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10 Best Pool/Snooker Cue Cases 2022

When you go to an extreme length to buy your favorite pool cue, then you must think about keeping it safe and protected. The pool cue is a fine long length made out of wood or other materials.

They are sensitive to weather like moisture and humidity, and also, they must be kept in such positions that the sensitive parts like joints and tips don’t get damaged.

I have seen, bought and reviewed many cue cases but Casemaster Pool/Snooker Cue Case is the best by far. This cue case is spacious enough to store one cue and one shaft in it and it comes along with a removable accessory pouch to store other pool accessories as well. The exterior is hard and the case has a leatherette covering which protects the cues in it. The interior is protected by cushions which ensures that cue remains in its shape and it survive drops and bumps. To make this case easy to carry with you, it has a comfortable shoulder strap. To sum up, it is perfect!

Best Pool Cue Cases
So, in this perspective when you go to buy cue cases, you get confused because the market is offering you a vast variety in both types. So, I must mention here that there are two types of cue cases;

  • Hard cases
  • Cue sleeves

Sleeves are like those covers made out of special clothes, but they have a risk of cue damage with them. They are not made out of hard shells, and they cannot protect cues from any hard hit or fall.

Whereas hard shell cases are those who not only have more space available for cue storage, but also other accessories can be placed as well.

So, I will be explaining about my favorite type of cue case and will guide you with enough information regarding the cue cases. So, let’s get started.

List of Top 10 Best Pool/Snooker Cue Cases

Here is a list of ten best billiard cue cases for you to choose from.

Image Product Details
Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Cue Case Casemaster
Q-Vault Supreme
Leatherette covering Interior cushions for inside protection Accessory pouch Check on Amazon
2x2 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards 2×2 Billiard Cue Case
by ISZY Billiards
Vinyl covering Two pockets for keepings tips and chalks Adjustable Shoulder strap Check on Amazon
1x1 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards 1×1 Billiard Cue Case
by ISZY Billiards
Made for 1 butt and shaft Cloth divider to separate butt and shaft Adjustable shoulder strap Check on Amazon
HAN'S DELTA 2x2 Hard Oval Pool Cue Case HAN’S DELTA 2×2 Oval
Billiard Cue Case
2 X 2 case Vinyl-covered Adjustable strap Pockets Check on Amazon
Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Billiard/Pool Cue with Soft Case Imperial Officially Licensed NFL
Cue Case
Leatherette case American maple wood made Leather made tip Lightweight ABS ferrule Check on Amazon
3x6 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards 3×6 Billiard Cue Case
by ISZY Billiards
3×6 case Vinyl-covered 32″ long Side Pockets Check on Amazon
Casemaster Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case Casemaster Deluxe
Billiard Cue Case
Leatherette covering Interior cushions for cue protection Can hold 1 Butt and a Shaft 90-day warranty Check on Amazon
GSE Games & Sports Expert 1x1 Pool Cue Case GSE Games & Sports
Cue Case
Vinyl covering Interior cushions for cue protection Made to hold 1 shaft and a Butt Slidable zipper pocket Check on Amazon
Lucasi Pool Cue Case with Black Accents, 4B/8S (LC5) Lucasi Leatherette Soft
Cue Case
5 different size pockets Can hold 4 butts and 8 shafts Carry handle Check on Amazon
CUESOUL 1x1 Hard Pool Cue Case Cuesoul 1×1
Billiard Cue Case
Leather made exterior to resist bumps Movable pocket Holds butt and 1 shaft Modern design Check on Amazon

1. Casemaster Pool/Snooker Cue Case

Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Cue Case

This custom cue case will protect your cue from getting damaged or catching rust. The case has a leatherette covering which ensures the protection of your cue, while its hard exterior protects the cue from scratches. If not handled carefully, cues are always vulnerable to bumps and scratches, which often result in cracking of the cue. Hence, this case will not only protect your cue for the time being but also prolong its lifespan.

This case has a removable accessory pouch for you to store other accessories like tips, chalks alongside your cue, which gives you the luxury to carry all small types of equipment at once. The pouch is removable, so you can try another pouch of a different color, as well, if you are inclined to.

As we know, there are certain size cue cases available in the market – Cue cases of sizes 3 x 3, 2 x 2 and 4 x 6. These specs tell us how many cues and shafts can be kept inside a certain cue case. This cue case can keep 1 shaft and a cue stick in it, along with small accessories in its pocket.

The cue is further protected by fully lined interior cushions to make sure the cue doesn’t lose its shape or interior remains intact in case of drops or bumps. With extra interior protection in the form of cushions, the cue is capable of surviving small drops without getting damaged.

With adjustable shoulder strap, you can carry your cue inside the case effortlessly. The strap is designed to enhance user comfort while you move ahead to your pool destination. While you lift the case, you can fix the strap as per your ease, and carry the case with cue inside smoothly.


  • Item model no: 51-0700-01
  • Leatherette covering
  • Interior cushions for inside protection
  • Accessory pouch


  • Easy carrying
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable price


  • Padding issue inside the case
Why I chose this at #1
For all the features discussed above, we think this is the best cue case in this list. This custom cue case has everything you need, for your comfort. And besides being sturdy, it has a design that would make anyone fancy buying it.

2. ISZY Billiards 2 x 2 Pool Cue Case

2x2 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards

This cue case is neatly designed and has an aesthetic look, available in different colours so you can choose the one you fancy keeping your precious cue stick inside. While choosing a cue case to be your companion in billiards, besides its sturdiness, you want the cue to be elegant at the same time – and this cue has both!

With vinyl covering, this case is sturdy and spacious to carry two butts and shaft altogether. Yes, you read it right. Now you can keep two shafts and butts in a single case – don’t worry about their safety, because the case is made of top quality material.

The case is 32″ in length, which means the case has enough length to accommodate any standard size cue in it, with a small pocket to keep other small elements like tips and chalks, so you don’t miss any while heading for your pool or snooker game. Moreover, this cue case also has a large pocket too, of 14″ X 4″ X 1 1/2″, just in case you have a few other things to keep with you during play.

The dividing system is made of top quality plastic to resist wear and tear. The interior dividing system will prevent the shaft from moving around and getting damaged or bearing scratches.

All in all, this top rated cue case seems to be a reasonable solution for your cue safety. From design to its sturdiness, and spacious interior, you are getting a very good deal considering its affordable price. Make sure you choose the right colour, as you have plenty of options to choose.


  • Item model number: C22520-black
  • Vinyl covering
  • Two pockets for keepings tips and chalks
  • Adjustable Shoulder strap


  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Spacious


  • Lacks cushions
Why I chose this at #2
This cue case is a very affordable one. Check out best pool cue cases reviews anywhere on the internet, and you’ll discover that sturdy and beautiful cue cases are expensive. This cue case, on the other hand is not just expensive but has enough space for keeping your cue safe and protected from any kind of damage. Only because I feel interior can further be improved, I have chosen it at #2.

3. ISZY Billiards 1 x 1 Pool Cue Case

1x1 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards

This case is a state of the artwork and is an apt cover to put inside your cue when you’re done with the game. Featuring a hard shell, this cue case has a vinyl covering to give your cue maximum protection. Not just comfort, this vinyl covering also gives your pool an extra bit of style and adds a bit of elegance into it.

The cue case can hold upto 30” shaft and butt, which is enough to keep both of them safe and protected from the bumps they may be vulnerable to from outside.

The cue case has a compact design and an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it very easy to manoeuvre it around with ease and effortlessly. The shoulder strap can be adjusted in such a way that the cue barely feels over your shoulder while you carry it from one game to another.

The storage pocket is another of its features worth mentioning here. How many times did you have to carry the chalk and tip in your pant’s pocket? No more you’ll have to, as this case has a pocket for this purpose. Now you can keep all the small equipment inside the given pocket.


  • Item model number:C00302-black1x1
  • 31 1/4″ cue case
  • Made for 1 butt and shaft
  • Cloth divider to separate butt and shaft
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Good construction quality for the price.
  • Good fit/finish.
  • Handy side zipper compartment for accessories.


  • Cues will slide up and down a bit,
  • Possible concern for the longevity of zippered lid/end.
Why I chose this at #3
This cue case comes at a reasonable price, and apparently the construction seems to be sturdy. Zipper compartment comes handy to store your accessories. The only concern is, how durable the zippered lid/end is. Also, some complaints suggest that cues are moving up and down a bit, as one moves around with the case. For this reason, I’m keeping this case at #3.

4. HAN’S DELTA Pool Cue Case

HANS DELTA 2x2 Hard Oval Pool Cue Case

The Delta 2×2 cue case enables you to keep two shafts and 2 butts inside it with no hussle. The case is well protected and made to protect the product inside, as it bears vinyl covering over it.

The best thing about this case comes at an extremely affordable price, entailing numerous luxuries. The case is ideal in terms of weight, as it is sturdy but light. It is neither too big, nor too small, but perfect.

The case is 32″ in length, which makes it suitable to keep the standard size cue inside it. Moreover, it has a couple of pockets, a small one and a big one. Small one measures 6″ X 4″ X 1 1/2″, which is for carrying tips and other small items. While the big one can come handy in many cases if you want to carry other items along with you to your pool game.

One can carry this cue case with little effort as the case has adjustable shoulder strap, which allows you to adjust the strap as per your comfort while you move ahead for the pool game. Moreover, to protect the shafts and butts inside, this case has a divider cube that goes all the way into the case, thereby separating and protecting both the products kept in it.


  • 2 X 2 case
  • Vinyl-covered
  • Adjustable strap
  • Pockets


  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish
  • Light-weight


  • Carry handle could have been fixed more towards the centre.
Why I chose this at #4
This stylish, custom cue case is light in weight. Having a lightweight cue case allows one to move around easily with it. Adjustable strap and pockets are also very handy. However, I feel the handle is slightly mis-aligned, or could have been fixed more towards the centre. This cue case comes at #4.

5. Imperial Billiard Cue Case

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Billiard/Pool Cue with Soft Case

Sometimes logos get put on things just to put a logo on things, not in this case. This custom cue case has all you need to move around easily, along with your cues and other small accessories. The graphics on this case are digitally reproduced to ensure the colors of the team logo are crisp and clear for all to see.

It comes with a durable cue, made of quality North American maple wood, enhancing its design and making it long lasting at the same time. For the price, this cue feels very solid, has a decent tip and handles the shot well.

The maple shaft on the cue ensures that your performance keeps improving and by every game, your aim and execution improves – thanks to its excellent weight and balance. The cue contains a maple shaft which reduces deflection and makes sure you get the most out of your shots. With a light and fluid cue in hand, the leather cue tip ensures you get maximum ball control throughout the game, and play on your will.

To bear strong shots in close games, the cue features ABS ferrule which can absorb shot on impact. To provide a sweat-free and strong grip, it accompanies a soft Valtrex grip to enhance your overall control on the game.

What’s more, is a soft case, part of the package, which comes with the cue to keep it safe and protect it from cracking or completely breaking in case of bumps or falls. The case is made of leatherette which makes its transportation easy.

All in all, we can conclude that this cue along with its case gives you the perfect value of money in form excellent control on the game, alongside protection and movability of the cue.


  • American maple wood made
  • Leather made tip
  • Lightweight ABS ferrule
  • Leatherette case


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different NFL graphics


  • Small cue size
  • Some buyers complained for cheap quality
Why I Chose this at #5
This cue case is not ordinary by any means, only because of trivial complains I have chosen this at #5. It is durable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The graphics are worth praising. However, some buyers are not happy with the quality of tip and small size of cue, I have chosen it at #5.

6. ISZY Pool Cue/Billiard Stick Carrying Case

3x6 Hard Pool Cue Case by ISZY Billiards

This is a great soft-sided cue carrying case. With ample space for you to keep 3 butts and 6 shafts in it, this case offers decent protection for your cue from scratches and falls. The vinyl covering it bears over it, makes it sturdy and stylish altogether. The case is 32″ long and is apt for carrying standard size cues in it. It can hold up 30” butt or shaft.

This top rated cue case has extra space for you to carry tips and chalk in the form of pockets with you, while moving around. The smaller pocket is for the small items, while the bigger products entails more space for mid-size products that you may want to keep in your cue case.

Do you move around frequently with your cue to enjoy more pool games? With an adjustable shoulder strap, it is easy to transport the case with the cue, with no strain or hussle. It barely has any weight and feels light on shoulders. However, it is still very strong to protect the products inside in case of fall.

For the shaft and butt to stay intact and away, the divider goes all the way in to the case, hence both the products are kept well away from each other at a safe distance.


  • 3×6 case
  • 32″ long
  • Vinyl-covered
  • Side Pockets


  • Spacious
  • Soft and thick material inside
  • Divider keeps both shaft and butt away


  • The slots aren’t too big – too much slop, which allows the cues to bang around.
  • Over-priced
Why I chose this at #6
This cue case is a very spacious one. You can stuff enough accessories in it, along with the cues. The design is perfect, the divider keeps both shaft and butt away from each other. Though I believe it is overpriced, which is why I have chosen it at #6.

7. Casemaster Billiard Cue Case

Casemaster Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case

You’ll have a pleasant surprise when this case arrives! The case is encased in a protective sheath as if it were a million-dollar treasure. This case has appropriate padding inside, providing the utmost protection to the cue from scratches or damage in any form. The hard leatherette textured covering gives it an aesthetic look, not only giving you peace of mind in the form of excellent cue protection but also boosts your confidence. This cue is all you need to feel like a pro.

The most common complaint regarding cue cases we come across is the case couldn’t survive the shipping. This case which is designed to keep a shaft and a butt inside it is made of top quality material – sturdy enough for shipping and travel.

Cases without ample cushions inside will leave the cue broken in case of even minor drops. However, this cue case has sufficient fully lined interior cushions so the cue is well protected. The cue case has a handle, for its easy movability. So when you move around, you can easily carry the cue inside the case, like a professional.

Still not liking it? This cue case entails a 90-day warranty, so there is no chance you are going to lose your hard-earned cash. The case is designed to last long and provide maximum protection to your cue stick which can be bought separately along with the case if you need one.


  • Can hold 1 Butt and a Shaft
  • Leatherette covering
  • Interior cushions for cue protection
  • Padding for surviving bumps
  • 90-day warranty


  • Sturdy for shipping
  • Light in hands
  • Stylish


  • Shaft quality can be improved
  • Dimensions are not always the same as the description.
Why I chose this at #7
This custom cue case has everything, from sturdy construction to lightweightedness, you are getting a very good deal. However, some customers believe that the shaft’s quality – that comes with it – can be further improved and it is not sturdy enough. Moreover, there is confusion among buyers regarding the specifications of this cue case, which can cause some serious mischief. For this reason, I’m keeping this cue case at #7.

8. GSE Games & Sports Expert Billiard Cue Case

GSE Games & Sports Expert 1x1 Pool Cue Case

On a tight budget? Looking for a well-designed case? This fine quality custom cue case has a hard exterior, to make sure the cue inside doesn’t get any scratches and survives minor bumps. To expound further, this case is not a full tube design, albeit, it is more compressed and slightly flatter. Something you would prefer over old-style cue cases.

This cue is 32″ long, and enables 1 butt and a shaft under each to easily sit into it, under its vinyl covering protected from bumps, drops or getting warped. The cue is held in place with soft inner lining so that it doesn’t collide with the hard surface of the cue case and may end up cracking or scratched. The pouch on the exterior can be easily moved up and down, which allows you to place it where the material inside it wouldn’t damage the cue inside. Moreover, this slidable zipper pocket will keep tips and chalks inside it, so you can carry them easily along with you, inside the cue case.

While you move around, you don’t have to fidget with the case over your arms to adjust it, as the adjustable shoulder strap lets you adjust the case once and move ahead smoothly. In this way, carrying a cue case becomes as easy as a walk in the park, and you can give more attention to the forthcoming pool game. Another perk is, this cue is available in different colours, which leaves you with plenty of choices to select one in your favourite color.


  • Made to hold 1 shaft and a Butt
  • Vinyl covering
  • Slidable zipper pocket
  • Interior cushions for cue protection


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colours


  • Short strap
Why I chose this at #8
This fine quality cue case comes at a very reasonable price. Despite the fact you can keep only 1 shaft and butt in it, this is still a viable choice if you are looking for a low-priced cue case. I have chosen this at #8 as I believe most people would prefer a more spacious case. Moreover, it has short straps that can be a problem while carrying it around.

9. Lucasi Pool/Snooker Cue Case

Lucasi Pool Cue Case with Black Accents, 4B/8S (LC5)

Quite simple in design, but bear in mind this cue case is way more sturdy than you may think of it. The cue case is available in black and brown colours, and their handle placement and pocket-size also vary when you see the brown and black colour version of this case. In the brown colour, this case has a handle in the zipper side, while pockets are of a different size than the black case.

This case is reviewed as very durable, designed to hold 4 butts and 8 shafts, together in one case. That means you have enough space to carry a variety of shafts, butts and other accessories while you prepare for the pool game. The black-brown combination (brown leatherette and black accents) gives this case an elegant look and feels light on your shoulders.

The case further has 3 medium size pockets for carrying chalk and tips. And if there is still something left, 2 large accessory pockets are at your disposal to bear them. A convenient carry handle is a must-need feature in a cue case that allows you to easily transport your pool belongings from one place to another, safely and altogether.

All in all, this cue case features excellent comfort to keep you stress-free and boost your game. It costs a reasonable price, which is worth paying for the features it brings with itself.


  • 5 different size pockets
  • Can hold 4 butts and 8 shafts
  • Carry handle


  • Simple yet eye-catching design
  • Reasonable price
  • Spacious


  • Flaps that cover cues are not long
Why I chose this at #9
This cue case comes at #9 in our list of top rated pool cue cases. It is a very spacious cue case, which allows one to keep 4 butts and 8 shafts in it, which is more than enough even if you are participating in a professional tournament. But of course, there’s a downside. This cue case is a little expensive, and some buyers have complained that its flaps are not long enough to cover the cue.

10. CUESOUL Pool Cue Stick Case

CUESOUL 1x1 Hard Pool Cue Case

A decent cue case for a beginner to an intermediate level player, it will keep your cue safe and ready for use anytime. The case is reasonably priced, and the best investment you can do on your cue to improve its lifespan.

Starting from its leather made hard exterior, which plays a key role in cue’s protection, by resisting any form of damage to the cue in case of bumps and falls. You can keep one butt and a shaft alongside your cue in it, and make sure that all your pool belongings are safe and together.

The tube keeps the shaft and butt away from each other, which is hard to find in the cues of this price range. The case over it is made of strong, unbreakable plastic, wrapped in leather ensuring maximum protection.

Furthermore, you are given two small pockets with grapes. These pockets hold chalk, cue tips and other billiard accessories that you are always bound to carry with yourself to a pool game. All accessories when kept together in the same case are easy to remember and makes their movability easy, only if you have a spacious cue case like this one.

Though you can’t take the pocket off but you can slide it up and down at the best position where you want to hold it. And there’s no problem at all for carrying it because the shoulder strap is adjustable (similar to other cases), however, it is reviewed as slightly smaller than the ideal length.


  • Holds butt and 1 shaft
  • Leather made exterior to resist bumps
  • Movable pocket
  • Modern design


  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect zippers
  • Can be a great gift for pool lover


  • Strap length is not suitable for everyone
Why I chose this at #10
This custom cue case with a professional look is a pretty good choice to keep your pool accessories safe along with you. But the strap length seems to be not suitable for everyone to hang it. Moreover, it can’t keep more than one shaft and a butt in it. That brings this cue case at #10 in our chosen top rated cue cases.

Best Pool/Snooker Cue Cases Brands

So, have you chosen a cue case for yourself that would accompany you along with your pool accessories to your pool game and keep your accessories safe? I’m sure, the above reviewed cue cases have given you a decent knowledge about what a top rated cue case should be like. Let’s have a look at 10 best pool cue cases selling brands.

  • Casemaster
  • ISZY Billiards
  • Han’s Delta
  • Imperial
  • GSE Games and Sport Expert
  • Cue & Case
  • CueSoul
  • Olhausen
  • American Heritage
  • Brunswick

Features to Look for in a Cue Case:

When you have selected a cue case, and you are about to finalize it, I say you must follow the following points and check them accordingly, I am sure you will find the best cue case for your cue.


One of the most important factors to consider while looking for a cue case is the space it is offering. One cue is fine by all means but what if you want two cues? You cannot go around carrying two bags.

I always opt for those cue cases which have space for more than two cues. Sometimes, we keep changing the cue butts and cue shafts to bring variety to the game of pool, so it is good to have this option at hand.


Always look at the materials from which the case is made out of. Hard shell outer covering usually provides maximum protection. Cases made out of hard rubber are also nice as they also offer hard protection.

Also, keep an eye on the inside of the case as in what material is used inside. Because you need as much inner protection of your cue as much, you need from outside.

Weather resistant:

Liquid spills can happen at any time. Your cue case must be water resistant as the water can always go inside and create moisture which is never good for the cues.

Also, other weather conditions resistance is an additional benefit which you must look into.


Now, when you are opting for such cue cases where more than one cue can be stored then carefully check the dividers. How are they made? Is there enough room for one cue part? Are there cushions in the end and above to protect the ends of the cues? You must ask these questions and only when you get satisfied then go ahead with the purchase.


Weight is significant as they always get heavier when cues are placed in them. If they are heavy, then you will get tired much quicker and carrying them while traveling will not be easy.

I am sure if you follow these pointers you will surely get a good cue case.


Why do I need a Pool/Snooker cue case?

For the sake of your cue’s safety. By putting it in a case, you can protect it from dust and other hazardous particles. Also, it’s easier to carry your cue stick from one place to another when it’s in a case.

What size cue case should I buy?

To decide this, first measure your cue stick. Of course, your cue case should be a little bigger than your cue sticks. Other than that, while purchasing it, you can check on the cue case what cue size it is designed for.

Are cue cases expensive?

It depends on the brand and quality of the cue case. However, a decent cue case saves you money by keeping your cue stick clean and protected.


I am sure by now you must have understood that cue safety is very important. It is not like every day you land your hands on your favorite cue. Also, only a good conditioned pool cue will allow you to apply spin and gain control on the cue ball.

Also, when you have purchased your cue, then you must provide all possible care to keep them safe and secure for long term durability.

Whether you go with the sleeve case or the traveling box case, cues should be protected with as much care as possible because even a little chipping can make your cue lose its integrity and strength.