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Viking Pool Cue Reviews

Today, numerous brands are running in the race “Best Pool Cues Manufacturers”, and the distance between them is so small that they have to constantly innovate to stay in the competition. As the game grew popular worldwide, more and more brands began to manufacture billiard accessories.

But in the billiard world, it’s not just about producing, it’s about crafting something riveting, compelling, tempting, extraordinary, and most importantly, long-lasting! Viking cues are one of those cues brands used worldwide because of their durability and top-notch quality.

If we talk about the credibility and reputation of Viking cues, these have been popular in the market for more than 50 years. The cues are made in the USA, by using the finest quality materials, and subject to the strictest quality control standards in the industry.

This is why these cues entail a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and warpage. Moreover, these cues have a perfect balance. The Viking precision bolt system is found on every cue.

Viking cues are a result of excellent craftsmanship. Be it 100% double-pressed Irish wrap or a luxurious leather cue, each of them provides flawless performance throughout the year. The Viking cue comes with 12″-14″ pro taper, minimizing the deflection and ensuring a professional play.

To enhance the beauty of this magical piece, Viking craftsmen have done a fantastic job by hand-applying a grain-enhancing stain. The Viking offers 15 striking colours of stains that will surely amplify the natural grain of the selected maple.

The Viking pool cue bumper stays put as it is threaded and you can be sure that it will never fall out.

Best Viking Pool Cues Series

Let’s discuss some of the variety of cues offered by Viking, each of them of the finest quality.

Viking Valhalla Pool Cues Review

Like all Viking cues, Valhalla cues are designed and engineered by professional craftsmen at Viking cue. And similarly, Valhalla cues also entail a lifetime warranty.

The Valhalla cues are designed to maximize the pool play experience, their shaft, butt, balance and weight is perfect, making them appropriate for professional pool play.

The company aims to answer the increasing demands of pool players, by creating cutting edge designs Valhalla Jump/Break cues, and developing new performance products for the billiards industry.

Here are some of the finest Viking Valhalla pool cues we have reviewed.

Viking eXactShot Series Cues

Valhalla’s eXactShot Series is another of its products worth praising. The series consists of high-quality material made cues, offering cutting edge performance on the pool table. The cues are adeptly designed meeting the requirements of pool players in every way.

Fancy buying one of the Viking eXactshot Series cues? Read the reviews here before you buy one.

Viking Performance Shaft

The Viking Performance Shaft series is available in different vibrant colours, sturdy and durable, promising professional pool games.

With every Viking’s Pool Cue series, the brand has striven to fulfil the requirements of pool players. Viking Low Deflection shaft is all you need to boost your game.

The features and comfort they entail make them worth using. And once you have made up your mind to give these a try, why not read the reviews to choose the right one.

Viking Break & Jump Cue Reviews

The Viking Break/Jump cues offer advanced accuracy, thereby improving the quality of pool play. If you are a pro, why not give it a try. The Cue series is reviewed as one of the best speciality cues you can buy. Its V Crush shaft can help you execute amazing breaks.

To learn more about its astonishing features, read reviews here.


You absolutely can’t ignore this series. There are numerous reasons for loving these particular cues, one of them is their vibrant colours and price range. The colour choice leaves you with plenty of options to choose from, while the price range of $285-$335 is reasonable, considering its mesmerizing features.

The most prominent cues of A series are A482, A327, A480, A470, A326, A286, A285, A683,AA256. Each of these cues has a striking design and made of quality maple ensuring long durability.

To learn more about viking pool cues, view this PDF guide for detailed explanation of their production and specifications.