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Olhausen Vs. Brunswick Pool Table

Olhausen and Brunswick both are famous in the Billiards industry, and both have been producing fine quality pool accessories for decades. It’s a tough task, comparing two top-notch pool table makers. In this post, we shall see who is providing what quality and what are the things that distinguish them from each other.

Some of the prominent features that are common in their pool tables will be discussed below and how these features may affect the quality of play – either positively or negatively.

Brand name Olhausen Brunswick
Price range $2000 – 10,000 $2700 – $15000
Cushions 100% gum rubber Not 100% rubber
Construction & Finish Multiple wood constructions and finishings available Multiple wood constructions and finishings available
Made in USA USA
Customization options Plenty Plenty

Differences Between Olhausen and Brunswick Pool Table

These are some of the main differences between Olhausen and Brunswick pool table.

Price Range:

The significant difference between the price range of both the brands is probably the biggest difference between them. In Olhausen Pool tables, the price range stretches to around $10,000, while in Brunswick pool tables, this price range goes up to $15000, which is, mind you, way beyond the reach of a casual pool player.

Cushion Rubber:

No matter how much we discuss the price and construction here, the quality of play depends upon the rubber cushions used which can significantly impact travelling of the ball around the table. Both the brands use their self-made cushions – Brunswick uses super speed cushions while Olhausen uses Accu-fast cushions.

Both of them have their own reasons for using them and apparently they are getting along quite well with these. Olhausen claims that their Accu-fast cushions are probably the best in the Billiards industry and are therefore backed by a lifetime warranty.

Customization Options:

Both the companies offer plenty of customization options in their pool table. Be it their size, cloth colour, or the finishing, you get to select the pool table that perfectly fits into the context of your needs. However, Olhausen is a step ahead in this regard, as Olhausen also allows you to upgrade the standard playing kit or pool table cover if you are ready to play a few extra dollars for it.

Both Tables Have Lifetime Warranty:

The good thing about both the tables, they are backed by a lifetime warranty. This is where you can blindly trust the tables of Olhausen and Brunswick. Both the brands have gone an extra mile to reach a level of quality and durability that they are happy to give lifetime warranty. It leaves one extra confident that their tables are really crafted from finest material and equipped with best possible features.

Delivery and Installation:

Olhausen dealers provide free delivery and installation, if the location is near to the dealer’s shop, otherwise you’ll be charged for it. While when you purchase a Brunswick table, delivery and installation is provided by the authorized dealer within every $400 shipping.


Both the brands have produced some top-notch quality pool tables, with lifetime warranty. However, if you see with respect to the variety and customization options available, Olhausen is found a step ahead of Brunswick. Moreover, the price range of Olhausen feels more reasonable than Brunswick.

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