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Best Pool Tables: The Best in the Business for 2019

The pool is known to gather as much audience as possible. Whether you are trying to build a games room and need a pool table, or you are opting for a man cave, the pool is such a necessity which guarantees you the fun and the joy you are looking for.

But which pool table is best for you? With the market full of every kind of options, it is very confusing to decide for the best.

That is why; I went to the extra lengths and studied a few pool tables to bring you the best in my view.

I chose Harvil Bellagio’s pool table, it has a touch of both the past and modern era of pool tables. This table is of 8 foot in size and weighs about 700 pounds which is ideal for any pool table. Felt comes with strain resistant and the woodwork is scratch resistant.

Although pool table purchase is 100% choice of oneself but considered them as the best pool tables in the market right now. They provide you with all the necessities any pool table can give.

Best Three Pool Tables:

If you have firmly decided that you are going to buy a pool table then I am sure you will be going back home with one of them. Following are the three best pool tables for 2019.

1. Brunswick Gold Crown V Pool Table

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Brunswick is one of the legendary and one of the oldest names in pool history. It is a 9 feet pool table, made out of selected hardwood with Mahogany finishes.

2. Harvil Bellagio’s 8-foot Pool Table

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As the name is not unknown, it is one of the best looking and best game providers with 8-foot-long slate and made out of solid hardwood. The classic design like such is never going to go out of fashion, if you ask me.

3. East Points Sports Masterton Billiard Table

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One of the best qualities of having this pool table is that it has this traditional, parlor design. It is very durable with many awesome features like pockets or rails are simply amazing. It is 7’3″ long in size.

Why I choose the Harvil Bellagio’s pool table?

Other than the brand’s name, there are few of the main reasons for choosing this brand. Let me mention here that Bellagio’s pool table is not only the modern pool table with classic design, they are reliving the past and the classic era of pool games.

  • Made in Italy, the frame is made out of dense fiber wood which explains a lot about its durability.
  • It belongs to a very high level not only in manufacturing but also in respect to the design and name of the brands that usually only professional come and install it in your house.
  • It is of 8 foot in size, and that is ideal size to be placed at your home or any library or game room for the matter’s sake.
  • The rails are 6-inch solid hardwood rails with mother of pearl inlays and K66 cushions.
  • The playing surface is made out of 3 pieces; I inch slate which provides excellent playing surface.
  • The flat surface of the pool table ensures smooth and bump less game which is simply amazing.
  • Felt is amazing as it is 75% wool and 25% nylon with stain resistant quality. This factor is only adding to the benefits of this super luxury, super classic pool table.
  • The felt comes in different colors such as rick red, green, blue and camel colors. Here are some of the best felts.
  • It weighs 700 pounds, so it is very heavy and not easy to be moved on its own. That is why professionals usually handle it.
  • The table has such thick and durable rails that it is almost unmatchable with hand carved legs and feet. The legs are 17 inches solid wood structures of ball and claw details.
  • This table comes with its own accessories like,
    • Four Pool cues made out of Canadian Maple wood,
    • A bridge stick of size 57 inches long,
    • Set of regular size billiard balls,
    • Cleaning accessories like brush,
    • Two wooden pool racks for cues and pool balls,
    • 1 box of pool chalk with holder,
    • 1 PVC pool table cover.
  • One of the main aspects is the drop style pockets which carries the entire look of parlor pool tables to the maximum.
  • The woodwork of the pool table is finished with a scratch resistant veneer, and it has an amazing enhanced port finish.

Features to look for in a pool table:

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you are purchasing a pool table, and they are as under.


The size of the pool table is the most important. If you are not fully aware of the size of the pool table or the room you are about to set it in, you will face serious troubles.

Always keep in mind that you need some extra space in the room when you are setting the table. I say keep at least 4 feet of space on each side and corner of the pool table to ensure an exciting play with minimum trouble.


What kind of wood is used in the construction? Is it original or a copy? Is it durable or it has few weaknesses like it is very sensitive towards temperature changes or water spills?

You must keep these aspects in mind before you make the purchase because once it is done, you might not be able to return it or even exchange.

Pool legs:

Having strong and durable legs ensures much durability and also shows that the pool table has a tendency to withstand weight on it as well.


What you are getting with the pool table stands its importance. A set of pool balls, some cues of high grades, or even balls and cues rack. All have their importance, and you must ask for these accessories. Here are some of the important accessories that you must have.

There is a whole long list of the things you must keep in mind and view when you are doing the buying.

Even if you are not making the purchase, you must keep the above and other factors in mind when you look for a pool table. Here is a complete list regarding the things to know before buying a pool table.


I will be honest, buying a brand-new pool table is somewhat expensive for most of the people, but it is also a one-time purchase. No one goes to buy a pool table every other day.

If you are buying a new or used pool table, regardless of this fact; you must look into all important aspects while you can because once you are done with the purchase, there is no going back.