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Olhausen Vs. American Heritage Pool Table

If you have been an active pool player and a follower, the American Heritage Billiards name won’t come as something new to you. They have been in the billiards industry since 1987, and have grown into the world’s largest pool table and game room furniture manufacturer. Their domestically engineered tables were all built from scratch in a warehouse, before they partnered with manufacturers in Carolina to make some of the best pool tables to fulfill the overwhelming order demands.

Like Olhausen, American Heritage pool tables are constructed from fine quality material, and are available in the finishing of your choice. From top-notch quality slates to sturdy legs and aesthetic designs, both Olhausen and American Heritage have a lot in common with trivial differences, which we shall see below.

Brand name Olhausen American Heritage
Slate Diamond-honed premium slate 3-piece certified slate
Construction Available in 3 different woods Oak, Maple, Tulipwood Available in different woods but you cannot get the same table in a different wood
Size 6-12 ft 7-8 ft
Basic accessory kit Included Included
Price range $2000 – $10,000 $2500 – $10,000

Differences Between Olhausen and American Heritage Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and American Heritage pool table.

Price Range:

As expected, like very much the same features and sturdy constructions, both the brands have almost the same price range. The good thing is, both the brands have made some low-priced pool tables alongside some very luxurious, costly ones. So even casual pool players with low budget can enjoy playing on their smooth and sturdy pool surfaces.

Essential Playing Accessories:

Like Olhausen, all American Heritage pool tables come with a ready to play kit. However, as compared to Olhausen standard kits, the American Heritage kits have more accessories. A standard pool kit from Olhausen includes cues, balls, rack, brush, etc. Further, if one wants to have an upgraded kit, he would get a few additional accessories in it by paying a few extra dollars for it.

In contrast, the standard kit that comes along with every American Heritage table has more accessories in it, and there’s no such thing as a premium kit. One gets only standard kit, within the same price of the table. A standard American Heritage kit includes at least:

  • 57″ 2-Piece Wood Cue (4)
  • 9″ Table Brush – Nylon (1)
  • 2 1/4″ Plastic Triangle (1)
  • 2 1/4″ Plastic 9 Ball Triangle (1)
  • Bridge Cue & Bridge Head (1)
  • 6-Cue Roman Cue Rack (1)
  • Billiard Ball Set (1)
  • Table Cover (1)
  • Sure-Shot Chalk (1)

Moreover, if you buy any of their high-priced tables, you may get more of these accessories of superior quality.


Olhausen tables are available in different constructions and finishes, like Oak, Tulipwood and Maple. At the time of purchase, you can tell the dealer in which construction you want to buy a particular table.

On other hand, American Heritage tables are available in one construction. Like if a particular table is available in American Red Oak hardwood construction, you cannot order it in any other. The same goes for the finish.


It is evident from the comparison above that if one is looking for a custom table with finish and construction of his choice, Olhausen is the one that offers such customization options. Though the material used in American Heritage and the finish is of very fine quality The price range is also pretty much the same as in Olhausen. And, as said above, their ready to play kit contains more accessories than Olhausen. All in all, both the brands have their own place in the billiards industry, due to their superior quality tables.

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