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Olhausen Waterfall Pool Table Review

Well, if you are looking for a state-of-the-art pool table that is not only sturdy but striking in appearance, look no further than the Waterfall Pool table. This is one of the finest pool tables made by Olhausen, that’s why the price is comparatively higher than the average price of Olhausen pool tables.

This table is handcrafted in Tennessee by Olhausen Billiards. It features a geometric modern design, unlike any other pool table. Other features include Accufast cushions for superior play and these cushions are backed by a lifetime warranty.

This table is available in Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut constructions. Moreover, this revolutionary table is available in all Olhausen finishes, make sure you tell your preferences to the dealer at the time of purchase.

The diamond-honed slate is precisely constructed at the factory and it is ensured that the finished product is perfectly flat and has bolt-hole locations. The slate is adequately framed to ensure quieter play and minimize the stress on it during the play.

Its Uniliner construction makes it an extra sturdier than other tables. Large support area paves way for accurate and faster installation and keeps the slate flat and level. Also, it minimizes the wood movement. Upon testing, the Uniliner construction was found to be twice as strong as the other Pool table frame construction methods.

This aesthetic table comes with all playing essentials including four cues, bridge stick, wall-mounted cue rack, set of billiard balls, a box of cue-tip chalk, cover for the table, specialist repair kit and table brushes. The Waterfall is custom built to fit any room style or decor, thereby allowing you to get your dream pool table in your preferred look and size.

The best bit is, this table can also be used for playing Carrom. All you have to do is to take out the Carrom accessories and replace them with cues and balls placed on the table. And you’re ready to play Carrom. In this way, this versatile table saves you space and money that you’d have to spend in buying a carrom table separately.

This table is constructed from top-notch quality material, but if you still have any doubts on its durability, the table is backed by a lifetime warranty. So even if anything goes wrong, your hard-earned cash won’t go in vain.

Top Features

  • Available in 7′, 8′ and 9′ size
  • Available in dozens of wood species
  • Deluxe table cloth ( standard)
  • Comes with all playing essentials
  • True Life-Time warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Pool table cover is available in dozens of colours


  • Way more expensive than an average Pool table price


This pool table is for those who are looking for a one time solution for their Pool table problem. Of course, an ordinary table can’t be this good in design and durability. The only thing to ponder over is its price, and if it is in your reach, this pool table is worth buying and will surely be your favourite pool table for decades.

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