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How to Identify the Pool Table Manufacturer

We love our pool table with all of the heart. Some of us love even more because those pool tables stay in one family for generations and generations. They become emotionally attached to them.

If you can’t find the name or code on the table, then you can judge the manufacturer by the type and material of pockets, slate and wood. You can also ask the seller or contact the first owner of the table, if you are buying a used pool table. One more way is to take pictures of the table and search online or in local pool table stores.

Identify the Pool Table Manufacturer

But sometimes, we are not able to identify the manufacturer of the pool table. Many reasons play a vital role in such cases where the names or tag of the company or manufacturer are not clear, such as, no proper maintenance, ignorance to the wood or not being in use for a long period.

When we are buying a used pool table, the manufacturer is significant to know to understand the table properly.

Through the manufacturer, we get to know a lot about the pool table like their styles, type of felt used in it or their cushions and rails and other important aspects.

That is why today I am here guiding you to understand and get to know the manufacturer if it is not clear to you. So, let get to it.

List of Questions You Can Ask:

This is one of the most common and simple ways to find your pool table manufacturer. All you have got to do is to understand your pool table, and do some study about it as well. Then you must write down a few questions related to your pool table. Questions can be as under;

Look For The Name or Code on The Table:

Is there any name or any kind or marking under the table or on any sides of the pool table? Usually, the pool table has a name of its maker inscribed in plastic or metal plates. If nothing like such is present, then there might be some code like T29.

If all such options are not available, then you can take pictures of the pool table to move to the next options. Pictures are taken to be shown to proper pool table retailers to gather as much information as possible.

Type of Pocket:

Is there a ball return or pockets? Most of the tables nowadays are made with drop pockets, a system in which the balls remain in their pockets until someone takes them out.

Unlike the ball return system where the balls which are put in the pockets roll down to one end of the table, and you can collect the ball from there. It says a lot about the manufacturer as not many brands are making these types of pockets and systems like ball return.

Material of the Pocket:

You can also check the pocket whether they are made of leather or rubber as their material can tell us about the manufacturer. Some brands prefer synthetic rubber pockets while some brands go with their leather made pockets.

Type of Slate:

What kind of Slate is used in your pool table? Is it one piece or two or three? Pool tables with 3 slates are not only expensive and more available but also very heavy. Slates are the central core where the game takes place.

When you look under the pool table, you will see that if there is three-piece slate, you will see lines attaching three pieces of slate together. But again, if you cannot figure out the slate, please do take pictures.

Real slate or Not:

Is the real slate is used or the material used in place of slate such as Slater on? It is not an actual slate but an imitation of a real slate. Many brands use them to lower their production cost or even if their customers want. No matter what the reason, if you can find this out, it will surely help you in finding your pool table manufacturer.

Ask the Seller:

If you are buying a used pool table, then you can always ask the seller about the original felt. If there is any information about the felt that originally was drawn up on the table and how it was?

What color of felt and if there were any marking about the brand. If you can find all these answers, I am sure they will help you with the finding process of the maker.

Type of Wood:

Wood is like the most important question when it comes to the makers. What kind of wood is used in the making of the table? Is it original colored or made into dark colored grain texture?

From the type of wood, we can guess its maker as the brands have specified areas for getting their wood from. Like some brands prefer North American wood while some work with South American wood. Some makers keep the original texture intact while others create new colors and deep dark texture to highlight the table.

Contact the Owner:

Contact the previous owner if you are buying a used pool table. if the original owner can be contacted, then all your questions can be answered easily. So always ask for the original owner.

Plus, any kind of receipt which can give even a little information about the original purchase, it will be awesome.

You can always take your snapped pictures to the private seller of the pool table. They can provide you with all possible answer as they are full of information about pool tables.

You must remember to take as many pictures as possible from each and every angle so the table can provide enough information through them.

Multipurpose Pool Table

Multipurpose pool tables are somewhat new in the market. They are not that difficult to be recognized but if you are to know about their makers, first learn what type of multipurpose these tables are.

Are they dining table + pool table kind of thing or one table with multiple game opportunities?

Online Search:

We can always learn about the pool table and their manufacturer through an online search. Many websites are providing proper information about the pool tables, and you can ask them anything about pool tahles.

One of the famous names is Azbilliards.com. It is full of information about the pool tables. They also have currently active forums where people discuss their tables, and you can find a lot over there. Follow that forum and learn more.

You can also write down your table description, add a few pictures and ask if anyone can recognize what brand made yours.

You will be surprised how different people will come up with amazing and true answers and believe me they will provide proper logics and facts as well.

Local Pool Table Store:

You can take the pictures of your pool table and talk to your local pool table store. You can also search them up in google and mark them. When you take those pictures, I am sure they will guide you in the right direction, and you will be able to get the right information very soon.

Since these pool table stores and retailers are an excellent information provider, you should trust them and follow your instincts and learn about your table.

Let me just drop a hint here about the pool table makers: if the pool table you are working on is antique, then don’t forget to take the proper measurement of its length. Usually, the antique pool tables were 8 – 10 feet in length and they are typically larger in perspective of the current pool table.


Although finding your pool table manufacturer is not as easy as it might seem, it is totally worth the effort. You should find about the manufacturer of your table as pool tables are not just game surface or just any table.

Pool table can pass on from one generation to another, and it is a proud artifact. I must stress here that taking pictures from every angle is very important to get proper information about your table from any source mentioned above.

I hope if you were to follow the above methods then the finding of the manufacturer will not be such a big problem.

Best of Luck!

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