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Disassemble a Pool Table | A Step by Step Guide

Sometimes we need to disassemble our pool table for reasons like moving it from one place to another or in case we sell it out. It can always be done perfectly by experts, but one can always do it by themselves. All you will need is little patience and strong muscles along with proper tools.

But how do you disassemble a pool table?

Collect all the tools, and start the disassembling from removing the pocket liners then remove the bolts and then the rails. Next step is felt removal which should be done with precautions and not damaging the felt. Then comes the slate removes which is the heaviest and a very expensive part, so you have to be very careful with it. The last thing left is the frame of the table, remove the leg’s and you’re ready to go.

Today we will be talking about how you can do the disassembling of the pool table by yourself without the help of experts.

Things Required for the Disassembling of the Pool Table:

To get the work done; you will need a few tools which will help you in the disassembling. They are as under:

  • A drilling machine to remove the drilled nuts and bolts,
  • A socket wrench,
  • A staple remover or flat head screwdriver,
  • Plastic or zip-lock bags,
  • Wrapping sheets or bubble sheets,
  • Markers,
  • A helping hand in the form of a friend(s).

Steps You Must Follow:

After looking into this matter, we found that disassembling a pool table is not about some art or level of difficulty. Instead, it is about the care and caution you put while safely separating each piece one by one. In case you wish to do the disassembling yourself then following points are going to help you.

I must mention here that self-safety is the number one priority so remember to wear safety goggles and hands gloves. It will keep your eyes protected from sudden jump or pins or staples and also save your hands form rashes or other such injuries.

Step 1: Remove Pocket Liners

The very first thing is the removal of pocket liners and not the felt or the rails. Since the pocket liners are placed in the last, they are first to be removed.

With the help of the staple remover or screwdriver, remove the staples and free the pocket liners and push them downwards to remove them.

When safely removed, repeat the process with all six pockets and keep them aside safely. You must put a plastic bag to protect their integrity since pockets are delicate and they can get damage rather quickly.

Step 2: Removing Bolts

After that, comes the turn of those nuts and bolts which are holding the rail together. With the help of socket wrench, remove all the bigger bolts without disturbing the smaller ones. The small bolts are removed later on.

Once you have removed all the bolts, keep them aside on a zip-lock bag which has a name mentioned on the top as rails bolts. It will help you in not mixing all the bolts, and you will have a much-organized disassembling.

Step 3: Removal of Rails

After the bolts have been removed, now it is the turn of the rails to be removed. Carefully remove the rails while keeping a steady grip, take the rail pieces apart and place them with care. Also, remember the rails according to their sides.

It is better to tag a small piece of paper with it while side is mention on top of it. Usually, there are two pieces of rails so you will need the help of your friend(s) in this step.

Step 4: Felt is Removed Without Damaging It

When the rails are removed and carefully placed, now you must take out the felt. Usually, a felt is stapled to the slate. You can either remove it with the help of staple remover or screwdriver. Carefully without damaging the felt otherwise you would have to refelt the pool table, remove each staple one by one.

Don’t hurry; otherwise you might cause a tear in that delicate piece of cloth of pool table. Once all the staples are removed, take off the felt and wrap it or roll it and keep aside.

I should mention here that some felts are glued to the slate. If that is the case, then you will have to tear it apart to take it off. It can be done with the help of either pulling it off or using a sharp flat tool to rip off the surface of the slate. Not much felt can be safe in tearing it off the slate, but one should take precaution as in not to damage the slate.

Remember to carefully take out this step, as refelting can be very expensive.

Step 5: Slate Must be Removed with Utmost Care

Now the slate comes which needs the most care. You must be wondering why that is. The reason is that it is slate which makes the perfect tabletop for the play and if it gets damaged, then smoothness cannot be achieved, and your gameplay will lack many things.

To remove your pool table’s slate, you will need the help of your friends since slate is exceptionally heavy than other parts of a pool table. You will see that slate is screw down to the frame. With the help of drill machine, take the screws out from their designated holes and keeps them safe in a separate plastic zip lock bag.

Now ask your friend to help you lift the slate piece one by one and carefully place them in wrapping sheets. These sheets will save your slate from getting damage. Wrap each slate piece separately.

Step 6: The Frame Comes in the Last

After the slate has been removed, all you will see is the frame of your pool table. Remove the bolts of the table’s legs with the help of a drill and keep them aside in a separate plastic bag. Names must be mentioned on them.

When all four legs are removed, wrap them in separate wrapping or bubble sheet and keep aside.

And this is how you can easily disassemble your pool table without any professional help.


Whether you are moving to another location or you are selling the pool table, disassembling the pool table is simple and easy. If the new location is near then, you would not want the help of an expert.

But if the new location is far, then you will want the packaging to be more professional so that your pool table travels safely, and no part should receive any damage. I am sure if you followed the above-mentioned steps then you will find that disassembling is not only easy but also entertaining as well.

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