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Olhausen Provincial Pool Table Review

There are quite a few things we care about in our hard-earned pool table, which probably took us a few months of savings including living on a tight budget, skipping outings and much more, just to buy a sturdy pool table. And how terrible it feels when it goes wrong and you feel ashamed of your scant pool knowledge that prevented you from judging the quality wisely.

But not in the case of Olhausen Pool tables. Olhausen has designed some elite class pool tables for superior play, and one of such pool tables is the Provincial Pool table. The Provincial Pool table has everything from well-crafted designed to the strength required to withstand the harsh environment

The table is available in different wood constructions Oak, Maple and Tulipwood. Olhausen tables are manufactured in their state-of-the-art, 250,000 square foot Olhausen Billiards factory located in Portland, Tennessee. Strict quality assurance measures are taken to maintain high-quality standards. The company uses the finest manufacturing machinery available to ensure a superior product.

This table is manufactured from Northeastern “Slow growth” hardwood which is cured to add more resilience and strength to it. In this way, this wood makes the table stable even in severe climate and plays a key role in enhancing its lifespan. This table is also available in different finishings including upgraded ones for which you’ll be charged additionally.

This table features the world’s finest diamond-honed slate which creates a perfect playing surface and is thoroughly checked at the factory to ensure that it is defect-free and precise. Proper bolt-hole locations are embodied into it for easy installation.

Moreover, this slate is perfectly framed to reduce the stress and let you enjoy quieter play. It also allows a tighter and faster cloth installation. To keep the rail bolts fixed to their holes, this table is bolted through the slate liner to eliminate vibration

The Provincial Pool table is available in different sizes from 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, and 9ft, regarding which the dealer will ask you at the time of purchase. Or if you are buying online then make sure you fill out the details accordingly at the time of order. 7 ft is the standard size, and if you choose other than the standard one, you’ll have to pay a few extra dollars.

The same is true for the pool cloth cover. This cover is available in different colours, and if you select the upgraded piece of cloth you’d be charged accordingly.

Top Features

  • Available in Oak, Maple, Cherry and Tulipwood construction
  • Diamond-honed slate
  • Pool cloth available in different specs
  • Cue Accessory drawer
  • Ball return system
  • Cloth available in different colours


  • Sturdy construction
  • Flat slate for precise play
  • Easy installation


  • Slightly higher price in terms of features


This table is made from premium quality material and has a very nice design. The price value also feels reasonable due to its versatile features. In short, if you are looking for a long term and perfectly aligned table, look no further than the Provincial Pool tale and buy it, if it fits in your budget.

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