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Cost of Refelting a Pool Table

Playing pool is enjoyable to the most when you know how to take care of it. We all know buying a pool table is not a piece of cake. One has to spend a lot to have our most favorite piece of wood in our home so one must know how to maintain the pool table. But over some time, the pool table needs some repairs. The felt of the pool table is one of the most important aspect.

So how much does a refelting of a pool table usually cost? The answer lies within different categories. If you do it yourself, it will cost you around $200 to $400 which will be the cost of the felt. If you contact a company which expertise in such work then the charges of refelting will be from $400 – $600, other than the cost of felt. But the quality of the work will be excellent.

The top surface of the table is usually like cloth and it is mostly green in color. Due to felt, the level of the game of pool is achieved, and it should be smooth and properly fitted. Since it is very delicate, it requires the most attention than other parts of the pool table. With proper care and maintenance, we can increase the life span of a felt, but small incidents happen which can cause the damage to the felt and it can need a replacement. Some of such incidents are as below:

  • Scratching on the felt,
  • Tearing of the felt because of any sharp object,
  • The residue of debris and dust collection on felt,
  • Not cleaned regularly.

It is either any one of these reasons that felt of a pool table can be so much damaged that we wish to change it, which brings us today to our topic; the cost of refelting a pool table.

Different Aspects of Refelting and its Cost:

Type of Refelting Cost of Refelting Time Estimates
By Yourself Felt purchase ($200 – $400) Felt purchase (1 Day)
Refelting (1 Day)
By Experts Felt Purchase ($200 – $400)
Refelting ($250 – $450)
Charges ($400 – $600)
Refelting (1 Day)
Newbie Companies Felt Purchase ($200 – $400)
Charges ($200 – $300)
Refelting (1 Day)

When we have to re-felt the pool table, we must keep in mind that there are many aspects which must be considered before it is done. Different angles which come together and help in better refelting.

Refelting by Self:

This is perhaps a very difficult but not impossible task. To refelt a pool table, one needs to have complete information about it. You will start from scratch. In case you want to do the refelting by yourself then you must follow the following points for the work to be well done otherwise you will not only ruin the felt but also a lot of wastage of money will be done.

  • You will have to start by measuring the pool table for the amount of cloth that you will have to buy.
  • After measuring, you will go to the shop or the retailer and purchase the felt. There you notice that a variety of felt is available whose price also varies. From $100 – $700 worth felt is usually available in the market. You will select the one which you like best. Usually, a felt can charge from $200 – $400.
  • Always remember to purchase the felt with few extra meters because you never know when you can need a little extra length.
  • Then you will have to come home and take the old felt out and put the new one on the table. You may require a little help from your friends since you are refelting it by yourself.
  • Make sure at the end that felt is placed in nice, smooth manner so that there are no bumps and wrinkles in between.

Refelting did by an Expert:

When you are sure that you cannot do the refelting by yourself, then the best thing is to get help from an expert. This usually means a little more in terms of cost since you will do the purchasing of felt and then hiring an expert. To add further, there are companies which also do the felt purchasing by themselves as they have excellent quality stuff with them. All you have to do is to tell them the size and the color you want, and they will bring you the best felt possible. This will be an extra charge on your behalf.

To get the refelting done by an expert, you must follow the following pointers.

  • Call up an expert and inquire about the refelting.
  • You must also question about the price of felt they will be providing in case they are offering it too. If they are not then you will have to do the felt purchasing by yourself. You will find a good quality felt from $200 – $400.
  • The expert company will give you a date according to their schedule, and you will have to do the buying before that.
  • When they arrive on the day they will do the refelting easily in a couple of hours and work will be done in a perfect manner.
  • Usually an expert company of refelting charge from $400 – $600 and if they are bringing the felt with them, you will have to pay the extra which is usually from $250 – $450.

Refelting did by Newbies:

This is rather an option when you don’t find anyone else. Some companies are just getting started in this business, and they offer you all relieve and discounts. If you plan to get the refelting done by such a party, then you will have to look into their record if they have any or trust them blindly and go for it.

  • Contact such party and inquire about them.
  • Ask what they offer and what discount they are presenting you.
  • Furthermore, ask about things like extra charges or felt purchasing. Usually, such companies don’t have felt, so they always do the refelting and ask you to make the purchase. They are respectively less expensive than the experts who have been in the business for quite a long time now.
  • Ask about their charges and finalize the deal. Usually, they charge from $200 – $300 since they are new in the market.
  • Schedule a date, and you must get the felt before that date.
  • On that day, this company will come and do the work within a couple of hours or less.


Whether you get the refelting done by yourself or through any other person, you have to stay alert and focus on your pocket. You don’t want to do the extra expenditure which will cause you the trouble in the end. But again, you would not want the pool table to be spoilt as well.

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