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Different Types of Cue Wraps & Are They Necessary to Use?

So, while you are reading this, I assume you are about to order a wrap for your cue stick. The importance of wrap on your cue stick is immense, given that it can affect both positively and negatively on your game. People with different playing styles have different needs, therefore it’s essential to pick the right type of wrap.

So to make the right choice, you must know what different types of pool cue wraps are out there and which wrap is best for whom. In this article, you are exactly going to learn that.

Types of Pool Cue Wraps In Terms Of Material

There are five types of cue wraps available, in terms of material. And you must be thinking why there are five types? The thing is each of these types have their own characteristics, which affect movement of cue stick one way or another.

Some like fluent grips while some want more friction, the wraps made with different materials prove appropriate for people of different preferences.

Irish Linen Wraps

These cue wraps are the most slippery of all. This material is close to silk, often found on luxury throw pillows and other comfortable things. Because they are slippery, they are not ideal for beginners – with these, it’s hard to get precision. Yet, they are used by players because they require little power.

And once you have become accustomed with these, you’d find these better than other wraps because of their lightness.

Rubber Wraps

As the name suggests, such types of cue wraps are actually a rubber that you put over your cue. It’s one of the preferred cue wrap types because they give you solid control over your cue stick. People who have oily skins prefer these wraps because the sweating doesn’t affect the grip.

They might not be elegant but they are cheap, more resilient and offer great power behind shots.

Leather Wraps

Leather wraps are one of the most used wraps because they provide both control and styles. But they are further divided into two types, standard and stacked.

Standard Leather vs Stacked Leather

The difference between normal and stacked leather is the stacked leather is processed leather, which is why it offers better grip. While standard leather is relatively smoother than the stacked, the same leather we see on sofas and bags.

Standard Leather Wraps

Now if you belong to a class that wants both style and control, then standard leather wrap is the best solution. Standard leather wrap on your cue looks stylish and offers great grip. That’s why it is used by pros and amateurs, both.

Stacked Leather Wraps

This type of wrap is installed around the cue in the same way as a linen wrap. If it’s fixed in the right way, it feels like a solid leather, though you get more options in patterns and colors. Like standard leather, it offers a nice grip, even slightly better than the standard leather.

Which Cue Wrap Pattern or Type Provides the Best Grip?

So, then it comes down to which wrap or material is the best?

We recommend leather, because it’s complete by all means. You get both style and control, which is what most of us want. As it goes without saying, leather is known for its durability and there are plenty of styles available that makes your job easy.

Why Do We Use A Cue Wrap?

Not everyone uses a wrap, but professional and serious players do. Even if your cue stick doesn’t have a wrap, you can still play billiards.

The purpose of wrapping your cue is to minimize control, that is to get a better grip, which ultimately leads to precision.

However, some players feel they don’t need to wrap if their stick is coated with a special type of glaze. This glaze is what ensures extra friction so you can get utmost control on the stick, despite sweating when you are executing powerful shots.

Wrapped Pool Cue VS No Wrapped Cue

So now the question is, should you use a wrapped cue or no wrapped cue?

To be honest, it’s a difficult debate. Pool enthusiasts have different opinions over it. Some players believe a wrapless cue not only looks more fancy and to some, they offer better grips. The butt of the cue is typically coated with a high gloss protective finish, which provides it with a fair amount of grip, giving sufficient control when taking a shot. So some players are content without a wrap.

But if you aim to take your game to the next level, I recommend you to use a wrap because it does make a difference – given that you have chosen the right one for yourself.

Pros and amateur, both can adjust with a decent wrap. But not all would find it convenient playing without a wrap.

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