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Olhausen Remington Pool Table Review

If you are one of those pool enthusiasts who are ready to pay anything to get their hands on a durable, stylish and feature-rich pool table, then Olhausen Remington Pool table is a great choice for you. Not only are these tables designed for professional and long time use, but their posh design adds a bit of glamour to the surroundings.

The Remington Pool table is made in Portland by Olhausen Billiards and is part of their Signature Series. This pool table comes standard in solid oak or maple with wide cavalier rail, exuding masculinity with its solid and sturdy square design. With its 100 percent hardwood construction, one can be sure that this table is going to last for generations.

Three-piece 1″ diamond honed slate is crafted and honed by one of the finest craftsmen in the world. This slate is precisely designed to minimize the stress on the table and allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth to be installed. Every slate goes through an extended quality assurance process for flatness and proper bolthole locations.

A large support area in the table ensures faster and more accurate installation and helps to keep the slate flat and level. Moreover, this table features legendary Olhausen Accu-Fast tournament cushions, which is why the ball travels smoothly around the table and you can be stress free that you won’t have to change these cushions only after a couple of games. These cushions have a lifetime guarantee.

Depending on one’s preferences and type of use, one can buy this table in more than 30 finishings, by paying a few extra dollars – if you choose any other than the standard ones. Moreover, the table cover is also available in numerous different colours. One can choose the colour of his choice that would look good with the decor in his table room.

And you can buy this table in 4 different sizes, 7 ft Remington, 8 ft standard remington, 8 ft professional remington and 9 ft tournament remington. In this way, whether you want to buy this table for a casual play at your room or for your personal billiards hall, this table has exactly the size you want.

And you don’t want to worry about the installation and delivery of the table as it is done by the company itself, keeping you free from the worries of installation and delivery of a pool table. With a lifetime warranty, you are going to get full value for your money!

Top Features

  • Handcrafted in Tennessee by Olhausen Billiards
  • Constructed of Oak, Maple, Cherry or Walnut
  • Available in all different finishes
  • Comes with all playing essentials
  • True Life-Time warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Sturdy table
  • Excellent design


  • Expensive


All in all, if you are looking for a sturdy and flawless pool table that would be your longtime pool companion, then this table is worth trying. And with a lifetime warranty, what else do you have to worry about? With free delivery and installation in some areas, once the table has been delivered, you are all set for a smooth, professional and precise pool play!

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