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Ironing Billiard Table Felt | Billiard Table Iron Vs Normal Iron

So, let’s face it. When you are a billiard lover, you can’t stand any small or big thing part of your billiard kit wearing off. In Particular, your billiard table felt. Even a little scuff looks odd, what’d your friend or peers say when they see your pool table felt in this condition? And then you think, how can I get wrinkles out of the billiard table felt?

Your first thought sways towards the idea of ironing it, which is not a bad way to fix this issue. But did you know it? Were you caught between the thought whether you can iron your table felt or not?

In this article, we’ll be covering this topic in detail. And by the end of it, you’d have no ambiguity left regarding it.

Can You Iron Your Table Felt? If yes, then How…

So, first things first. Can you iron your table felt? If yes, then can you iron it with a normal iron?

The answer to both questions is yes. You can iron your table felt, and if you don’t have a pool table iron available, then you can use the normal one in this process.

In either case, make sure you do it while you are easy on the cushion. Keep settings of the iron right in order to avoid any damage to your pool table felt.

You can first use the iron on a paper, in order to determine the setting.

Turn off the steam settings and set it to wool setting, and use it gently.

Caution: Do not iron the rubber cushions, or get ready to bear the cost of new ones.

But during the entire process, you still have one question, What should be the iron temperature?

It depends on the cloth on your table. If it’s of a very good quality, then you can keep the setting at 8-9. If you are using iron for table felt, it’ll show you different settings according to the type of cloth on your table. Adjust accordingly.

Does ironing make a pool/snooker table faster and smoother?

Yes, ironing your pool table does make it faster and smoother. As it goes without saying, the smoother your table felt gets the faster the ball will travel on it. When you iron the table felt on low heat, it maintains the nap effect on the table.

Billiard Table Iron Or Normal Iron?

Though as I have mentioned at the top that you can iron your table felt even with a normal iron, it’s better to buy a billiard table iron for the betterment of your pool table.

Professionals also recommend billiard enthusiasts to use a special iron for this task. It offers low heat and no steam, that’s why it entails no risk of damage to your pool/snooker table felt.

If done wrong, a normal iron can damage your table. At times this iron proves too hot for the table felt to sustain, exceeding 300F.

Another problem caused by a normal iron is it often has stains on it, and if your table felt absorbs these stains, your ball movement won’t be the same, or as fast and smooth as you expected.

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