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Olhausen Vs. Legacy Pool Table

Legacy is one of the fastest growing brands in the billiards industry, and it would be true if we deem this brand as the most affordable one, in terms of the rates of pool tables. Not only pool tables, but they are also producing top notch quality bar stools, and other game room furniture with distinctive style and value with dependable, superior customer service.

As compared to Olhausen, Legacy pool tables are slightly on the lower side in prices. But their innovative design and attention to detail on all its game tables are not ordinary traits of a credible brand.

Their corporate headquarters and distribution warehouse are located in Collierville, Tennessee. Let’s have a look at the primary differences between both the brands in tabular form before we explain them further down below, in detail.

Brand name Olhausen Legacy
Price range $2000 – $10,000 $1800 – $4000
Finish Available in all standard Olhausen finishes Available in 3 multiple finishes
Size 6-12 ft 7-9 ft
Basic accessory kit Included Included
Customization Drawer, finishing, size, kit Drawer, finishing, size, kit

Differences Between Olhausen and Legacy Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and Legacy pool table.

Price Range:

Price range is probably the biggest difference between the two. Legacy pool tables are available for less than $2000, while you can’t find an Olhausen table at this price – talking about a brand new one, not an old and used one.

But the reason for the Olhausen table’s slightly higher price is the top-notch quality material including slate and finishing used over each of their tables – whether its an elite class one or a low-prices ones, basic construction and features are very much the same in all.

Standard Accessory Kit:

Olhausen pool tables come with a ready to play kit (pool table essential accessories) within the price. Further, if you want to upgrade the accessories, you can get better quality and more quantity by paying a few extra dollars.

And the same is true for Legacy pool tables. They also come with essential playing accessories, and one can also order the upgraded kit by paying a little extra for the improved quality.

Drawer & Cloth:

Both the brands operate in pretty much the same way. At the time of purchase the dealer will ask you regarding the customization options, including the drawer and the pool table cover. The standard cloth comes within the price, while if you choose premium colour and cloth quality, you’ll be charged extra for it. Similarly if you ask for a drawer in your pool table, you’ll be charged for it as well as the drawer does not’ come within the standard price.


In Olhausen, the dealer often offers free delivery and installation in some areas. Though in Legacy pool tables, you have to pay the installation charges, if you want to get the installation done by professionals of Legacy Billiards.


Compared to Olhausen, Legacy is a pool table brand that mostly sells low-priced pool tables. Olhausen pool tables start from $2000 and go up to $10,000, which is why Olhausen is considered as a bigger brand than Legacy. However, both the brands offer almost the same customization options like 2-3 different finishes, cloth colours, cloth quality, drawer option, etc.

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