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How to Break in Snooker?

Pool or Snooker, any form of billiards, the importance of the break remains at its place.

If you know how to execute a perfect break after winning the toss, you can earn the early momentum you need to enjoy a decisive advantage throughout the game.

But for some people, it’s a matter of trivial concern. For they believe taking a break is disadvantageous. However, in this article, I’m going to discuss this aspect in detail.

Learn About Break Shot in Snooker

If you don’t know how to break in snooker or what’s the best way to break in snooker, this is a must read piece for you.

Snooker Break Off Rules

There are no such hard rules regarding the break in snooker. However, in some variants, it’s considered mandatory for any ball to hit the cushion on the break or else it’ll be considered a foul.

Other than that, there are no such rules associated with the break in snooker. So if it’s your chance to take a break, make sure you make the best use of it without any fear of causing a foul.

What Is a Break In Snooker?

Pardon me if you know it before, you can scroll down. Those who don’t, let’s understand it first. Once all the balls have been placed to their respective positions and the rack has been set, a player takes the first shot — that’s known as a break.

However, sometimes a normal turn of a player is also referred to as a break. But predominantly, this term is used for the very first shot a player takes a shot at the rack when the balls are arranged in an organized manner — at the start of the play.

Who Takes The Break Shot?

There are two ways to decide who will take the first break. The first is the coin toss in which the players toss a coin and the winner gets the opportunity to take a break.

While the other method is simultaneously shooting an object ball from the baulk in such a way that it hits the foot rail, and returns toward the top rail, without hitting a side cushion. The player who manages to bring the ball closest to the rail, becomes the winner and gets the chance to break.

While the other method is simultaneously shooting an object ball from the baulk in such a way that it hits the foot rail, and returns toward the top rail, without hitting a side cushion. The player who manages to bring the ball closest to the rail, becomes the winner and gets the chance to break.

What Is The Best Way To Break In Snooker?

Now, when you know how you can win an opportunity to break, it’s time to get down to the business i.e. perfect snooker break.

If you ask pros how they break in snooker, each of them is likely to share his own unique way. The thing is, what works for them might not work for you. But by doing the basics right, you can get the job done.

So I’m sharing a snooker break strategy that might be effective for you if you use it in the right way.

  • Place the white ball close and at the side of the brown.
  • Aim for the outermost red on that side so you don’t end up hitting any colored ball.
  • Make sure the angle of return won’t make your ball hit the blue in the center of the table.
  • Your stance and bridge should be comfortable.
  • Find the right length of shot so that you can leave the white ball close to the cushion, making it difficult for your opponent to make his first shot legit.

Is It An Advantage To Take A Break Or Disadvantage?

The thing is, there is no such concept that whoever takes the break eventually wins the match.

Advantages of Playing the Break Shot First

  • Break can help you to gain momentum and cause trouble for your opponent right from the start.
  • Let’s say, you take the break and you execute it with utmost perfection. Your opponent has to go through some stress because he couldn’t find a way to take a legit shot, i.e. to hit the red.
  • Thus, you have gained the advantage right from the start. Snooker or any other game, momentum plays a key role in unfolding the later phase of the game.

Playing the Break Shot First Can be a Disadvantage if:

However, for some, this can be a disadvantage.

  • The ones who have not learnt to execute it the right way.
  • A bad momentum right from the start can cause many difficulties for you. It would be like starting a race with already one step behind your opponent.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Since you can’t incur any foul.

Highest Break In Snooker

Now then when you have learnt some rules and strategies about break, it’s time to talk about the potential of a break. Let’s shed some light on how much you can score in a break and how many times a certain player has achieved the maximum number of points in a break.

Maximum Possible Break

A maximum break is a 147-point break, which can be done by potting all 15 reds with 15 blacks (which are respotted) for 120 points, and then potting all six colors for a further 27 points.

But, if a free ball occurs during the play, this can be even more.

The 155 break can occur if an opponent fouls but leaves the player snookered on all 15 reds. Then the player has the opportunity to nominate the other colors as red, thus, expanding the possibility of scoring in a break to 155.

If we talk about who has the most 147 breaks in snooker, Ronnie has the most 147 breaks in snooker. On fifteen different occasions, Ronnie has scored 147 points in a single break.

Ronnie O’Sullivan also holds the record of scoring most number of century breaks in official tournaments. Ronnie has scored over thousand breaks to this date of 100 points or more. Previously, this record was of 775 century breaks in official games by Stephen Hendry.

While if we talk about the 155 break, it has never occurred in an international or official game.

Back in 2005, Jamie Cope scored a break of 155 points during practice. Alex Higgins is also believed to have achieved this feat, but only during the practice.


So, are you ready to break on your snooker table? But don’t rush, first you have to win the toss. A break off in snooker is an important part of the play, it sets up the tone. But to make the best use of it, you must practice a lot. With all the rules, possibilities and small tidbits cleared regarding the break, now you know what to do when the next time you are given the chance to break on the snooker table.

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