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Different Flooring Options For Pool Table

If you have made up your mind of installing a Pool table at home, office, or anywhere where you have the authority to do so, then do consider the flooring aspect carefully.

Because moving a Pool table isn’t a piece of cake, even if you have professionals available, you still have to pay them And there’s always a risk of inflicting irreparable damage to your Pool table. So better be safe than sorry.

That’s why you must consider your flooring options wisely. For the best results, you have to choose a Pool table flooring that would provide stability and keep the table precisely leveled while being durable enough to withstand the impact of pool balls rolling off the table frequently.

So if you have no idea which flooring should you choose and what are the different types of flooring options available, read this article till the end.

By the end of it, you’ll have an unambiguous idea regarding which flooring to pick and what are the different types of floorings you can choose as its alternative.

Types of Floorings For Pool Table Placement

So we’ll start from the absolute best flooring options, and then we’ll go down to the alternatives.

1. Pool Table On Linoleum Flooring (Best Flooring for a Pool Table)

This type of flooring is quite common in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchen. This is because it’s quite durable material. Saves budget and time both. Linoleum is capable of withstanding the weight of most large appliances like a Pool table.

This is why when hard resin Pool balls will go off the table and hit the Linoleum floor, there’ll be no scratches or damage to it. Moreover, the color options are available in plethora when you choose this flooring, so you can set the flooring as per your preferences.

The only downside is it fades with time and must be resealed regularly. At least once in a year. It bears protective coating which makes it easier for you to clean it on daily bases, even if it’s a small coffee spill stain or any other form of liquid.

So, Linoleum is the best flooring available for the Pool table. However, if it’s not easily available, you have some alternatives available.

2. Pool Table On Vinyl Flooring

The next best option is keeping your Pool table on the Vinyl floor. It’s considered a decent alternative to linoleum; they both look similar and have common traits but are not exactly the same.

The major difference lies in installation, you can install Vinyl yourself but there’s no way you can install Linoleum on your own. Vinyl doesn’t have to be resealed like Linoleum.

If we talk about the color choices, Vinyl also gives you plenty of colors to choose from. So you can choose any vibrant color that would look good with your Pool table.

A small issue with Vinyl flooring is the colors are only present on the surface of the flooring, not throughout like Linoleum, hence, scratches are easily visible.

3. Pool Table On Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are also very popular but quite expensive. They can be alternative to Linoleum or Vinyl because they too are durable. But alongside being expensive, they can be easily scratched, so they have to be taken care more consciously.

For this reason, you have to service them regularly. If you don’t take care of them, due to their high price, they can prove very costly for a casual player.

However, there is a solution for this problem. A rug can be placed under your Pool table to prevent the damage to a Hardwood floor in case the ball goes off the table.

4. Pool Table On A Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also a decent option, and fancy too. Any Pool table that weighs under 500 pounds should be fine over laminate flooring. If your room is bigger than 30’ in any direction, your flooring will need a transition piece in order to maintain stability.

However, this flooring is not appropriate for Pool tables weighing over 500 pounds due to durability reasons. Anything over 500 pounds means your Pool table is too heavy for this floor.

5. Pool Table on Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is not the ideal option due to the possibility of chips and breaks. However, homeowners still use this despite it being quite expensive, too.

The thing is, it is easy to clean. You don’t have to worry much and can use a wet rug to wipe off the stain from the surface.

The downside of this flooring is expensive price and less durability against falling objects. Pool balls going off the table can crack tile.

6. Pool Table On Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is another option, but I don’t recommend it. For some, this might seem to be an affordable idea but the problem starts afterwards. You might not mind the simplicity of concrete flooring but your ball will always be vulnerable.

The problem with concrete flooring is it can chip the balls and damage your cue stick if you hit the floor with it. So in either way, it can prove costly by damaging the balls.

How Can You Protect Your Floor?

No matter how much precaution you take, your floor will always remain vulnerable to any ball hitting it with force and inflicting damage.

So just in case, you have an economical flooring or expensive one, a simple flooring or a fancy one, you can protect it by using a Pool table rug. This rug will ensure that both the flooring and the ball remains safe.


It takes a significant amount of effort and money to set up a decent flooring for the Pool table. And nobody would like to waste this cash by selecting the right type of flooring. Based on the pros and cons of different flooring mentioned above, now you can select an appropriate flooring within your budget. And also, you can project it by laying out a carpet under your Pool table.

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