, then make sure it is Cherrywood. It can be simple paint which can easily resemble the Cherrywood look.

Don’t get framed by the look. Make absolutely sure that whatever the seller is saying about the woodwork and construction is nothing but the truth.

Another important aspect you must look into is how the pool table is framed together.

Some pool tables are made up of staples and wood screws; they don’t last long. Check this by bumping the table with your hips a little. If they sway, you should move on.

Once you are satisfied with the material, then see if it has been mishandled or not. Look for the scratches or any broken edge.

6. Slate:

Pool tables are made up of different kinds of slates. They vary in number too. Some tables are made up of 1 slate while others are made up of two or more. They are the basic strength of the pool table.

You should check what kind of material is used in the making of the slate. I go with the Italian slate. They are the best as they provide a much smoother surface for the play.

Most of the pool tables’ slate has the ideal thickness of ¾, and you must go for that. The market is full of MDF, cardboard and wood slate which do not support the durability, weight, and smoothness.

You should also make sure that the table does not have 1 piece of slate. They are tough to play, and they don’t fit in most of the houses. So be careful and go with the slate that has two or more piece.

7. Condition:

Is the table in good condition? Are you happy with the pictures? Don’t just believe the pictures, you should go and personally see the table and then decide whether the table is in good condition or not.

Many times, it happens that when you buy something and order it online, it turns outs to be totally different. Then you are left with remorse and nothing else.

Getting up close personally with your purchase allows you to get to know it better. Check the cloth; make sure about the pockets, the railings. All these things never get cleared because some sellers are just not sincere.

8. Type of Table:

Many people who are the first-time buyer are not familiar with the fact that pool tables and snooker tables are totally different things. And they end up buying something they never intended to buy.

Pool tables are by far the most popular tables, and you can always tell the difference by their pocket sizes. Pool tables have a larger pocket opening, and they are played with bigger balls.

Please don’t get scammed if you are not sure about the type. Take someone with you who has a good knowledge of the tables while you go for the check-up process.

9. Felt Condition:

Pool tables have a cloth on the playing area, and that is called the felt. The game fluency can be determined by the condition of the felt. You must check the condition of the felt before buying.

Is the felt too hard; is it too soft; does it have any tear anywhere? These are a few questions that you must ask the seller. If you like the pool table and you have decided to buy it, remember that the felt stands for its own importance.

Are you willing you purchase a pool table with weary felt? If yes then buckle up for the new expense of new felt, and it’s fitting.

Re-felting is not an easy job. There are special companies working on this aspect only. If you are thinking about the re-felting, count in the expense of hiring the experts and getting the work done by them.

Because any loosely fit felt can have bumps, and that will cause a problem for you when you are playing the pool.

Felts can last long if proper care is done. That is if they are protected from dust and debris, from direct sun rays and sharps lights. When the table is not in use, they must be covered properly.

All these things lead to a good felt and in return felt provides an excellent condition for gameplay.

Felt can also tell a lot about the usage. The toughness and the dryness explain about the amount of game that has been played over it.

It will give you an idea how old the felt is. I must repeat here that don’t fall for the seller’s words only. Check for yourself and only then get satisfied.

10. Cushions and Rails:

One of the most critical parts of the pool tables is its cushions. They are what I would say the game setters. They have a life span of nearly 25-50 years if they are treated and cared properly.

When they exposed to hard conditions like extreme humid or cold temperatures, they are bound to get brittle and hard. They make the playing conditions tough, and the game cannot be played smoothly.

Getting the re-rubber of the cushions is an extensive process which must take place at the workshop. It cannot be done at home as it requires the taking off of the rubber cushions, sanding them and then new cushions are installed.

Cushions support rails and rails allow the bouncing of the balls. Their conditions will say a lot about how they were stored or moved and reinstalled.

You must not make the mistake of never checking the cushions and rails and only realizing the mistake when the pool table has reached you and installed.

11. Pockets:

Pockets are most easy to be examined. They are made of synthetic rubber or leather. So, if they are cracked or dried out, then don’t do the buying. Such conditioned pockets are bound to lose their elasticity, and they can easily break.

Then you will have to go and purchase new pockets which can cost you somewhere in between $200 – $500 as you will be buying a complete set of 6 pockets.

Make sure that all the pockets are in good conditions and they are offering a good job. Otherwise, you will have to go and purchase new pockets and do the re-installing of them. You will never want to waste all your efforts and money over six pockets, right.

12. Accessories:

What is coming with the pool table? You have compromised with the budget and other things then you must be thinking what am I getting along with the table? I mean all those accessories which are absolute must pay for any pool game.

Cue ball, cue sticks, any cleaning item, any rack for the balls and cue, the triangular or diamond rack for setting the balls on the table or the set of colored balls 9 or 15. You must ask the seller what they are offering with the table.

If not, then bear in mind that this is an extra expense on your budget.

If they are offering the accessories, then examine them properly. Cues conditions are an essential aspect. They might be cracked, or balls may be too small for your table. They might be very much used and in bad condition.

13. Guarantees:

Check with the seller about any guarantee they offer with the table. Like if they have any guarantee slip with them regarding the pool table or any other accessories item, they are offering.

You can always ask the seller to get a few things done before the purchase is finalized and if they agree you can point out the things you want to change.

If the purchase done by the seller was original, you could always ask about the changes or repairs they have done to the table. You can ask for the time duration of the application of the guarantee.

See if that still works or not. In short, having a beneficial side is never going to hurt you. Try to stay as safe as possible when it comes to shopping on used items.

14. Low Price:

Now I am mentioning this in last, but you should consider this in the first place. You must never make the purchase if the offering price is meager. BEWARE!

This can be some kind of plot to get off with the poorly conditioned pool table, and you will get stuck with that for, I don’t know, how long. Just buying because of the low price is totally wrong. I mean you have done your research on the pool tables.

You know the price range then how come that particular pool table has a lower price than market. Something must be up with that. Make sure about everything and only then do the buying.

A word of advice. Don’t fall for such schemes where buy 1 get 1 free kinds of offers are. Rarely these schemes are successful, and you don’t want to get robbed of your money for something which is not even worth.


No matter how lucky you feel that you have found the best pool table for you; make sure about all the aspects of the table with the seller. Never hesitate in asking questions.

Don’t forget to check the prices online and contact other sellers as well, only then you will be able to save yourself from doing any mistake regarding price, model and quality.

There is absolutely no need to feel shy as you are the buyer. Stay confident. I am telling you that if you follow the list mentioned above, then you will only get the benefit and avoid making a mistake. Stay safe form the scammers and have fun shopping.

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