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What is a Sneaky Pete Cue?

Playing pool is a lot of fun when you know how to trick the opponent. With many technical benefits in your sleeve, you surely know how to throw your opponent on back foot. But there are few techniques and tricks which are mastered easily and copied in the same game to counteract the game.

So, in such attempt to stay undefeated, cue manufacturers came up with a clever idea to produce a cue which will look just like any ordinary cue stick, but in reality, it is manufactured in such fashion that it will hold the amazing ability to produce amazing bends and cuts. Such a cue is called Sneaky Pete.

A sneaky Pete is the oldest and traditionally styled two-piece cue stick. It is manufactured while keeping the concept clear. The inner is amazing working units while the outside is the ordinary looking cue.

It is often known as hustler cue as well because it creates a hustle for the undoubted players. Although very few players buy it nowadays, it is indeed one of the most amazing cues of all time.

A common description of sneaky Pete is often declared as high-quality two-piece cue with nearly unnoticeable wood-to-wood joint while the outside is amazingly simple and common.

Top Five Sneaky Pete Cues:

To look for the top-quality sneaky Pete, we had to undergo a lot of hassle because not many are aware of the benefit this cue can provide. So today I bring you the top 5 Sneaky Pete Cues that you will find not only magical but extremely beneficial as they hold the ability to throw the opponents in awe and shock.

There are all sorts of sneaky Pete who are both expensive due to their brands of manufacturing and extremely functional at causing a fooling to the untrained eye.

  • Predators cues sneaky Pete SP8NWM.
  • Action cues – zebra sneaky Pete jump break cue.
  • Cuetec Recreational Series 57″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue, Sneaky Pete.
  • Players S-PSPC Cocobola and Maple Sneaky Pete Cue.
  • Aska Billiard Pool Sticks Set of 5 Sneaky Pete Pool Cues.

Difference Between a Sneaky Pete Cue and Other Normal Cues:

Although sneaky pete is much like any ordinary cue stick, it has few differences which are notable to those who are used to playing with sneaky pete as well.

Manufacturing Manner: the way the cue is manufactured says a lot about its strength. Same is the case with the Sneaky Pete cue. What makes it different from the ordinary cues in that the inner system of the cue is almost same with joint and tips and we have also seen sneaky Pete with butt regions.

The outer region of the sneaky Pete is very much similar, but the inner makes the difference as it can have the ability to cause jump shot and break shot while acting like any ordinary cue.

Tips: there are sneaky Pete Cues that have tips which are traditionally attached, and they don’t get separate which actually plays a vital role in throwing a fooling plan on the opponent. With not changeable tips, the effect is everlasting, and it creates an illusion of another player that it will be just an ordinary cue while the inner makes it acts in a surprised manner.

Joint: the joint of sneaky Pete makes a visible difference as the wood to wood joint is usually not noticeable and so well merged that one thinks that it is a one-piece cue.

Sneaky Pete Advantages:

There are many advantages which are as under. But one should remember that since a sneaky Pete looks like any ordinary cue, so their benefits are also somewhat similar except for few.

Surprise Attack: it is used to display a sudden attack on the opponent where the player might be expecting a simple shot, and a jump shot may result out of it. The reasons could be due to the placement of an extraordinary tip.

Easy to maintain since the outside of the sneaky Pete cue stick is quite ordinary then it is easy to maintain and clean. Also, the placing of such cue is not such a problem as well.

Custom Made: nearly all sneaky Pete Cues are custom made, and that means they can be expensive as well. But the technology used in the manufacturing is well defined and hidden underneath an ordinary looking outer casing.


If you are willing to go to the ultimate length and cause a sudden surprise on your opponent while you plan a sudden move as well, then a sneaky Pete is the best choice for that. This cue is best to have a sudden attack on the other player which will surprise you most unusually. That is why it is often termed as hustler cue as well.

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