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Pool/Snooker Cue Size Guide (Chart Included)

Buying a cue stick for the first time, or perhaps looking to buy a bigger one because you have grown up an inch since the last time you purchased a cue stick?

Don’t worry, every pool/snooker player can relate. We all have been through this phase. Choosing the right Pool/Snooker cue size can be a lot trickier – if you buy a wrong size, your cash goes in vain.

But don’t you worry now, because after reading this article you’ll have a broad notion about different pool/snooker cue sizes available, including Standard Pool/Snooker cue size / Normal Snooker / Pool cue size, Junior Pool/Snooker cue size, and also, Pool/Snooker cue size with respect to the table size.

So without wasting any time, we’ll discuss different pool cue heights/sizes available.

Common Pool/Snooker Cue Sizes

There are all sorts of sizes available. Each size is directed towards a particular age group and also, a table of certain dimensions. So we’ll divide these in four different categories.

1. For 3’5 to 5’4 height player (Child Pool Cue Length)

These are 48” size cue sticks and this size is known as the small size. Normally, this size is used by kids and youth on small tables so it is also known as youth size cue. The smallest cue size can go upto 36”, but it’s not as common as the 48’’ size.

2. For 5’4 to 6’2 height player (Best for Kids With Above Average Height)

These are 52” size cue sticks also used by youth with normal height and body according to their age group. These can be used on small and medium size tables.

3. For 6’ to 6’4 height player (Typical Pool Cue Size, Best For Adults)

These are 58” size cues used by all sorts of adult players. They are best for players exceeding the teenage and playing on bigger tables. If you decrease an inch from this size, it becomes Bumper Pool cue size, i.e. 57”.

4. For 6’4 height player (Best For Adults Playing On Full Size Table)

Also known as 61” size cue sticks, these sticks are mostly used in Snooker because tables in Snooker are bigger than Pool. It is also known as a full size snooker cue.

Let’s have a look at the Pool/Snooker cue size based on the heights of individuals.

Pool/Snooker Cue Size Chart With Respect To Height

Height Cue Stick Size
3 ft child 42” cue stick
4 ft child 48” cue stick
5 ft guy 52” – 58” cue stick
6 ft guy 58” – 61” cue stick

Imagine yourself buying a cue stick that is too small and looks like a toy stick in your hand, or, conversely, something too big for you to handle.

That’s why it’s important to evaluate the size of your cue stick with respect to your height.

I recommend, 42” size cue stick for children of average height.

While adults, with height between 5ft to 6.5 ft will find cue sticks between 52”- 58” size appropriate in their hands.

However, you must not take these sizes as guaranteed to be perfect for every age group or height. Of course, there are exceptions, so you must examine the cue stick first before buying it to determine if it’s the right size for you or not.

Cue Stick Size & Size Of Your Table

Table Size Cue Stick Size
7 ft Pool/Snooker Table 42” cue stick
8 ft Pool/Snooker Table 42 – 48” cue stick
9 ft Pool/Snooker Table 52”- 58” cue stick
10 ft Snooker/Pool Table 58”- 61” cue stick

Hang on, that’s not all. Before you go to measure your table size and order a cue stick online, I’d like to share something equally important – the distance between the wall behind you and your table.

In case your table is right in the center of the room, it won’t be a worry. Otherwise, the distance between your table and wall should be at least 5 ft., or you won’t be able to push back and forth bigger cue sticks (52”-61”) without bumping them in the wall behind you.

What Size Pool/Snooker Cue Should I Use?

So, what size you should use depends on the table you have, your height, and what size fits well in your hand.

Assuming that you are someone over 18 with a height over 5 ft, you can use any cue stick between 52” – 58” (which is the average snooker/Pool cue size), most likely this will be the ideal Snooker/Pool cue size that will be appropriate for your use.

Pool Cue Size Diameter

When you are considering the size of your cue stick, you must not forget this aspect to avoid any discomfort in future – the shaft diameter. It is not the same for everyone. A standard size Snooker/Pool cue has a diameter between 12mm to 13mm.

The margin of variation is small yet it can make a difference. Shaft size can be increased or decreased by ¼ mm between 12mm to 13mm.

If you have small hands, then the small diameter will feel comfortable to you. Conversely, if you have big and strong hands, a big diameter shaft will feel nice. That’s why, it’s essential that you must try a certain size shaft cue before buying it.

How To Measure A Pool/Snooker Cue Stick?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific way to determine which size is best for your use. You can measure your cue stick by using a measuring tape, but measuring your comfort can only be done by playing with it.

So to measure that, hold the cue you are going to buy in your hands and take a normal stance. Keep the cue tip a half-inch away from the cue ball. Now see your position – your forearm must be perpendicular to your cue. If your backhand is closer along the cue stick 2-4 inches towards the cue ball from the balance point, this means your cue stick is bigger than you need. Or else, the size is good for you.

The best way to determine it is by playing, execute complex shots. Feel the cue moving back and forth in your hands. Only you can tell which size is right for you, so take your time.

American Pool/Snooker Cue Length vs British Pool/Snooker Cue Length

Geneally, the sizes of the cue sticks remain the same everywhere. Since American and British Pools have slight differences in rules, it is assumed that their cue sticks also have different sizes, which is not the case.

There is no difference in term of size between both types of cues, or any fixed dimensions associated with both. Most common Pool/Snooker cue sizes everywhere in the world are the same.


How long is a short pool cue?
Among the shortest cues available, the smallest size can be as small as 36”.

How long do pool cues last?
Average life of a cue stick is 6 months.


Selecting the right size of cue for your use can be difficult, especially when you have no experience of buying a cue stick before. But now, when you know what sizes are best for a certain age group and people with different heights, it’ll be easier for you to make the right choice and have a great feel when playing with your cue stick – be it on Snooker Table or Pool!

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