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We love our pool table with all of the heart. Some of us love even more because those pool tables stay in one family for generations and generations. They become emotionally attached to them. If you can’t find the name or code on the table, then you can judge the manufacturer by the type and […]

Buying a pool table is one hell of a job but moving them from one place to another; it is entirely different and difficult task. We do the shifting of the table due to many reasons; some reasons can be as shifting to a new house or building a new room for the table. It […]

Pool games are an excellent choice to spend some quality time with friends and family. You can always show off your techniques and control on the pool game that you have mastered and flaunt your expertise in a certain area regarding pool games. Level the pool table by using Carpenter’s Level, Smartphone Method, Ball Method […]

Admit it, folks! We all love playing pool. No matter how long we play for or how many times in a week we play it, it is never less or more. We simply want to play for hours and hours without getting tired of it. When we play for so long, we become master’s in […]

Who says that one cannot gain benefits from playing any kind of sports? In fact, there are many doctors who recommend you different kind of sports to stay active and healthy such as badminton, swimming, etc. but we are here today discussing the health benefits of playing pool games. From physical benefits like stretching, flexibility, […]

Whenever we go to buy a pool cue, we get confuse between what to buy and what not to buy. There are just so many options available in the market. We love some of the color options while some have those brands tags which we love to the fullest. What to do? Don’t worry pool […]

One of the best things about the pool games is that there is always room for learning more and more. Every new player faces all kind of difficulties in the starting while mid-level players are in constant search of new tips and methods and techniques. Whereas pro-leveled players can always use some adjustments in their […]

Who does not love a game of pool? Billiard is such an elegant game that anyone who watches this game just one time becomes an instant fan. But what is any sport without its accessories? Surely, we all who have played billiard know the importance of its accessories. For instance, without an extra tip, sometimes […]

Who does not love playing pool with friends and family? We spend our quality time in pool rooms, playing away pool and laughing, having a good and fun time. But no matter how passionate we are about the game, the physical cost of everything related to the pool has its toll on us. The pool […]

Trust me, folks! We totally understand when you say that buying a pool table is not a piece of cake. Imagine going through the pool table search through the market and the internet just to find the perfect pool table for you. You have to go from the woodwork to the pool room selection. You […]