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Olhausen Southern Pool Table Review

Made in Tennessee, the Southern Hickory Pool table is perfect for professional pool play. This table features hand-selected hardwood, which is why this table can be trusted as a durable one. The problem with ordinary pool tables is they are made from low-quality woods, and the moment they encounter a rough environment, they start wearing out.

The Southern Pool tables feature premium quality slate that ensures smooth and precise play. Each of these slates is checked at the factory for flatness and proper bolt locations. The adequate framing of slate ensures quieter play and minimizes the stress on the slate.

Furthermore, the Uniliner construction adds a bit more sturdiness to this table. Large slate support area paves the way for accurate and faster installation. All in all, one can be confident that this pool table is made durable from every aspect.

The Southern pool table is available in three different constructions, Maple, Oak and Tulipwood. It depends on the type of use and your preferences, which one of these constructions you may opt for. The good thing is, charges are the same for all three wood constructions.

The Southern Pool tables are available in different sizes – 7 ft southern, 8 ft standard southern, 8 ft professional southern and 9 ft tournament southern. If you choose other than the standard size – which is 7 ft southern – you’ll have to pay a few extra dollars.

At the time of purchase, the dealer will contact you to ask you which colour you’d like your pool cloth cover to be in. There are 20+ colour choices available. Some of them come in the standard purchase, while if you choose other than the standard colour, they’ll charge you a few extra bucks.

This table is also available in pine or knotty alder if you desire for an authentic feel of the countryside in your home. Not only will it serve as a perfect pool table but its excellent customization options allow you to get in your favourite colour and precise size. Perfect for both casual and professional play.

If you need a drawer to keep your cues together, safe and protected from atmospheric damage, this table can be bought along with a drawer. Make sure you tell the dealer about the size, cloth colour, wood construction, finish and drawer customization at the time of purchase.

Top Features

  • 7′, 8′, 8 1/2′, or 9′ table with 1-inch framed slate
  • Available with a Cue/Accessory Storage Drawer
  • Available in Hickory, Pine or Knotty Alder
  • Accu-Fast Cushion with Lifetime Warranty
  • Solid Hard Maple Top Rails
  • Made in the USA
  • External Leather Drop Pockets
  • Pearlized Diamond Rail Sights


  • Nice look
  • Perfect for professional play
  • Get it in your favourite cloth cover


  • A bit expensive
  • Extra charges if you move from standard to upgraded cloth colour and size


In a nutshell, this pool table is perfect for smooth and professional pool play. Its sturdy construction is good enough to survive in a harsh environment, therefore one can expect it to maintain its superior play for a longer time and provide full value for the money.

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