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The Perfect Height/Distance of Lights From the Pool Table

The height of lights from the pool table does have an effect on gameplay and it affects the players’ abilities as well. So you should know what is the right height of lights from the ground or the pool table.

The proper height for a pool table light is anywhere from 62 inches to 66 inches from the ground, while from the pool table’s surface, it should be 32 inches to 36 inches.

Perfect Height of Pool Table light

Height Recommended by World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is also discussed below in detail.

Playing a cue sport can be quite enjoyable and healthy, but the fun factor can decrease if the right kind of equipment is not available, i.e., bad lightings, damaged cue, rough cloth on the table, etc.

But unlike a damaged cue or a roughed-up cloth of the table, the height at which the lights are installed, and the type of lights installed cannot be distinguished easily.

Hence, it is imperative that whenever someone is thinking of buying a pool table, they need to think hard and invest well in pool table lights.

They also need to have sound knowledge of the types of lights, how to install and maintain them to get the best out of their cue sports experience.

Effects of Bad Lighting:

Having good lights may not be necessary for casual players, but for pro pool players it is a vital part of their pre-game ritual. Because having bad lights can have adverse effects on the players’ gameplay and even the eyesight in general.

Following are some of the effects of bad lighting:

Low Focus:

When there is low lighting or not proper lighting, it is hard to play any kind of game to the best of your abilities.

Many pro pool players have complained about lousy lighting as it can decrease the level of focus that is required to play pool. Moreover, playing pool is all about precision and accuracy.

Eye Strain:

Bad lighting in the game area can cause immense eye strain, especially to those who are used to proper lighting conditions. Having an eye strain can increase the chances of irritation, dryness, and burning, which can ultimately affect a player’s game no matter how much of a professional they are.

Eye strain can also cause fatigue and eventually can render a person to double vision and lousy depth perception.

How to Find the Perfect Light for Your Pool Table?

Now that we know the effects of bad lighting while playing pool, it is also vital to have sound knowledge of what to look for when it comes to finding a proper light for your pool table.

Make Sure the Light Gives Off Consistent Lighting Throughout the Play Area:

Many people think that proper pool table light should light up the entire room, but that is false. Since playing pool is all about focusing your attention from the cue stick to the balls. Hence it is not required to have background visuals.

The pool lights should only brighten the play area and keep the background a little dim so that background visuals, such as people can’t be seen moving as it can affect the gameplay and focus of the individual that is taking the shot.

Look for the Proper Ratio of the Pool Light Size to the Table Size:

Similar to how pool tables come in different sizes, pool lights also come in different sizes. Hence, it is important to do basic research and find the proper size of the lights to your size of the table.

The most common tables range from 7 foot to 8 foot in length to which a three-shade measuring 50 inches to 60 inches is required. But to have a better understanding of which light can suit your table size, the necessary measurements are given below:

  • It is recommended to get 3 lights (35 inches to 55 inches in length) for a table of 3.5-foot x 7 foot in dimensions.
  • Get 3-4 lights (40 inches to 60 inches in length) for a table of 4-foot x 8 foot in dimensions.
  • Get 4-5 lights (60 inches to 80 inches in length) for a table of 4.5-foot x 9 foot in dimensions.
  • Get 4-5 lights (60 inches to 80 inches in length) for a table of 5-foot x 10 foot in dimensions.
  • Get 5 lights (90 inches to 110 inches in length) for a table of 6-foot x 12 foot in dimensions.

Find Which Type of Pool Lights Suits Your Needs:

To look for the best type of pool lights that suits you, you first need to understand which size of light can suit your table. There are two main types of lights, they are the following:

1. Single Shade Light
2. Multiple Shade Light

1. Single Shade Light:

If you are going to invest in a pool business or just wants to have a pool table in your own house, then these lights are a must. These single shades lights or hoods come in different shapes as well as different designs.

They can come in rectangular hooded shapes or circular shapes. There are many styles. Hence, it is recommended to do your proper research and find what best suits your needs.

These lights are very heavy; therefore, it is also recommended to have some sort of a safety measure installed such as a stud or a cross brace.

2. Multiple Shade Light:

The kind of style that these lights exhibit is very contemporary consisting of single-colored metal, polyresin, or glass shades. The shades have a balanced weight which is hung from multiple rods. These types of lights are less expensive as compared to single shade lights.

How High Should the Lights Be from the Pool Table?

Now that you have understood what to look for when investing in some pool table lights, now you can understand how high you should install your pool lights from the table since the correct height for a pool table light is just as important as having a proper cue and a balanced table for appropriate gameplay and enjoyment.

Proper Height for a Pool Table Light:

The proper height for a pool table light is anywhere from 62 inches to 66 inches from the ground, while from the pool table’s surface, it should be 32 inches to 36 inches.

Height Recommended by World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA):

The most common height recommended by players throughout the world is 32 inches to 36 inches from the table, but WPA recommends higher than this. Hence, if you want to follow the proper tournament lighting rules or want to conduct a tournament of your own then make sure to follow the following ways:

  • The table and the rails of the table should get at least 48 foot-candles (520 lux) of light at each point.
  • The light fixture should be adjustable, and depending upon the players playing, the referee can adjust the height of the lights, but the light fixture should not be lower than 40 inches from the surface of the table.
  • If the light fixture is fixed, it should not be fixed lower than 65 inches from the surface of the table.
  • The lights adjusted at the players should not be blinding at all, blinding light starts from 465 foot-candles (5000 lux).
  • The bleachers and the background should not get more than 5 foot-candles (50 lux) of light.

Factors to Take into Account for Proper Adjustments:

There are many factors involved in having the proper height for the pool table lights. Following are the factors that need to be put into consideration for proper adjustments:

High and Low Ceilings:

Some ceilings are higher than average, so adjustments are required. If the ceiling is higher, then the lights should come down enough so that it reaches the average mark concerning the ground and the pool table which is 62 inches to 66 inches and 32 inches to 36 inches, respectively.

If the ceiling is low, then the light bar’s rod should be shortened to reach at least 32 inches from the surface of the table. If it still can’t reach the minimum length, then other light bars should be considered that do not require much space.

Proper Ratio of Lights to Table:

Another factor is the size of the table, which we discussed earlier, one cannot use a 3-light bar for a table that is 7-foot in length, instead, they will have to opt for a light bar that has 4 lights so that the table can have proper lighting.

How to Hang the Lights Properly?

The general advice is to hang the pool lights with chain hung fixtures at a little over 45-degree angle w.r.t the bar. The chains that are attached at a lower angle than the 45-degree can put stress on the loops and damage the loops, which can ultimately destroy the pool table if it falls.

If the ceiling is low and you can’t put a 45-degree angle w.r.t the bar, then use sway hooks on your ceiling to hang the lights properly.

Practice Caution:

Extreme precision is required for proper adjustments because if the lights are mounted too low, they can cause injury or affect gameplay and eyesight. It is also imperative that you put the table and the lights in the center of the room for optimal lighting.

One more thing to keep in consideration is whenever you are about to install your light canopy, you should always seek the help of a professional electrician. Many styles that come with pool lights require hand wiring expertise, which attaches the lights to your home’s electrical structure.

It is also recommended to remove the table and then install the lights to minimize any risk of damaging the table.


Pool lights are just as important as any other component of the game such as a cue or a well-balanced table. One should research the types of pool lights, how to install them, and the proper height at which they should be mounted concerning the table.

It should be noted again that the purpose of the pool light bar is not to light the entire room but to light the surface of the pool table to increase focus for the players and minimize any background visuals or distractions.

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