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Pick the Best Color for your Pool Table Felt

Though the color of a table felt has nothing to do with its quality, some billiard enthusiasts are quite conscious about which color felt they should use over their precious table.

Moreover, color psychology is also an important factor in our day to day purchases. We are naturally attracted to some color while more often than not we want our objects to make a decent match with each other – be it our furniture or billiards accessories.

So in this article, I’m going to talk about different Pool table felt colors, and What is the best color for pool table felt?

Pool Table Felt Colors

The thing is, when it comes to choosing the color of your table felt, you have plenty of options available. However, green color is considered the standard as it has been used for centuries.

Let’s see some of the color options available:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Marron
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Red
  • Pink

And you may have found table felts in other colors as well. So when you have so many color options available, how will you make the right choice?

Choosing The Right Pool Table Felt Color

So there are certain things to consider when making this decision. I’m going to point out each in brief and show you why it matters.

1. Room Decor

I bet you knew it’s coming. How could you tolerate something that doesn’t match the decor of your room?

If your room is just a casual Pool room with no fancy decor, then you would be happy to go with any color.

Conversely, if you have a fancy room then you would want your Pool table to make a perfect match with the rest of the decor.

But there is no rocket science in it, you can either select the same color table felt or choose a color that would make an attractive contrast with the predominant color of your room.

2. Table Color

The next thing that must be taken in account is the table color. In order to ensure that both the felt and table make a perfect combination, you can try the colors that are generally used together. Like:

  • Blue and White
  • Black and White
  • Pink salt and Charcoal gray
  • Bright red and Cyber yellow
  • Dark green and Black

I’m sure you can come up with many other combinations. Just look at your table and envision which color would look good over it.

3. Personal Preferences

Yes, no matter how bad a certain combination looks like, if it’s your favourite color, you won’t mind it. So personal preferences can’t be ignored here.

However, you are likely to have more than one favourite color, so to make the best choice, do consider the other options and choose appropriately.

For instance, your most favourite color is likely to look odd with your home decor and Pool table, then a wise thing to do would be to move to your second and or third favourite color. At times, these pivots can yield an ingenious combination.

What Colors Should You Avoid?

Before you try various combinations, I’d like to give you some tips regarding what colors to avoid.

Dark Colors

Some people are more inclined towards dark color, so they prefer dark color felts, especially dark black. But I don’t recommend it because it can create dark shadows which will create problems for you while playing.

Secondly, some balls, like 8-ball can easily disappear on it.

The same goes for red, dark blue, even green, blood orange, brick orange, and all sorts of dark colors.

Why Most Pool Table Felts Are Bright Blue Or Green?

Because these colors have been used since the days when Pool was played outdoors, that’s why in all professional tournaments we either see green or blue table felts along with the chalks of the same color.

It is also said that the green color felt is soothing to the eyes and hence, when playing on green felt you can keep playing for a longer duration.

So yes, for some people, Pool table felt color matters. If a particular color doesn’t feel good to their eyes, they are less likely to perform well on it. And vice versa.

Can You Dye Your Pool Table Felt

That brings us to another interesting question, is it safe to dye your pool table felt?

I mean after reading this guide on choosing Pool table felt color, you might want to experiment a bit by changing the color of your table felt, so dying could be your first option.

Though table felts are a combination of nylon and wool, material which can be dyed, it’s still not recommended to dye your table felt. Because they can negatively affect the surface of your table. The damage can be severe, so we don’t recommend it.

However, if your table is wearing off and you are happy to do some experiment on it, then you can apply this technique. Scrub your table felt with warm water and a detergent. Apply the dye with a sponge when the felt is wet. Make sure the water is very hot.

Let the felt dry thoroughly and then wipe the excessive dye with a clean damp cloth.

Can You Use A Regular Felt On Pool Table If It’s Of Your Favorite Color?

Billiard fabric (usually a tightly woven worsted wool) is quite different from the typical fabric we use for different purposes at home. So there’s no way you can use it on your Pool table.

The fabric used in it is durable and has all the characteristics that make it ideal for Pool play. If you want to try out the normal fabric, try it at your own risk because it’s barely going to survive a game or two.

Not to mention the horrible quality of play you’ll experience.


Indeed, it’s a matter of utmost importance for color conscious billiard players what is the best color of pool table felt or what color felt they should choose. So in this article, we not only learnt about the common Pool table felt colors but also discussed why it’s important to consider the combinations of different colors, science of bright and dark colors, and your personal preferences when choosing the table felt color. Now you know what things to be taken in account when making this decision.

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