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Olhausen Vs. Diamond Pool Table

Diamond is another famous Billiards brand that not only produces finest quality Billiards table but one can also buy durable and top-notch quality other Billiards accessories from them. In this post, we’ll discuss the difference between both Diamond and Olhausen pool tables.

The purpose of this comparison is not to deem one of them better than the other but to give you an unbiased overview of how both the brands manufacture their products.

Brand name Olhausen Diamond
Cushions Rubber Accu-fast cushions Rubber cushions
Pockets Leather pockets Bi-Level Pocket Design
Construction Oak, Maple and Tulipwood construction Poplar wood and Dymond wood construction
Made in USA USA
Cloth Available in standard and upgraded Olhausen cloths Available in a wide assortment Simonis Cloth colors

Differences Between Olhausen and Diamond Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and Diamond pool table.


Durable cushions not only save you from their regular replacement but also impact the quality of the pool game. Olhausen accu-fast cushions are one of their kind. These cushions ensure smooth movement of the ball around and let one execute more powerful and accurate shots.

Diamond on the other hand have K-55 profile cushions “glued” (not bolted) directly to the rail system for consistent rebound and optimum playability.


As we have seen, Olhausen pool tables offer a great variety of colour when it comes to selecting a pool table cover for your table. Moreover, the quality of cloth can also be upgraded from the standard quality – if you are happy to pay a few extra dollars. On the other hand, Diamond gives a wide assortment of Simonis Cloth colors.

Wood Used:

In Olhausen Pool tables, you are given the choice to select any of the three constructions available – Oak, Maple or Tulipwood. This is chosen by you at the time of purchase, unlike in Diamond pool tables which come standard in Dymond wood and Poplar wood construction. The unique thing in Diamond tables is their no-lift levelling system which boosts the quality of the game.

Size & Pockets:

In Olhausen Pool tables, in some we had 6 ft to 12 ft size available, while in most of them we had 7ft to 9ft size available. As compared to Olhausen, in Diamond, we don’t get much of size options as these tables are available in only 7ft to 9ft size, featuring bi-level design pockets. In Olhausen pool tables, we have leather pockets with simple design.

Playing Essentials:

Olhausen Pool tables come with a ready-to-go play kit, no matter which of its tables you buy. The ready to play kit comes within the price of a standard package, however there are a few upgraded kit options available, which of course will cost you a few more dollars than the standard price.

In Diamond tables, there are no playing essentials but a pool ball set that too doesn’t come within the price. If one wants to have that pool ball set, he.she will have to tell the dealer at the time of purchase and will be charged accordingly.


Both the brands have their own place in the Billiards industry, as both have them have distinct features making their tables sturdier and unique in their own way. However if you compare in terms of the variety, Olahusen would have an upper hand due to the fact it has more variety in terms of price and quality.

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