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Lucasi Pool Cue Reviews | Custom – Hybrid – Break and Jump

Have you ever bought pool accessories online? Or how long have you been buying it? When buying pool stuff online one has to be very careful about the precise measurements, quality (better read our reviews on various pool brands and their accessories) and of course the credibility of the company.

And shipment is another problem, a lot of top brands do ship worldwide but often the shipment charges are not far behind from the product’s charges itself, which makes it expensive.

But we are just introducing you to a pool cue manufacturer that is not credible but ships free with every order over $99! Moreover, you get a 60 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE which allows you to examine the cue and test it in various environments.

Lucasipoolcues.com is a credible online dealer of Custom and Hybrid Lucasi pool cues and accessories. Despite the 1 year warranty, free shipping (over $99 order) and 60 days satisfaction guarantee, the brand seems to be content with selling their pool accessories at low prices.

The Lucasi pool cues are available in great variety, and in this blog, we shall discuss the whole lot to leave you with a great notion about these at the end of this post.

List Of top Lucasi Pool Cues

Image Product Details
Lucasi Custom Pool Cues
Lucasi Custom Birds Eye Maple LZ2000SP Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple LZ2000SP Cue tip: Everest tip by Tiger
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Custom Super LZ2004NB-P Lucasi Custom Super LZ2004NB-P Cue tip: Everest tip by Tiger
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues
Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 Cue tip: Kamui Pro soft tip
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 Cue tip: Kamui Black soft tip
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Custom + Hybrid Pool Cue
LUCASI Custom + Hybrid LHC98 LUCASI Custom + Hybrid LHC98 Cue tip: Kamui Pro soft tip
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Break Pool Cue
Lucasi Hybrid LHBB2 Lucasi Hybrid LHBB2 Cue tip: Kamui Pro soft tip
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Jump Pool Cue
LUCASI Specialty Jump Pool Cue LUCASI Specialty Jump Pool Cue (L-2000JC) Cue tip: Bakelite Phenolic tip
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Jump/Break Pool Cue
Lucasi Cues Pool Cue Stick L-2000 JB Lucasi (L-2000JB-1-P) Cue tip: Everest tip by Tiger
Joint: Uni-loc
Warranty: Lifetime
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Lucasi Custom Pool Cue Review

We are going to start this series with Lucasi Custom Pool cues which are made using only the finest quality woods with every piece cured and turned for nearly 2 years. Then this wood is treated with a patented wood stabilizer to ensure that the wood lasts long and ultimately prevents warping of the cue.

More or less, you will find the same features in this series that you find in other top-notch quality cues. This cue is crafted with laser precision, making it perfect to in all aspects – size, straightness and intended design. The genuine leather or Irish linen wraps the whole series, for ensuring slip-free grip.

Some of the finest cues of this series are reviewed below:

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple LZ2000SP

The Lucasi LZ2000SP is of a simple design, though it is very sturdy. If you are looking for a cue that puts you in great control at the same time doesn’t attract too much attention while you’re at the table, this cue is for you. The cue shoots great and the quick-lock joint is also amazing.

And don’t worry about the precision. This cue is dead straight and aesthetically pleasing. At the top, it features an Everest tip by Tiger. The premium layer leathered tip is not just sturdy but gives you great control over the ball.

Though there is no wrapping on the handle, it will still feel smooth and provide uninterrupted stroke play. Wood-to-wood joint with Uni-loc pin paves way for a soft hit and quick break down. All in all, we can deem this cue a “Professional pool cue”, made for professional play.

For your convenience, this cue is available in different weights between 19-21 oz (with half an ounce increments). Buy the right weight for you and play at your best!

Top Features

  • Wrapless handle for a smooth feel
  • Wood-to-wood joint with Uni-loc pin
  • Low deflection shaft
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces in half-ounce increments
  • Everest tip by Tiger
  • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage

Lucasi Custom Super LZ2004NB-P

This luxurious cue is going to make a real pool lover’s mouth watery and hands itchy! The Lucasi Custom LZ2004NB comes with floating six-point blue lustre inlays and is double pressed with an Irish linen wrap for a firm grip.

The 12.75mm shaft is blended using cutting-edge technology for low deflection and perfect fit along with stainless steel collared Uni-Loc quick-release joint for smooth stroke-making. With a low-deflection shaft send the ball where you mean to!

This state-of-the-art cue features an Everest Tip by Tiger; premium layer leathered tip which is not only durable but gives the ball control of a soft tip!

And when you are getting a lifetime warranty in this cue, why look further? Even against warping, you can claim the warranty and in this way you will get full value for your money – a riskless, win-win trade!

Top Features

  • Black and white double pressed Irish wrap
  • Lucasi Custom Zero Deflection Technology Shaft
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • Uni-loc pin
  • Everest tip by Tiger
  • Lifetime warranty

Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue Review

Lucasi Hybrid Pool cues are a combination of unique design and top-notch craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to create superior performance pool cues in billiards. These cues are designed to meet the players’ requirements.

These cues feature a four-piece butt construction that brings increased durability and consistency in a cue. Golf style grip technology provides unprecedented traction and maximizes ball control.

Each of the shafts is assembled using an eight-piece radial construction to ensure the utmost transfer of energy while taking a shot alongside consistency and ultimate control.

A few of the best cues features in this series are reviewed below:

Lucasi Hybrid LHC97

The stylish, striking and sturdy Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 pool cue is made from premium quality material. This cue features catchy crushed blue velvet split point inlays, taking its appearance to the next level!

Moreover, besides its professional design, one cannot ignore its intricate construction. The triple silver rings, stainless steel butt cap made easy-to-hold by solid black class G5 grip wrap. Like most of the Lucasi cues, this cue too has a stainless steel joint with the Uni-Loc system.

What else do you need to excel when you have a low deflection shaft? With its 12.75mm diameter low deflection shaft, hit the ball anywhere at your will and play like a pro!

Moving to its front-end, this cue features a Premium pigskin leather tip with a higher elasticity, engineered to give you superior spin and durability. However, one can replace this tip with another tip of his choice – depends on one’s flavour.

And with a lifetime warranty, this masterclass cue will prove to be a cost-effective cue in the longer term.

Top Features

  • Fusion G5 Grip wrap
  • X-Shox Dampening System
  • Wood joint collar with Uni-loc pin
  • A Zero deflection shaft
  • 12 10-layer laminated leather Kamui Pro soft tip
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces
  • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage

Lucasi Hybrid L-H10

If you are fond of playing with first-class and professional-level cues, this cue is a great choice for you. Whether you talk about the design or its material, one can hardly point any loophole in this cue. The Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 features a G5 Grip for with X-Shox Dampening System for a firm grip. The cue would barely vibrate upon hitting the ball.

Everybody wants to play with a low-deflection shaft to raise their pool game and send the ball in the intended direction. For this purpose, this cue features 12.75mm Zero Flex point Low Deflection Technology Shaft ensuring utmost accuracy. The shaft is topped with a 10-layer laminated leather Kamui Black soft tip which is made to provide you max control on the ball and superior spin.

Other prominent features of this cue include a stainless joint collar with a Uni-loc pin that gives rock-solid hit with quick release. And each of these features is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can play with peace of mind.

Top Features

  • 12.75mm Zero Flex point Low Deflection Technology Shaft
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • Uni-loc pin
  • 10-layer laminated leather Kamui Black soft tip
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces
  • Lifetime warranty

Difference Between Lucasi Custom and Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cues

We have covered both the Custom and Hybrid cues of Lucasi, but during the whole read did this question pop in your mind what’s the difference between both the cues?

Both the cues aren’t much different from each other, except the fact that Hybrid cues are slightly on the higher side in terms of price. In terms of the design and material, these are the few differences:

  • The Hybrid is a laminated shaft and the custom is a one-piece maple.
  • The custom has a new taper that Thorsten Hohmann apparently helped design.
  • Hybrid pool cues use Kamui Original Soft Leather Tip, while custom pool cues have mostly used Tiger Everest Tip.
  • Hybrids have a rubber sport grip, while the Customs have traditional linen or are unwrapped.

Lucasi Custom + Hybrid Pool Cue Review

For the last two decades, Lucasi has set new industry standards in terms of quality of the cues and other Billiards accessories. The company’s unprecedented rise has introduced some mesmerizing products including the Lucasi Custom + Hybrid Pool cues.

This Lucasi series has featured cues with top-of-the-line components like the Uni-Loc quick-release joint and handpicked exotic woods used to give this cue series a solid look. As a result of the brand’s consistent struggle, we have got a very decent product in the form of consistent hitting pool cues which have revolutionized the billiards industry.

Like other Lucasi cues, this series is also backed by a lifetime warranty, even against warping!

LUCASI Custom + Hybrid LHC98

This brilliant cue is slightly on the higher side in terms of price, but the amount of impact it can have on one’s game makes it worth buying. Its features are apt for professionals to compete in professional tournaments, while amateurs with it can get used to playing with a professional cue right from the start.

Its four-piece butt construction increases the durability white the G5 Grip-Technology gives you a slip-free grip resulting in utmost precision while striking. Moreover, this cue is integrated with shock-absorbing memory foam to reduce the impact of shock and vibration by more than 27% over a standard cue.

The Low Deflection shaft is all a pool player craves to excel in pool. This cue features the very same Low Deflection Shaft used in all of Lucasi’s pool cue series along with a sturdy and straight Kamui Pro Tip giving you the right spin and control on the ball. The Total Sweet Spot Construction ensures maximum transfer of energy when one takes a shot.

All in all, one can conclude that these cues are perfectly designed to provide maximum accuracy and are surely built to last!

Top Features

  • The 19oz weight can be adjusted from 18 to 21oz.
  • Lifetime Warranty (includes warping)
  • 10 piece radial construction Zero Flex 12.75mm low deflection shaft
  • Ten layer Kamui Pro Soft Tip.
  • Quick-Release Uni-loc Joint
  • Premium Embossed Elephant Leather Wrap

Lucasi Break Pool Cue Review

Lucasi Break cues are an excellent choice for professionals to put on a great show at the Billiards table. Not only are they made of quality material but their slim design is going to catch your attention immediately.

The whole series features an X-Shot Dampening system in the wrap for maximizing the player’s comfort and other features like shock-absorbing foam that makes even a hard hit feel easy in hands.

Another common feature in Lucasi Break cues is Kamui Black Tip with higher elasticity, giving you better control and more spin on the ball. One of the cues from the Lucasi Break series is reviewed below.

Lucasi Hybrid LHBB2

Do you think a bigger cue stick is difficult to control? It could be true for ordinary pool sticks but not in the case of Lucasi LHBB2. This cue is a combination of such intricately embodied features that give one maximum control while he is on the Billiards table.

It begins with the G5 Grip wrap with the X-Shot dampening system which is part of every Lucasi cue. This particular feature reduces the vibration one may feel white shooting the ball and strengthens the grip. The 14mm low-deflection shaft is a very handy feature as it plays a key role in improving one’s accuracy.

The shaft is topped with an S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot tip which gives you powerful ball contact with reduced spin. And the icing on the cake is this cue comes with a lifetime warranty, even if it is warped after some time you can claim it.

Top Features

  • X-Shot Dampening System
  • 14mm Low Deflection Technology Break Shaft
  • Available in 19 firms hit with a quick break down
  • 21 ounces in half-ounce increments
  • Lifetime warranty against warpage
  • Implex joint collar with Uni-loc pin

Lucasi Jump Pool Cue Review

Lucasi Jump Pool cues aren’t far behind from other Lucasi pool cues which are praised by buyers for their superior quality and durability. This series features low to medium-price cues with some brilliant features from their ergonomically flared grip to Warp resistant Maple air hog shaft.

This series has some very fine cues to begin your pool journey or practice like professionals to be one of them, one day. With a hard and sturdy tip, one can execute powerful shots with no fear of damaging it or losing control.

LUCAS Jump Cue (L-2000JC) is reviewed in detail below.

LUCASI Specialty Jump Pool Cue (L-2000JC)

Lucasi L-2000JC has everything that makes a cue effective and durable. Despite having a very simple look, this five-star cue is going to make a decent match with your Billiards table. It comes with a joint protector for the butt so it can go with the rest of your sticks in the case.

L-2000JC Features a shaft made of North American Hard Rock Maple, which is why we believe this shaft is going to be a sturdy one and would surely give you hundreds of powerful, exciting and professional pool games.

As in other Lucasi cues, this cue also embodies X-Shox dampening system and G5 grip technology, providing you a slip-free grip and aiding you in taking accurate shots.

And the best bit is, you get a lifetime guarantee against material and manufacturer defect. What else do you need to be assured of your cue’s durability?

Top Features

  • 14mm Bakelite Phenolic tip
  • 1/2 Carbon fibre Ferrule
  • 29in Maple Air Hog shaft
  • Black Implex Joint
  • Uni Loc Pin
  • X-Shox dampening system and G5 grip technology
  • Lifetime warranty

Lucasi Jump/Break Pool Cue Review

Lucasi Jump/break Pool cue series features a variety of cues, not just in terms of the features but the price range also has a significant difference. That means this cue series has cues for both casual and professional players.

However, each cue has the right features to assist you in improving your pool game. In high-price cues, that are of course most suitable for professional players, every element is aptly put to last long and provide extra power and accuracy to the player.

While the low-price cues are best for amateurs and those still honing their skills for professional games in future. Lucasi (L-2000JB-1-P), which is part of this series, is reviewed below.

Lucasi (L-2000JB-1-P)

The Buyer response of this cue suggests that there’s not even a slightest of an issue with this cue. And why should there be any, when the cue is part of such a first-class cue series of Lucasi. From its super-hard bakelite tip for powerful strokes to Irish Linen wrap for a solid grip, the cue looks defectless in every aspect.

Furthermore, this cue features two Uni-Loc quick-release joints and standard classic shaft, ensuring smooth stroke-making and durability of your cue. Before the start of production, the wood used in it is dried for 18 to 24 months in specially-designed moisture-controlled rooms.

When it comes to the design and looks of a cue, Lucasi custom cues are not far behind from other cues. Each of these cues features magnificent laser-cut precision inlays for a distinctive look. This cue is given a spectacular high-grade finish, which protects it from fading from the sun’s harmful rays when you take it outside.

No matter what type of weight you prefer to play with, this cue is available in all (light, medium and heavy) weights. From 18-21 ounces, you can select any weight with half-ounce increments while ordering this cue.

Top Features

  • Genuine double-pressed Irish linen wraps
  • Stainless steel and wood-to-wood with Uni-loc pins
  • 12.75mm Lucasi Custom Low Deflection Shaft
  • Everest tip by Tiger
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces in half-ounce increments
  • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage

Lucasi Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Review

The thing that one can trust in each of Lucasi pool cue series is getting exactly the thing he paid for. A lot of Pool lovers are reluctant to buy online because they have experienced this issue many times – the delivered product was different from the displayed one.

However, in the case of Lucasi Pool Cues, this is not a problem at all. After thoroughly looking at the reviews of each series we can conclude that Lucasi is a trustable brand. And the same is true for Lucasi Sneaky Pete Pool cue series. This series has also received some happy reviews from customers after selling them top-notch quality cues at reasonable prices.

One of the best cues of this series is LUCASI (LZ2000SP), which we are going to review here.


The classically-styled LUCASI (LZ2000SP) features a four-point antique teal design with beautiful mother-of-pearl dot inlays, giving this cue an aesthetic look. This unique appearance of this cue exudes both professionalism and a bit of glamour.

When you are paying well to buy a cue, you definitely expect it to come with a sturdy shaft. This cue comes with a Zero Flexpoint Solid Core Low Deflection technology shaft with professional taper for smooth stroking of distant balls. This shaft is designed by three-time world champion Thorsten Hohmann for precise performance.

Moreover, the unwrapped handle it features ensure slip-free grip and better strokes. Its 4-piece cue butt construction increases the durability of this cue and guarantees solid hit. And its Premium Tiger Everest tip is going to give you superior ball control with excellent accuracy and precision.

Top Features

  • Wood-to-wood Quick-release Uni-loc joint
  • Zero Flexpoint Solid Core Low Deflection technology shaft
  • Professional taper d
  • Premium Tiger Everest tip
  • Wrapless handle
  • 4-piece cue butt construction


In this blog post, we explored a great variety of Lucasi cues available in different series. The objective behind writing such a detailed post is to give you an idea about each of the series and which particular cue in a series might be suitable for you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. The above-mentioned cues are only reviewed according to their price and their suitability for different levels of players. Their features are going to vary from one to another, so as the durability when you move from a low-price cue to a high-price one. It’s up to you now which cue you might fancy buying.