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Best Pool Tables: The Best in the Business for 2022

The pool is known to gather as much audience as possible. Whether you are trying to build a games room and need a pool table, or you are opting for a man cave, the pool is such a necessity which guarantees you the fun and the joy you are looking for.

But which pool table is best for you? With the market full of every kind of options, it is very confusing to decide for the best.

That is why; I went to the extra lengths and studied a few pool tables to bring you the best in my view.

List of Top 10 Pool Tables in the World:

We are presenting you the best ten pool tables you can buy in 2022.

Image Product Details
Barrington Table Set Barrington Table
Dimensions: 100” x 56” x 31” Weight: 735 poundsFeatures: 60% wool clothing, 3-piece slate, Heavy-duty Aprons and rails Check on Amazon
Harvil 8 Foot Pool Table Harvil 8-Foot
Pool Table
Dimensions: 98.5 L x 54 W x 31.75 H Weight: 671 pounds.Features: 8-foot table, Additional accessories Check on Amazon
Hathaway 7’ 8’ Pool Table Hathaway 7’-8’
Pool Table
Sizes: 7ft. and 8 ft. Features: K66 rubber cushions, Matte design, Rigid pedestal style leg, Thick CARB certified MDF Check on Amazon
EastPoint Sports Pool Table EastPoint Sports
Pool Table
Dimensions: 87″ L x 50″ W x 31″ H Weight: 198.4 pounds Features: Rubber bumpers (k-66), Built-in leg levelers, Other necessary accessories Check on Amazon
Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table Fat Cat Tucson 7’
Pool Table
Size: 7-foot Dimensions: 84″ L x 46-1/2″ W x 31″ H Weight: 214 pounds Features: 3/4″ MDF playing surface, Leg levelers, Rubber bumpers Check on Amazon
Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table Mizerak Donovan II 8’
Billiard Table
Dimensions: 82 x 47 x 9.5 inches Weight: 715 pounds Features: K66 nose rubber, All necessary accessories Check on Amazon
MD Sports Billiard Table Set Available in Multiple Styles MD Sports Billiard Table Set –
Available in Multiple Styles
Sizes: 7′ Arcade, 7.5′ Avondale, 7.5′ Titan, and 8′ Crestmont Check on Amazon
Barrington Professional Billiard Pool Table Barrington Professional
Billiard Pool Table
Size: 8-foot table Dimensions: 95.5″ x 53.5″ x 32″ Weight: 298 pounds Features: Leather-covered drop pockets, Pre-assembled concrete-style legs Check on Amazon
Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft Imperial Outdoor
Pool Table 8ft
Size: 8-ft. table Features: Anodized aluminum rails, waterproof talon cloth, K66 cushion rubber Check on Amazon
RACK Orion 8 Foot Billiard Pool Table RACK Orion 8-Foot
Billiard/Pool Table
Size: 8-Foot Billiard Weight: 287 pounds Features: Heavy Duty, Lifetime warranty Check on Amazon

1. Barrington Table Set

Barrington Table Set

And here begins our quest for sturdy, stylish and durable best Pool tables under 3000. First in the list is Barrington Claremont, a 100-inch wooden table, with a luxurious design perfect for a rec room in your home for big-time fun and regular entertainment with friends and family.

The fine quality playing surface is made of a 60% wool blend, that gives one a more premium feel. The apt proportion of wool clothing makes the ball roll smooth every time.

This pool table has professional-style balls pockets which are made of faux leather, giving them an aesthetic and professional look. Its Queen Anne legs and deep red cloth further enhance the overall beauty of one of the best pool tables 2022.

Furthermore, Heavy-duty aprons and rails are made from high-quality solid wood, ensuring maximum years of excellent play.

The blend further ensures the right speed of ball and let you execute perfect angles so your skills can shine true.

Due to its heavyweight, around 735 pounds, we recommend you to get it assembled by a professional only. All in all, we can conclude that this table is worth buying. Not only does it have a high-luxury look, but it is also durable.


  • 60% wool clothing
  • 3-piece slate system
  • Heavy-duty Aprons and rails
  • Weight: 735 pounds
  • Dimensions: 100” x 56” x 31”


  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Elegant design


  • Some buyers complained about incomplete shipping

Why I Choose this at #1?

A nice pool table ensures that you get a decent play. And if that comes at a reasonable price, it’s not less than a treat. For this reason, we have chosen this table at #1.

2. Harvil 8-Foot Pool Table

Harvil 8 Foot Pool Table

The Harvil 8-foot comes with a real luxury of on-site delivery and professional installation. That means, once you have ordered this masterpiece, all you have to do is wait until the table is delivered and assembled, then you can enjoy a thrilling pool game with the family. Absolutely no hassle, no stress of transporting the table and its dreary assembling.

The Bellagio is neatly and intricately design, including a 3-piece, 1-inch slate which allows more accurate levelling, prevents warping and makes the ball to roll better in every game.

The frame is made of dense fiber wood with birch veneer, making it sturdy to last long. The scratch-resistant port finishing saves the table from scratches it may be vulnerable to on small bumps or by pets.

Plus, this pool has hand-carved legs, which is why they are so beautiful and perfect. They have intricate ball and claw made of 17-inch solid wood and finish. Not to mention the 5-inch thick solid hardwood rails with mother-of-pearl inlays, altogether making it withstanding any abuse or small bumps.

And the icing on the cake is this pool table is delivered along with other pool accessories including Canadian maple wood made cue, a set of regulation-size billiard balls, 1 roman rack 6-cue holder, 2 types of wooden pool table racks, and much more. All these accessories come for the same price, no additional/hidden charges.

Thus, we can conclude that this is one of the best pool ball tables in the world. Be it from price’s perspective or a table’s sturdiness and glamour, this is worth buying.


  • 8-foot table
  • Pool Table Dimensions: 98.5 L x 54 W x 31.75 H
  • Weight: 671 pounds.
  • Additional accessories


  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in different styles
  • Full value for the price
  • Sturdy
  • Installed and delivered by company


  • Some buyers complaining they received an incomplete set
  • Extremely delicate locking mechanism

Why I Choose this at #2?

What else do you want when a sturdy, beautiful and a luxurious table is delivered at your place and installed by professionals? All this on just one phone call. Except for small complaints and concerns shown by some buyers regarding its mechanism, the table is very good. For all these reasons, we are keeping this table at #2 in the list.

3. Hathaway 7′-8′ Pool Table

Hathaway 7’ 8’ Pool Table

Hathaway Hustler is available in two different sizes – 7 ft. and 8 ft. – and is apt for home use. The table is well made with all the great features of table bed rails, and cabinet, making it an excellent addition to your family game room. Whether it is being used by kids or adults, each of them can feel its top-notch quality.

The table is designed and engineered in the United States by highly skilled crafters, which is why this table represents top-grade craftsmanship and modern machinery. The pedestal-style legs, ball return system, and matte black laminated top rails will surely add a bit more glamour to your home decor.

The table is quite sturdy and durable. And to enjoy close and professional pool games, you need such tables that allow one to lean on and execute complex shots when the game has entered into an exciting phase. You can expect the table to last long and hopefully, you won’t have to shop one again for a good four to five years.

If you don’t want to call a professional to assemble it, don’t worry. It is easy to assemble. All you have to do is minor assembling with legs and flip it over. Better, call out a couple of friends to help you with it. It won’t take more than a couple of hours.

Now comes the most important part. Have you ever been shipped defective product?

Don’t worry. In this case, the manufacturer promises a damage-free arrival of the table. The manufacturer is also offering a 180-day warranty, while you keep the right to return the product and ask for a new one, in case you are delivered a defected one.

Undoubtedly, this pool table is one of the best pool tables under 1000 you can buy.


  • Available in 2 different sizes (7ft.and 8 ft.)
  • K66 rubber cushions
  • Matte design
  • Rigid pedestal style leg
  • Thick CARB certified MDF with blue felt


  • Easy to assemble
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Well constructed
  • Beautiful design


  • misalignment of the rubber pad

Why I Choose this at #3?

This pool table has such an appealing design that it instantly grabs ones attention. Besides elegance, this table is reviewed as a very sturdy one. Thus, it satisfies both the major requirements of a pool enthusiast. After evaluating the overall quality of this table, our experts have ranked this table at #3 in our list of best pool tables 2022.

4. EastPoint Sports Pool Table

EastPoint Sports Pool Table

If you are a pool enthusiast, we expect you’d know all about East Point brand. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality pool tables using top-grade construction material, that’s why they are deemed very durable.

One of the best things about this table is its beautiful design. It is available in two different colors (green and tan) and each of them looks very pleasing to eyes.

To ensure its durability even for extended hours of play, this table features luster long scratch resistant finish. And for this reason, this table remains like a brand-new one, and resists wear and tear to maintain its look.

A pool table’s quality is evaluated with the help of several factors. One of the most important ones is how well and accurately the ball travels. This table features built-in leg levelers to ensure intended play. Moreover, the rubber bumpers (K-66) provide a consistent bounce, ensuring precision when it comes to taking shots.

Like top 3 pool tables in the list, this too comes with complete accessories including 2 wooden billiard cues, 1 set of billiard balls, 2 pieces of chalk, 1 triangle, and 1 table brush. Thus, you don’t have to shop again to complete your accessories.


  • Assembled dimensions: 87 inches L x 50 inches W x 31 inches H
  • Item weight: 198.4 pounds
  • Rubber bumpers (k-66)
  • Built-in leg levellers
  • Other necessary accessories


  • Suitable for small and big rooms
  • Suitable for casual and competitive play
  • Available in two different colours


  • A few complaints of defective pieces and cheap material by buyers

Why I Choose this at #4?

This pool table is a versatile table that can be kept at home or even outside in a restaurant, pool hall, etc. This pool table looks quite sturdy and the majority of the buyers have reviewed it as a very fine product. After looking at its features, pros and cons, we have ranked this table at #4.

So, how did you find our first four reviews? Did you find the kind of table you were looking for? If your answer is yes, we’re glad that we could help. Otherwise, don’t worry. We still have 6 more best pool tables under 3000 coming. They’ll blow you!

5. Fat Cat Tucson 7′ Pool Table

Fat Cat Tucson 7' Pool Table

Fat Cat Tucson is one of the best pool tables under 1000 you can buy. The reason is its mesmerizing features which leave players with lifetime pool experience.

The 7 ft. Fat Cat Tucson is an automatic ball return pool table, which makes the pool game fast, smooth and hassle-free.

As you can see in the picture, the pool table has an attractive design. The modern arcade-style legs are sturdy and beautiful at the same time. The braces between its legs give it a unique look and make the table more stable.

The 3/4″ MDF playing surface is ideal to give you the perfect playing experience, that’ll ultimately boost your confidence and raise your game. The distinguished electric-blue playing surface would surely make you admire its beauty.

Moreover, this table has rubber bumpers to ensure that ball gets the perfect bounce and leg levelers to keep the table even the flooring is not flat. This is a great feature because the uneven table mars the quality of pool table and players would never be able to improve their aim.

Like all the above-mentioned tables, this table also comes with other accessories including two pieces of chalk, a resin triangle, two 57″ two-piece billiard cues, and set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls. Buyers are really happy about the quality of billiard balls that come along with these accessories.


  • 7-foot billiard table
  • 3/4″ MDF playing surface
  • Leg levellers
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Dimensions: 84″ L x 46-1/2″ W x 31″ H
  • Weight: 214 pounds


  • Unique design
  • Curved legs provide stability
  • Comes with top-grade accessories


  • The table needs little bit of levelling before you can start playing

Why I Choose this at #5?

This pool table has very fine features and the price is also reasonable. From its elegant design to sturdiness, it gives you full value for money. Except for it being slightly heavyweight and little bit of levelling required to begin the game, the table has no cons at all. For this reason, we have kept this table at #5.

6. Mizerak Donovan II 8′ Billiard Table

Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

Mizerak is a company known worldwide for producing high-quality billiard accessories including cues, cue cases, pool table felts, pool tables and much more.

Mizerak Donovan is a very fine 8′ Billiard table with a sleek and contemporary design having features that make it worth buying.

This table features a red wool blend cloth, not only making its look appealing but also ensuring smooth rolling of the ball and resists wear to increase its lifespan and effectiveness.

In addition to its beauty, the table has internal drop pockets with chrome corners caps that create a modern design. You can move around the table on different surfaces if you are inclined to, as its pedestal style legs with chrome levelers offer stable play on all surfaces.

To ensure consistent bounce, the table features three 5/8″ rails with K66 nose rubber and a Chrome, disk-style leg levelers for the level playing surface. The ball rolls smoothly, travels in intended directions and players experience a professional pool game. This is a very handy feature to have.

Another perk is, you won’t have to buy other accessories separately as this pool table brings with it all necessary accessories required: two cues, set of billiard balls, a triangle, two chalk pieces, and a brush.


  • Product Dimensions: 82 x 47 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 715 pounds
  • K66 nose rubber
  • All necessary accessories


  • Excellent features at a reasonable price
  • Sleek design
  • heavy and sturdy


  • Difficult to move around because of weight
  • Hard to assemble

Why I Choose this at #6?

This heavyweight table is sturdy and stylish.. The price also isn’t too high, which you expect to be when buying such top-grade material made products. On the downside, some buyers raised questions over the quality of pockets and its legs. For these reasons, we have put this table at #6.

7. MD Sports Billiard Table Set – Available in Multiple Styles

MD Sports Billiard Table Set Available in Multiple Styles

The list of best pool tables in the world can’t be completed without mentioning MD Sports.

The company is famous for producing top-notch Billiard tables, Foosball, Table Tennis, Poker and many other games’ accessories. The billiard table of MD Sports we are reviewing here has such tempting features that it is worth looking at.

This table is available in four different styles (7′ Arcade, 7.5′ Avondale, 7.5′ Titan, and 8′ Crestmont).

7′ Arcade is constructed with MDF wood and features sturdy leg design to ensure durability, and custom leg levelers to provide an ideal and balanced pool surface for a professional pool play. The body and rails feature a scratch-resistant PVC laminate finish to help it look and last longer.

7.5 Avondale features an elegant design. The arcade-style multi-purpose pool table features a set of billiard balls, 2 cue sticks, a triangle, a felt brush, and chalk, conveniently providing all necessary pool game supplies. Moreover, this table set features deck supports with K-818 safety bumpers and rubber protectors for the legs, to avoid scratching.

7.5′ Titan is an ideal pool table to keep in rec or in the game room of your home and enjoy big-time family fun. The aesthetic looking table’s playfield is made of 18mm thick laminate felt, ensuring strength, durability and a flat roll. And the rails and base are made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

8′ Crestmont features a traditional square leg design with classic drop pockets. 35% wool blended polyester felt ensure smooth rolling of the ball and providing the best of the pool experiences to players.


  • Each table has different features


  • Available in different styles
  • All styles are sophisticated
  • Sturdy tables
  • You get full value for your money


  • Loose pockets complaints
  • A few complaints regarding damaged accessories – probably during shipping

Why I Choose this at #7?

The table is available in 4 different styles, and each style is different from one another in terms of features, pros and cons. Nevertheless, each of them is sturdy and comes with all necessary accessories. Apart from poor shipping complaints and damaged accessories, there’s nothing serious to doubt its credibility. This pool table comes at #7 in our Best pool tables 2022.

8. Barrington Professional Billiard Pool Table

Barrington Professional Billiard Pool Table

This table also happens to be one of the best-selling and most positively reviewed table on Amazon. Due to its features and budget-friendly price, it is an ideal choice for beginners and casual players who’re looking for a home pool table under 1000.

The table is made of premium quality material and that’s why it can be trusted as a durable pool table that will last long. The 25mm thick covering provides utmost protection to the surface.

Moreover, the concrete-style pillars buttress leather drop pockets, planked between a birch wood frame, making a perfect match.

K66 bumper finishing safety guards that ensure precision, accuracy, and consistency. The billiard pool playing set is suitable for both casual and professional play, and to add stylish aesthetics to any room. This universal billboard table epitomizes premium build and luxury design.

This pool table represents staggering craftsmanship, brandishing an elegant birch wood veneer with an oak finish, complemented by jet-black felt.

Moreover, you receive a complete billiard kit with it, including 2 cues, chalks, a set of billiard balls and a ball rack.

All in all, we can say that you are getting premium quality billiard set at a reasonable price.


  • 8-foot table
  • Dimensions : 95.5 x 53.5 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 298 pounds
  • 25mm thick, wool-covered surface area
  • Leather-covered drop pockets
  • Pre-assembled concrete-style legs


  • Looks aesthetic
  • Neither too heavy nor too light
  • Good for home use


  • Installation is not free.

Why I Choose this at #8?

This pool table is arguably one of the best pool tables you can buy under 1000. Its stylish, sturdy and best for both casual and professional play. Though some people may find the weight too heavy and the installation part expensive. And that brings this table at #8.

9. Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

Were you searching for a centerpiece for your game in this list?

Here it is. Presenting you Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft with its modern look plus capability for out-of-door.

For outdoor use, we look for such tables that are sturdy and can survive in a casual environment. For this reason, the table features all-aluminum parts along with tan coating which is perfect for outside elements.

The Anodized aluminum rails and aluminum corners and legs provide this table much-needed stability and durability, which is this table has left every buyer satisfied and content with its features.

Moreover, this table features K66 cushion rubber for true rebound and improve the quality of pool play.

The table is waterproof and fire-retardant, as its bed board is made from high-quality layers of 140 layers of Formica sheets and polyester resin, making this table extremely safe. The table features an 18mm thick and sturdy surface with a camel color Taclon cloth, giving it a professional look.

What’s more, like all pool tables, this table also comes with the necessary accessories, so you don’t have to shop out again to kick things off. These accessories include 2 pool cues, 1 set of polyester balls (withstands cracking and chipping), 2 pieces of chalk, triangle, and a playfield cover.

And the best bit is, it comes mostly assembled. All you have to do is to bolt on the legs and level to the surface. And you’re ready to go!


  • 8-ft. table
  • Anodized aluminium rails
  • waterproof talon cloth
  • K66 cushion rubber
  • Other accessories


  • Professional look
  • Adds a bit more aesthetics to your room
  • You don’t have to buy accessories separately


  • The triangular rack is quite flimsy.
  • Cues are of average quality

Why I Choose this at #9?

A very sturdy and professional-looking pool table. Normally, such products are expensive but not this pool table. It comes at a reasonable price, and can be trusted as majority of the buyers have reviewed it a ‘ perfect product’. However, after looking at certain parameters, we have put this table at #9.

10. RACK Orion 8-Foot Billiard/Pool Table

RACK Orion 8 Foot Billiard Pool Table

Well, did you ever think of buying such a sturdy and durable pool table that’d come with a lifetime warranty?

What a luxury it will be to have a table that is going to last forever, and will surely save you a considerable amount of money. Here it is, the RACK Orion 8-Foot Billiard. The table entails Unlimited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping.

The final table is crafted after years of research, design, and development, which is why this table is so perfect and stylish.

This table features premium K-66 rubber bumpers, ensuring true bounce for the ball, while customized leg levelers make sure your ball goes to where you meant it. This table will surely raise the level of your game and make you play like a pro.

Moreover, the blue woolen blend felt is not just appealing in look, its great for smooth rolling of the ball. Its scratch-resistant rail coating makes this table less vulnerable to scratches, thereby allowing you to lean on to it while executing close shots. An extra-thick and sturdy 1″ MDF deck, guaranteeing even ball bounce and roll better than pricier professional pool tables.

Along with the table, you’ll also get other necessary accessories so you can start playing immediately once the table has been delivered at your place.

For your convenience, all the assembling directions are included with it, and customer live support is always at your disposal to assist you while assembling or to answer other queries.


  • Heavy Duty
  • 8-Foot Billiard
  • weight: 287 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Free shipping
  • Modern design
  • Best for the price


  • Only for professional play

Why I Choose this at #10:

Among our 10 best pool tables in the world, this pool table comes at 10th. Not because it is of mediocre quality, but because of the tight competition among all the pool table included in this list. Apart from trivial cons, this pool table has everything to host an exciting billiard game.

10 Best Pool Table Brands

  • Barrington
  • Harvil
  • Hathaway
  • EastPoint Sports
  • Fat Cat Tucson
  • Mizerak Donovan
  • MD Sports
  • Imperial
  • Rack Orion

Features to Look for in a Pool Table:

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you are purchasing a pool table, and they are as under.


The size of the pool table is the most important. If you are not fully aware of the size of the pool table or the room you are about to set it in, you will face serious troubles.

Always keep in mind that you need some extra space in the room when you are setting the table. I say keep at least 4 feet of space on each side and corner of the pool table to ensure an exciting play with minimum trouble.


What kind of wood is used in the construction? Is it original or a copy? Is it durable or it has few weaknesses like it is very sensitive towards temperature changes or water spills?

You must keep these aspects in mind before you make the purchase because once it is done, you might not be able to return it or even exchange.

Pool legs:

Having strong and durable legs ensures much durability and also shows that the pool table has a tendency to withstand weight on it as well.


What you are getting with the pool table stands its importance. A set of pool balls, some cues of high grades, or even balls and cues rack. All have their importance, and you must ask for these accessories.

Here are some of the important accessories that you must have.

There is a whole long list of the things you must keep in mind and view when you are doing the buying.

Even if you are not making the purchase, you must keep the above and other factors in mind when you look for a pool table. Here is a complete list regarding the things to know before buying a pool table.


I will be honest, buying a brand-new pool table is somewhat expensive for most of the people, but it is also a one-time purchase. No one goes to buy a pool table every other day.

If you are buying a new or used pool table, regardless of this fact; you must look into all important aspects while you can because once you are done with the purchase, there is no going back.