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Olhausen Sonoma Pool Table Review

When it comes to Billiards accessories – be it tables, cues, felt or any pool accessory – there are only a few bigger brands like Olhausen who can compete with it. Otherwise, whether it’s the quality of Billiards accessories or the variety, there’s hardly anyone who can claim to be as good as Olhausen in the Billiards industry.

Since 1972, the year the brand was established in the USA, it has manufactured pool tables, shuffleboards and games in Portland, Tennessee. Their state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot Billiards factory is filled with the finest manufacturing machinery available to produce superior Billiards products. Olhausen Sonoma Pool table is the result of their constant improvement and innovation.

The Olhausen Sonoma features a stunning carving and a one of a kind finish. This table is different from other Olhausen pool tables as it is made on order – it is a custom piece and can take approximately 4 weeks to make. It can only be sold within the markets of Texas, Nevada, and Florida. Since it is a custom piece and made on order, therefore you have the luxury to get it in your preferred measurement, size, weight and of course, construction.

Moreover, like all Olhausen pool tables, the Sonoma Pool table allows you to choose the pool table cover in your favourite colour. With 12 vibrant colour options available, you can order this table with a cover in any of the 12 colours.

Similarly, this pool table will be delivered to you along with a ready to play kit containing all the pool essentials. The Diplomat kit is a standard kit that comes with the same price.

However, if you go for Platinum or centennial kit, you’ll be charged a few extra dollars. The Premium accessory kit contains:

  • Four 2-piece Irish linen wrapped cues (18, 19, 20 and 21 ounces)
  • Brass headed bridge
  • Wooden 8 and 9 ball racks
  • Brush, Rule Book and chalk
  • Ambassador ball set
  • Deluxe 2-piece wall cue rack

And the Centennial kit consists of:

  • Brunswick’s exclusive “Getting Started” instructional DVD
  • Centennial pocket balls, the standard of excellence in the billiards industry
  • Four Centennial cues, a high-quality two-piece cue, great for any level of play
  • Two-piece short cue
  • Two-piece bridge stick
  • Brass bridgehead
  • Big Break rack
  • Nine-ball rack
  • Table brush
  • Twelve pieces of chalk
  • Official BCA Rule Book
Top Features

  • Available in 7′ and 8′ size
  • Available in Cherry finish
  • Comes with playing essentials
  • 12 vibrant colours available in cloth
  • Premium cloth is also available ( extra charges applied)
  • Matching Shield and Matching Fringe pocket style
  • Top-notch slate quality


  • Nice design at a low price
  • Within reach of a casual player
  • Customization gives one free hand to get it in his preferred construction


  • Premium and Centennial kit upgrading is expensive


This table is for those who prefer custom made tables over the pre-prepared ones. This is probably because they have their own preferences in measurement, alignment, and construction. So in this table, you are given the luxury to choose things and get your pool table manufactured in your chosen material and of the precise size.

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