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3 Ways to Identify Viking Pool Cue

Let’s just assume after reading our Highly Recommending Viking pool cue reviews, you decide to purchase one of the Viking cues, but how do you know which one is Viking’s? Is there any way to identify Viking Pool Cue?

Yes, there are a few ways to identify if a cue really belongs to Viking or not. Though, we recommend you to buy only from credible places to be sure of the originality of your product, not relying only on these methods to identify a real product.

Identification of Viking Pool Cue

These are the 3 key factors which help to determine a real Viking Cue.

1. Inspect the Butt

The first way to authenticate is to look carefully at the butt of the cue. If it belongs to Viking, the word “Viking” should be engraved there. On real Viking cues, you will see the letters “USA” under it, and will always be in capital letters.

2. Viking Joints can help to Identify

Viking Joints can come very handy while distinguishing between a real and forged Viking cue. In real Viking cue, you will find several models of joints but all of them take about five turns to screw the pieces together. In all Viking cues, we have wood touching wood when the joints are screwed together.

3. The Design on the Bottom Shaft matches Butt

This is another way to identify real Viking cue. In Viking cue, the design on the bottom of the shaft matches the design of the butt. In old cues, people may change the shaft but in brand new ones, the Viking cue is bound to have the same design on its Butt’s bottom and the Shaft. Hence, you can easily identify with the help of the design while buying brand new Viking cues.

How to Identify Old Viking Cues?

This is tricky, and to be honest, beyond everyone’s domain. Only an old Viking user who has been playing with Viking sticks for decades can identify old cues. The reason is, the company has been in the market since 1965, and since then, it has produced thousands of different cues, in different series.

As time went on, the older ones vanished from the online stores, and new ones occupied their place. The people with older cues kept on with their business, probably because they were content with older ones. While the ones who flocked to the market to get their hands on brand new series got over the older ones.

Hence, there’s no standard way to identify the series of more than a decade older Viking cues, except asking experts on popular forums who might have any memory regarding it.

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