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Olhausen Laminate Pool Table Review

Pool Table is one of those basic Pool accessories that are expensive, takes time in installation and not something you’d fancy changing after every couple of months. Even an ordinary Pool table costs a significant amount of money, and when you are spending your hard-earned cash on a pool table, it is worth ensuring that the table is made from durable material.

And what kind of pool tables last long? The answer is very simple, a table made of fine quality material is going to give you a good number of years of exciting pool play. And when you are looking for such an extra sturdy pool table, Olhausen laminate Pool tables are worth trying.

The Olhausen Laminate Pool table is made in the USA from premium quality material, making it a durable and cost-effective investment in the longer term. The solid hard maple rail along with American craftsmanship adds to the beauty and playability of this table for years to come.

The Olhausen Laminate table is available in two different sizes, 8′ and 9′, making them a perfect fit in your Billiards hall or even in your medium-sized room at home. Just make sure while placing the order you specify the size to the dealer to avoid any inconvenience.

This table series is also available with a Drawer. This drawer comes very handy when one wants to store his pool cues together, at one place for protection and easy procurement at the time of play.

The 1-inch slate is perfectly framed for the smooth movement of the ball around. All the Olhausen tables feature slats that are made out of quality material and go through an extended process of inspection once deemed ready for use.

And it can’t be possible that you haven’t heard of AccuFast cushions used in all Olhausen pool tables yet. These cushions are the best in the business. These cushions are adequately designed to provide high quality games in the form of smooth travelling of the ball around the table.

If you are very choosy about colours, the good news is you have plenty of colours to pick your pool cover. The Pool cloth is available in more than 20 colours, and at the time of order, the dealer will ask you about the colour of cover in which you would like to have your table covered in.

Top Features

  • 7-ft. or 8′-ft. table with 1-inch framed slate
  • Available with a Cue/Accessory Storage Drawer
  • Black or Cherry Laminate Finish
  • Accu-Fast Cushion with Lifetime Warranty
  • Solid Hard Maple Top Rails, All Other Components Laminate Finish
  • Made in the USA
  • External Leather Drop Pockets
  • Pearlized Diamond Rail Sights


  • Durable table
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • There is room for improvement in design


This Laminate table looks like a very sturdy one. And what’s more, the price is also very reasonable. It’s hard to find a decent table at this price, that means this table can be bought by anyone, from professionals to casual players. All in all, the Olhausen Laminate table series follows the high standards set by other tables of this series.

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