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Change‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Pool/Snooker‌ ‌Cue‌ ‌Weight‌ ‌to‌ ‌Make‌ ‌it‌ ‌Light‌ ‌or‌ ‌Heavy‌

So, you have just purchased a cue stick that doesn’t feel convenient in your hands, maybe it’s too light or a little too heavy? And now you are seeking an answer for “how do you change your pool/snooker cue weight?”

Indeed, it’s very important to play with a snooker/pool cue that gives you utmost control and alongside doesn’t tire your hands early in the game. So it is of immense importance to understand the science of weight in cue sticks.

In this article, I’m going to share the step by step guide with you on how to change pool cue weight, and some other frequently asked questions will be answered in detail like “are heavier pool cues better or light cues.”

First, we’ll learn how to take out or add some weight from our cue sticks.

How Do You Change Pool/Snooker Cue Weight?

Best piece of advice for you is to evaluate your preferences and choose the weight accordingly when ordering a cue stick online. However, just in case your preferences have changed with the passage of time, you can add or shed some weight of your cue stick.

Removing Weight From Cue Stick

To remove the weight from your cue stick, you’d need the following tools:

Tools Needed:

  • Weight measuring scale
  • Bumper remover tool
  • Quarter inch allen wrench
  • Assortment of weight bolts

Steps to Remove the weights:

  1. The first step is to remove the bumper. You can do it by pressing the bumper from both sides using your thumb, or using the bumper remover tool.
  2. Then use the allen wrench to take the weight bolt out.
  3. Now take out the weight bolt.
  4. And add a lighter weight bolt.
  5. If you are uncertain about the current weight, you can use the weight scale to measure the weight of the current cue and decide what weight to be used as a bolt.

Adding Weight To Cue Stick

Likewise, you are going to follow the same process here. Similar tools will be used, but instead of taking out weight you’ll be adding weight. So instead of adding lighter bolts, you’ll be adding heavier bolts.

For instance, the current weight of your cue stick is 19 ounces, and you prefer it to only be a little heavier, then one ounce-bolt would be sufficient.

P.S. I highly recommend buying these tools because they come handy when changing weights. Even if you mistakenly pick out the wrong weight, with these tools at your disposal, you won’t have to worry much as changing the weights again would barely take a minute or two.

How To Determine The Weight Of Your Cue Stick?
Just to avoid any extra hard work, I recommend you to weigh down your cue stick on the weight scale to determine the current weight of your cue stick. Because an extra heavy cue stick will cause problems for you.

Just in case if you are wondering what is the primary difference between a light cue and a heavy and what impact it can make, let’s compare the two.

Light Cue Vs Heavier Cue

There is a possibility that you have never ever changed weights before, so a question must be racking your brain, Light cue vs heavy cue, are heavier cues better or light cues?

Before we come to any conclusion, let’s understand both types of cues first.

Light Cues

Light cues are preferred by players of all types, amateurs, pros, and players who fit somewhere in the middle.


Advantages of Lighter Cues

  • Because they are easier to control and offer more precision when it comes to managing power behind every shot.
  • The thing is, not every shot is supposed to go in the pocket. So when you are playing with light cue sticks, you can make the ball travel as much as you want to. No extra force – which we’ll see in heavier cues.

However, if your cue stick is too light, then it can have an adverse effect on your play as well.

Disadvantages of Lighter Cue

  • When you want the ball to travel faster, you need a heavier cue because lighter cues does not provide the required force or inertia.
  • Similarly, break shots also require much force so it cannot be done perfectly with a lighter cue

Heavy Cues

On the other hand, when we talk about heavy cues, a law that comes in our mind is Newton’s law of motion. A body remains in motion until it is stopped by friction or it slows down on its own.

Advantage of Heavier Cues

  • When you play with heavier cue sticks, your ball travels faster as heavy weight prevents stroke deceleration.

Disadvantage of Heavier Cues

  • When you play with heavier cues, this force of inertia is greater, and thus, it can disrupt the setting of the ball you are trying to achieve. That’s why heavier cues can be difficult to play with.

Should You Choose Heavy Or Light Cue Stick?

I’d recommend you to start with lighter cue sticks, anything between 18-19 ounces. Normally, there’s not much weight difference between 18 vs 19 oz stick, so you can pick any of them.

With the passage of time, you’d be able to better understand your flavor in this regard, and making a change to weights is not a problem at all now so you could change them any time.


How do I choose a cue stick?
Remember the specs of the cue stick that you held once and it felt comfortable in your hands. Moreover, consider the height and durability of a certain brand by reading reviews. That’s how you can make the best out of the cash you are spending on it.

What weight pool cue do pros use?
Anything between 19 ounces to 20 ounces is used by most of the pros.

Does changing a pool cue make a difference?
Yes, if your game is not improving with one cue stick despite using it for a considerable time, you need to rethink your options. Maybe a new cue stick would bring stability to your play along with some luck!

How to weigh a pool cue?
For accurate weighing, you can weigh down your cue on the weight scale.

What’s the difference between 18 oz vs 19 oz cue?
Intermediates transitioning to pro phase switch from 18 oz cue stick to 19 oz and then further move on if they enjoy heavy weight.


So, have you understood the science of weight management in cue sticks? Just in case you want to experiment by adding or taking out some weight, you can follow the above mentioned step by step guide to do it neatly. Moreover, now you have a better idea why lightweight cue sticks are more preferred than heavy sticks. So whether you are buying a new stick or thinking to add or decrease weight from the old one, you can make the right choice!

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