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Should You Vacuum Your Billiard Table Felt Or Not?

John, who happens to be quite conscious about his table felt, has asked us a very interesting question.


My pool table doesn’t look good, I mean I can see dust over it. But I’m not sure how I can clean it? Vacuuming it appears to be the best option as it’ll take less time and wipe off all the dust contaminating the balls and affecting the play. But I’m not sure if I can vacuum my pool table felt. Is it the right thing to do? If yes, then what is the best vacuum to use on a pool table?


Yes, John, you can vacuum your pool table. It’s a great way to get the job done in less time. However, you must be careful while vacuuming it. Pool table felts are delicate and can be easily damaged.

Make sure the vacuum you are using does not have a rotating brush and straight suction, and has an upholstery attachment. Handheld vacuums are better for this purpose as it can be easily moved around.

Using Vacuum On Pool Table

Though you can brush your pool table to get rid of the dust on it, it takes time. That’s why most people resort to using a vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum your pool table with a gentle vacuum that uses a non-rotating brush in order to avoid any damage to your felt. It’ll suck the chalk, dust, and other debris present on the felt.

In fact, in many cases using a vacuum would be a better option than a brush because brushes are small, they might not be able to wipe small particles which vacuum will suck easily.

Which Vacuum To Use On Your Pool Table

Should you use any vacuum cleaner to clean your pool table?

No, a big no.

Here is the checklist to keep in mind when buying a vacuum cleaner for your snooker or pool table felt.

  • Don’t buy a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush because they can pull up at the felt and ruin the smooth surface.
  • Your ideal vacuum cleaner must not have a straight suction. It can also damage your pool table felt.
  • Make sure it has an upholstery attachment, so you can attach it to the hose of a regular vacuum cleaner. Also ascertain that the bristles are not too rough, because they can also damage the felt.

Ideally, you should go for a handheld vacuum for a billiard table because it is easy to use. You don’t have to drag it. Moreover, you can easily clean the underneath of the table and obscured parts by lifting it.