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Olhausen Vs. Imperial Pool Table

Imperial is probably as famous in the billiards industry as Olhausen is, because it is one of the oldest of Billiards accessory makers in operation to this day. With over 60 years of experience and leadership in the Billiards industry, they take pride in producing some of the finest quality billiards accessories at a reasonable price.

We have reviewed some top-notch quality pool accessories of Imperial, including Cue sticks, Pool felts, and much more. And the same is true for the Imperial tables. Although Imperial Pool tables come with basic features, they are still worth buying, especially if you are looking for budget-friendly pool tables.

Brand name Olhausen Imperial
Cushions Accu-fast rubber cushions K66 cushion rubber
Cloth Standard cloth and colour included in the package Not included
Size 6-12 ft 7-8 ft
Basic accessory kit Included Not included
Price $2000 – $10,000 $1700 – $5,500

Differences Between Olhausen and Imperial Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and Imperial pool table.

Price Range:

The fact that Olhausen has more variety of Pool tables, it is bound to have a higher price range than Imperial. Olhausen has every type of pool table available, that meets the requirements of both casual and professional pool players.

Though when you look at the low-priced pool tables of Imperial, one with extremely low budget would find more affordable tables in Imperial than Olahusen.


As the price has been discussed above, it is important to point out here that Imperial pool tables don’t come with pool table cloth. In Olhausen, we have the luxury to not only get a standard pool table cloth within the same price but one also gets a plethora of colour options to choose from.

While buying a pool table from Imperial, you’ll have to buy the cloth separately. And it’s up to you whether you are happy to buy from them or from anywhere else, in either way, the price is to be paid by you separately.

Read to Play Pool kit:

Imperial Pool tables are no-frills pool tables. By no-frills I mean they don’t come with either essential playing accessories or the pool cloth. Both of the essential pool table parts are to be purchased by you separately. With that said, if you add the price of cloth and pool accessories, that you’ll probably buy separately, the Imperial table might feel more expensive than the Olhausen tables.


Imperial pool tables feature K66 rubber cushions, which are pretty decent and durable. But if you talk about the Accu-fast cushions that Olhausen tables feature, they are probably best in the business these days. So, if you talk about the playability, Olhausen is a step ahead of Imperial due to its Accu-fast cushions and diamond-honed, perfectly framed slate.


If we conclude pool tables of both the brands here, Olhausen is definitely a step ahead of Imperial in variety and quality. And the other important difference between both is accessories. Olhausen tables come with a pool cloth, cues, ball set and other essential accessories. But Imperial solely charges for the tables only, cloth and accessories are not a part of the package.

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