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Olhausen Pool Table Review

Pool games are ideal for relaxation and enjoying time with friends. To have the best experience of play, you must buy a good quality pool table. For this, many people head towards the brands which have been the ruling parties regarding producing the best types of pool tables.

Olhausen is one of those names which almost every playing and retired pool player are very familiar with. Olhausen pool tables are famous for producing world-class pool tables.

Olhausen Pool Table Review


It was a company started by two brothers Butch and Don. Both of these brothers grew up in New Mexico, and they moved to California to work.

They started their own company, and at first, they were delivering and installing pool tables. Then came a striking offer, which they often term as the once in a lifetime opportunity.

The manufacturing company, whom they used to deliver for, was up for sale and the company’s owner was selling the company for just $1000 to these brothers. They took everything and bought this company.

The manufacturing company was making 35 tables yearly, and Butch and Donny targeted to double the number of the production of tables to 70. But only in two years, they were producing more than 300 pool tables.

Their work bloomed, and they provided consistency and quality in their pool tables. Now Olhausen Company is producing 30,000 pool tables yearly, and they have never compromised on their quality, service, section, and value.


Olhausen tried few changes in their manufacturing of the pool table. Well everyone knows that these changes in the manufacturing are always happening and without these, nothing new can come up.

Olhausen uses specially designed and processed Accu-Fast cushions which enables the quality of the angles and rebounds.

Their main pride lies with the top quality of hardwood which they get from South America but also from other parts of the world as well. One of the reasons that Olhausen pool table is an expensive item.

It also provides its lifetime guarantee because they know how they made their pool table and how the wood and other factors will behave when taken proper care of it.

The frame of the pool table is made in such a way that it can resist up to 200 lbs of pressure on it.

Top 5 Olhausen Pool Tables:

Olhausen is one of the oldest and prime brands when it comes to pool tables. They always take pride in their manufacturing and in providing the most consistency in respect to quality and value.

They have introduced some of the latest trends involved in manufacturing like Accu-Fast Cushions and Uniliner Frames. Today I will be presenting you with top 5 pool tables of Olhausen, and they are as under.

  • Olhausen 8″ Hampton pool table with Drawers.
  • Olhausen 8″ West End pool table.
  • Olhausen 8″ Denbury pool table.
  • Olhausen 8″ Black hawk pool table.
  • Olhausen 8″ Belmont pool table.

Olhausen’s Hampton Pool Table with Drawers – THE NUMBER ONE TABLE:

This is one of the most famous and beautiful pool table produced by the Olhausens’. This pool table is not only beautiful from the look but also provides excellent performance and quality of play.

If you have any queries about why it is considered one of the best, then you must go through all the details that I am providing as under.


It is made out of solid Maple hardwood and with the Mahogany finish; elegance is visible from afar view as well. Usage of solid wood enables the durability of the pool table.

Olhausen takes their pride in their lumber. All the wood is cured and processed to increase the durability of it. They are also made in such manner so they can resist the different type of climate conditions like harsh cold or sunlight or humidity.

The wood is processed to the limit that it will not resist or show any kind of weakness towards the weather conditions and behave in the most likely manner of approval when it is glued, cut or sand.


An additional mechanism is added to it, and it is called the drawer. It is added for the convenience of the players.

You can store as many as five cue stick in it. Also, the drawer has space for the pool balls, and you can have enough space to store the cue racks as well.

If you purchase from the store directly as in brand new, you will be provided with cue stick Chalker which also has it diamond mesh design on it.

What makes this pool table outstanding is the fact that an additional drawer is added which keep all of your accessories safe and protected from different types of weather conditions.

Because anyone who is a regular player knows that not only the pool table is affected by the cold or humid or sharp light but also the cue sticks and pool balls and other accessories as well.


Olhausens are known for their Accu-Fast cushions. It is a trademark which makes them more favorable than other. Any pool table which has any kind of weaker cushion, they don’t last long as they cannot take hard-hitting and rebounding.

The Accu-Fast cushions by Olhausens have true K-66 face profile which has been the standard for the pool industry for almost a century.

Out of different types of rubber, only the top quality of gum rubber of 100% purity can work with Accu-cushion. So why rely on any other material when the availability is not an issue.

This premium quality rubber is processed with different types of chemicals and pigments to increase the accuracy and to increase the quality of the gameplay.

Special kind of anti-reverse chemicals is used on this rubber to avoid the situation where the rubber can go back to its original state of soft nature.

The placement of the Accu-Fast cushions is such that it promises angles and curves to the shots when the pool balls re-bound from it.

Therefore, this premium range of pool table is an excellent buy if you want a piece which provides maximum quality and you don’t have to worry about the cushions going soft or hard.


Another amazing feature which not only explains the Olhausen pool tables but in general explains a lot about the pool table is called as a slate. A slate usually defines the smoothness of the surface of the pool table. It also explains a lot about the quality of play which can be consumed because of it.

Olhausen slates are unilinear, which enable the quality to be of maximum. The quality of the slate is never ever compromised because it is the slate which makes their pool table an international brand.


This amazing pool table comes with a variety of felt colors. You can now choose from a range of 10 different felt colors and have them on your table as you like. Now, this is what brands do to you and for you.

Providing you with options so that you will feel connected with your pool table from the moment you lay your eyes on it. It is another way for you to fall in love with this incredible pool table simply.


Leather made pockets are the significant feature of this Olhausen pool table. We are all very familiar with this fact that Olhausen loves to work with Leather pockets.

Now, this may seem a bit common as almost every other pool table has leather pockets. But we are talking about Olhausen.

When they are working so much on their wood and cushions; even felt then why would they destroy a classical piece just because of leather pocket. No, I don’t think so.

These pockets are made out of synthetic leather which is made under such pressure which enables them to withstand serious condition such as sharp light or cold or humidity which can easily destroy any leather made thing.

Their specialty lies in the shield pockets which are made out of diamond mesh leather. Sound amazing isn’t it?


Now the price may too be much for many, but it is a onetime purchase and a lifetime of togetherness. Usually, you can buy this amazing Olhausen Hampton pool table with drawer for $6000.

But there is always some kind of crazy sale happening and special discount offers by the famous and legendary brand. So, keep looking and never miss out the opportunity of buying an Olhausen if you get one.


No matter how deeply you go in the purchasing of any pool table, you simply cannot resist an Olhausen. The experience of playing on an Olhausen is outstanding, and one simply cannot explain in simple words.

The ball rolling is smooth, and you can hit as hard as you want because the re-bounce is amazing. I would suggest everyone that at least one time do play on Olhausen pool table and if you don’t fall in love with it, I am right here for you all.

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