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Olhausen Vs. Connelly Pool Table

Conelly is one of the famous brands in the Billiards industry, believing in constant improvement and that business is more than manufacturing, it’s a people business. The company affirms that they build tables that are preferred by players of all skill levels, and they are continuously striving to improve the quality and playability.

Moreover, they seem to be determined to manufacture such high quality tables that create family experiences with lasting memories.

The company began with a passion for the game that has defined them for over 70 years till today, and is still going. Comparing them to Olhausen is not to show you which one is superior or which one is inferior, but to give you a bit of notion how they are different from each other.

Brand name Olhausen Connelly
Slate Premium quality slate Tournament grade slate
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Size 6-12 ft 7-9 ft
Made in USA USA
Shipping Not free Free

Differences Between Olhausen and Connelly Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and Connelly pool table.


The Olhausen tables feature premium quality slates, which are diamond-honed to create smooth and flat playing surfaces for pool enthusiasts. Each of the slates is checked at the factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations. The slate is then adequately framed to ensure quieter play and reduce stress on it. And due to this systematic designing of the slate, cloth installation also becomes easier.

On the other hand, Connelly tables feature a responsive tournament grade slate, which is not a bad option at all for boosting the performance of your pool table.


Olhausen pool tables are available in different sizes. Surprisingly, some of their tables are available in an extra-small size of 6ft and the range goes up to 12ft, which is of course for bigger rooms.

The Connelly tables follow the standard size range, and are available between the 7ft size to 9ft. If you are looking for a pool table with other than the standard size options, your chances of finding such tables are higher in Olhausen pool tables , as compared to Connelley.

Playing Essentials:

Having delivered all the playing essentials along with a table is a great benefit of buying tables from Olhausen. Not every pool table will give you pool cues, balls and everything you require for pool game within the standard price. Moreover, in Olhausen, you can pay a few extra dollars if you fancy getting the upgraded kit (with more accessories of superior quality) along with the table.

Unfortunately, in the Connelly table, on buying a pool table you only get a pool table only, no additional accessories.


Compared to Connelly, Olhausen is undoubtedly a far bigger brand because of its unprecedented variety of pool tables available in the market. One gets more customization options and more sizes in Olhausen, in which you can choose the cloth colour of your choice, pool kit is delivered along with the table, and of course, they look sturdier than Cornelly tables. Though with regards to the design, some of the Connelly tables are as good as Olhausen.

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