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15 Health Benefits of Playing Billiards

15 Health Benefits of Playing Billiards

Who says that one cannot gain benefits from playing any kind of sports? In fact, there are many doctors who recommend you different kind of sports to stay active and healthy such as badminton, swimming, etc. but we are here today discussing the health benefits of playing pool games.

From physical benefits like stretching, flexibility, joints workout to mental benefits like focus, patience, working on angles, making strategies and hand-eye coordination. The game of billiards is full of physical and mental health benefits. One must play billiards to stay fit, healthy and happy, which is all a person needs.

The pool is a table game which can be played inside and outside, as you like. It is one of those sports which has numerous benefits when it comes to health issues. I will be explaining to you how the pool game can provide benefits regarding health and what to expect about mental and physical health if you play pool regularly.

There are people who are not a fan of this game because they think that pool games have no physical advantages. They provide no health benefits since it does not involve any running or physical exertions. But let me assure you that it has many health benefits which normally people are not aware of. That is why I am writing this article today. I am here to guide you to get this information and perspective correct.

Pool games are being played since century so definitely there are some excellent health-related aspects included in it otherwise; this sport would not have survived this long. Now, look at the list related to the health benefits the pool game can provide.

Possible health benefits:

Usually, a sport will count the physical benefits as in the number of calories burnt, but pool games are those unique sports which not only provide benefits in the physical aspect but also in the intellectual fields.

Physical Health Benefits:

Physical health benefits include the following list.

1. Tones Muscles:

Playing pool helps a lot in toning of the muscles. In this game, when we are using the muscles and controlling them by the pressure to be applied on the hit causes the muscles to relax and contract according to that. The muscle toning is not limited to the arms, but the leg stretching is also a part which helps in the proper thigh muscles movement.

2. Burn Calories:

I cannot think of any sport that does not help the player in the burning of the calories. Pool games are no different.

With the constant movement and not a moment to sit down and not work mentally, this causes a lot of burning of calories. You can say the number of calories burned might be less than other physical sports, but I can assure you that I have never seen a fat pool player.

3. Joints Workout:

By joint workouts, I mean that the constant movement around the 9 feet long pool table is quite an exercise for the joints. You have to get in position to play the shot, then get back and notice or ponder over it and then again play a shot.

This all requires quite a lot of movement. The game of pool is all about the movements and staying active on the feet. Any dull and slow person cannot succeed.

4. Bodybuilding:

Usually, the bodybuilding is done on a small scale when it comes to the pool games because a body needs to be ready for the long hours of standing which requires strength and stamina and a light workout in the gym with not so much weight is good for the pool players. Big, huge muscles are not the requirement of the game.

Pool game is a gentlemen game. It does not involve any physical exertions like in boxing or swimming.

A little time spent in the gym to get in good shape and have enough strength to avoid the pulling of muscles from the two hours of play of pool, I think that is not bad exercise at all.

5. Physical Confidence:

The pool of game gives a lot of physical confidence in oneself. When you are physically fit, you know you can take any shot from any position. Your body will not get tired, and you will have the confidence which comes when you know you are physically fit.

This is the confidence which the game of pool will provide you. If you know that certain shot taking positions such as hitting with one leg in the air can cause you some trouble, then you might lose some point, and the opponent might gain some.

6. Manual Precision:

What an incredible point this is that the pool games help in the manual precision. By manual precision, I mean the ability to control your limbs and use them as you want.

There are some time in the game of pool where you are required to stay focus on any one posture for some time, and even a little shiver can change the course of the ball which you hit so the control over the hands and arms must be gained, and you must trust your body to remain calm under you.

7. Stretching:

This game requires a lot of stretching than usual. Having to bend over the table to reach for the cue ball to take the shot, you must have some stretching ability in yourself. Without proper stretching habits, there is a big chance you will either pull your muscle or something like that.

8. Flexibility:

A must characteristic to have in the game of pool. I mean no matter how much I talk about flexibility, I cannot stress enough about the flexibility.

Without the flexibility, you are restricted from some shots. Also, the flexibility helps a lot in getting around easily.

Here I would like to add that the game of pool is all about the movement and remaining calm.

When you are physically fit then you know, you have already won 50% of the game with a strong ability to remain strong under pressure. This shows a lot about your strength and your prowess over opponent players.

Intellectual Health Benefits:

Intellectual health benefits include all those factors which help in the nourishment to the mind through the game. I have described them briefly as under.

9. Slows Aging in Men:

There has been researchs done over this aspect and proven that when men play pool, they are to age slowly. You must be wondering how is it possible? Let me tell you when men play pool with their friends and family, they feel happy.

In this condition, hormones are increased in such a way which results in the resistance of the natural body aging clock. It is a very safe game respective to the others, so it is a perfect and safe game even when older people are considered.

10. Focus:

Pool games are one of those sports which provide the most mental health benefits. The focus is the primary key not only to win the game but also to put the opponent under tremendous pressure.

Pool games are an excellent source to provide the mental focus and strength. To hit the shot, you need to be able to think straight and out of the box. Not only on the way to hit but also on the outcome of the shot as well. For that, you need to have tremendous focus.

Players develop their focus abilities by working on the angles and the shots to be taken. Players keep their eyes in contact with the balls all the time, and they must stay alert to work on the target balls.

11. Control Over Emotions:

Control over emotions is one of the highlights when the mental health benefit is involved. You cannot play any kind of shot when emotions are overflowing.

You must keep all your emotions under control to have a more focused and control shot. Only that will provide you with any benefit. When you play any game, the habits or the techniques you used in the game to keep yourself in control; you keep maintaining those ideas in real life as well.

Due to the control over emotions, I can bet you will head towards the winning platform if nothing. If the players keep acting out or taking on their emotions, they might shout or scream or even shout any kind of insults at the opponent players. This will not only be bad for your reputation but also you will lose points in a penalty which will be given to you by the referee. So, always respect the game.

12. Hand-eye Coordination:

The cognitive ability gets the most sharpening in this game. It is all about the coordination between the hand and eye. When you are about to hit the ball, you must not take your eyes off the ball.

Now your eyes are on the ball and not on the hand, and when you take the shot, the hand movement is used in it, and the eyes move with the ball. A perfect mental exercise.

It also keeps the eyes healthy and the mind in coordination with the eyes. It requires a regular exercise in the shape of constant practice. Without proper training and exercise, this ability is quite difficult to attain, but it is not impossible.

13. Mind Sharpening:

Who can deny the mind-sharpening through the game of the pool? By mind sharpening, I must emphasize that the mind is such an active and super-fast machine, but if the machine is not getting properly oiled or take care of, it will get rusted.

Same is the case with the mind. It needs activation and sharpening can only be done when the mind is used in the game. I think that the pool games are all inter-knitted around the mind.

It requires the mental strength to get ahead in the game. If the mind and focus are not working together, no beneficial shots will be made. So, by no doubt, this is one of the leading factors of the pool game when the beneficial health points are talked about.

14. Patience:

Pool game has another name, and that is called ‘patience.’ You must remain calm once you are around the pool table. Only then you will be counted as a seasoned player. If you don’t have patience and you react out, you will lose the focus, and the game will eventually be out of your hands.

By patience, I mean to remain calm not only when you are winning but also when you are losing. Letting the emotions to take over you can only result in disasters, and you would not want that.

Nobody wants that so, I would suggest you to remain patient and make your way slowly and solidly through the game. This will provide you only and only success.

In real life, patience is that one habit which we are lacking so much. We must remain patient all the time, and this can help us avoid so many difficult situations. Try to remain content.

15. Critical Thinking:

Pool game teaches us how to think out of the box in certain critical situations. When we talk about critical thinking, I mean the ability we develop in our minds to fight the tough situations and to think the counteract.

Critical thinking helps a lot in having the good time in the game. I would recommend you to develop as much critical thinking as possible.


All the above-mentioned benefits are all health-related because when you follow all these aspects in your daily routine, you find yourself content and relax.

When you have mental strength, you can fight several challenging situations; when you are physically strong, you can overcome any such situation where the strength is needed.

Game of pool teaches us focus and mind control. All these factors play a very vital role in our daily life.

Pool game is a game which can be enjoyed by yourself alone or with friends and family. If you are not fit physically or mentally, there can be some problems for you.

Also, while playing the pool game, all these factors add up and play a role in your real life. So, keep enjoying and have a healthy, mentally and physically strong life.

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