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Cost of Moving a Pool Table | The Ultimate Guideline

Pool tables are heavy pieces of furniture which are difficult to move, and a lot of strength and effort is required to move them. A lot of people try to move the pool table by themselves but they only end up damaging one part or another. It is for the fact that moving a pool table is never easy, and it requires proper planning.

But how much does it cost in moving a pool table? To be honest, the cost depends upon various factors like if you are moving the table yourself in the same house than the cost will be ZERO. If the moving is being done from one house to another than it will cost around $500 – $800. The most expensive movement of table is from warehouse to your house which cost you from $750 to 1000$. Moving the table from a far distance usually cost around $400 to $600 which can be more or less depending on the distance.

So how do we determine the cost of moving a pool table? Well, there are certain main types of movements, and their price is mentioned below. For matters sake, one must keep this in mind that these prices can change with the change in the company or the circumstances.

Factors Which Affect the Cost of Moving a Pool Table:

Factors which highly affect the cost of moving a pool table are as under:

  • The weight of the pool table.
  • Size of the table.
  • Type of the pockets.
  • How many slates the pool table has?
  • What type of pool table is it? Is it modern or antique?

Also, other things matter a lot when you want to move a pool table like;

  • From where the table is being moved?
  • Is the distance near or far?
  • How is the delivery planned?
  • Through you or any specific company of moving furniture?

When you have all these things sorted out, you can easily determine the price range of that option.

Different Aspects of Moving a Pool Table:

Type of Movement Cost of Movement Time Required
From one room to another Almost ZERO Same Day
From one house to another Cost of petrol or $500 – $800 Almost the same day
From warehouse to home $750 – $1000 As per schedule
From far destination $400 – $600 Depends upon destination

From One Room to Another:

When we have to move a pool table from one room to another, the amount of cost in this option is almost zero. All you have to do is to uninstall the pool table, piece by piece and then carefully move them to the room where you want to move the pool table. Once in that room, reinstall the table and enjoy the game as much as you can.

You will need help from your friends for moving the table, but if you are too self-confident, then you can do it yourself as well.

From One House to Another:

If you are looking for the options to move your pool table from one home to another than two options are present.

  • Take the pool table by yourself in a pickup van which usually cost the price of a few safety measures and the cost of petrol.
  • The other option is to order the delivery through a company which specializes in such movements. They can cost anywhere from $500 – $800. The price always depends upon the factors mentioned above.

From Warehouse to Home:

Usually the most expensive transferring of the pool table is from a warehouse to a home or similar destination. It happens when you book a pool table from a company and order the transferring. Usually, the company has its means of taking the pool table to the designated location. But in case the pool company is unable to do so, they tell you about several other companies who specialize in this field of taking pool tables from one place to another.

Usually, a company charges anywhere from $750 – $1000 for moving a pool table from one place to another. Also, the company keeps in their record the affecting factors and cost of moving a pool table can vary greatly. The cost can vary on the fact that renowned companies have their cost worth and their prices are exceptionally high.

From a Far Destination:

Whenever we buy a pool table from a source which is based far away from our home, you must always keep in mind the amount of expenditure you will be spending on the cargo. Yes, the pool table will be delivered via cargo, and you will have to pay for that. Usually, this option comes in handy when you do the purchasing from an online source.

Now there are two possibilities available in this option.

  • If the selling party will arrange the transferring by themselves OR
  • You will have to arrange the delivery method by yourself.

But the point here is to notice that you will have to pay the expense no matter what the case. But usually some companies specifically delivers the pool tables, and they have their price range.

Such a company usually cost from $400 – $600.


Moving a pool table is never an easy job. But if you plan to do it according to your budget, then I am sure that you will face no big hurdles. Also, all the possibilities are discussed above along with their price range. I am sure that you will be able to move the pool table without any difficulty.

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