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Assemble a Pool Table | The Complete Guide

Owning a pool table is just like a blessing. Because we all know that pool tables are not something cheap but expensive and they require proper care and maintenance. But when we buy a pool table, it comes unassembled. Hiring a professional help means more expenditure which often feels like an extra burden on the pocket. So, I feel it is better if we can do the assembling by our self.

Is it possible to do the assembling of a pool table by self? Answer is YES! Make sure that you have all the tools like stapler and screwdrivers. Select and figure out the room space where you want to install the table. Then it’s time to remove the packaging, fix the leg and frame, turn its upside up, place the slate on the frame, put table felt on the slate, and then place the rails and pockets respectively. You can now enjoy playing billiards on a table assembled by yourself.

But what are those steps? Don’t worry. We went through the detailed research to find those accurate steps for you, and if you follow those steps, then I am sure you will be able to do the assembling all by yourself. But you must remember that since you are an amateur, you might struggle in the beginning. But as you will see that you are doing everything fine, you will gain confidence.

First, we need to make sure that we have all the necessary tools which might be needed in putting the pool table in the proper form.

Tools You Will Need in Assembling a Pool Table:

Following are those tools which one will need when they are assembling the pool table by themselves.

  • Screwdriver,
  • Stapler,
  • Felt (pool table cloth),
  • Leveler,
  • Paint scraper,
  • Socket wrench,
  • Pair of scissors,
  • Glue (optional).

You must remember that you should have all these tools before the pool table arrives at your doorstep. Since the table will be separated piece by piece, therefore your things must be ready for the quick installment process.

Steps You Must Follow:

When the pool table has arrived, you must be prepared to do the assembling. But before you start assembling, you have to determine the first step foremost.

Step 1: Select Space for the Table

The perfect space or room must be selected before you start the assembling. Because it is very much the case that space is finalized before finalizing the pool table. The size of the table is determined according to the space you have selected. So, it should be enough space not only for the pool table but for you and other people to roam around it easily.

Step 2: Packaging is Removed

Next step is to remove the packaging carefully. Since pool tables are delicate pieces of wood, they are very nicely packed so no damage should come to them. Carefully remove the covers and keep them aside. You may need scissors to remove the packaging.

Step 3: Legs and Frame are Done

The first thing in the assembling is the fixing of legs and frame. Legs will be joined together with the help of screws which come with the table. You will need the screwdriver to fix the bolts and screws properly. When the legs are united together, you will see that a frame is formed. That frame position will be upside down. When the legs are done, you will need to turn it in the right form. That is to turn the upside up.

Step 4: Slate is Placed

When the frame has been done, you will put the slate on the top of it. Here you will need the help of your friends since slate is super heavy and you cannot simply put it on the frame. It needs to be fixed in the right way; otherwise your pool table will not be balanced.

When you and your friends have placed the slate, with the help of drilling machine, put the screws where their place is made in the slate. It will fix the slate, and your pool table will have a smoother surface.

You can check the balance by placing a carpenter’s leveler on it and notice the balance. If the level is accurate and, in the center, then it is balanced otherwise you will need to adjust.

Step 5: Felting the Table

Next step requires help as well since felt is to be fixed on the slate. To felt the pool table, you will need to have the already bought cloth with you.

Then you will put the felt from one side that is the head side and staple or glue as per your choice in the center.

Then you will staple the left and right sides of the same side. Repeat the process from the left side and right side of the pool table. When three sides are done, you will move the end side.

Here you will make sure that the felt is pulled in right manner and stretched as per requirement.

Otherwise, wrinkles can happen, and that will destroy the smoothness of the table.

When the felt is accurately done, staple it to secure the stretchiness. You can always glue it to the slate as well if you wish this type of attachment for the felt.

You must remember to cut holes in the felt for the pockets. Also, place the carpenter’s leveler on the table to measure the accuracy. If the smoothness is not properly done then, the balance will show the disturbance.

Step 6: Rails are Placed

After felt come rails. You will need to adjust the rails as per the description on the brochure or simply try to place the rail on one side. If the piece of wood settles easily, you will make sure that the corners are fixed nicely. Use wax if requires to smooth the edges once the rails are done. Fix them properly with the help of screws and bolts using drill or screwdriver.

Step 7: Pockets

Pocket liners are done in the last after everything else is done. Felt already has holes cut for the pockets. Fix the pockets and make sure they are placed accurately. Fix them with the help of screws. Your pool table is ready to be played upon.


If you follow the above-mentioned steps, then you will be able to assemble a pool table without much trouble. Since the pool table needs time to get a fix, you must keep your patience and don’t rush into fixing. Take your time, and you will enjoy more on such table which you assembled yourself.

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