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Olhausen Reno Pool Table Review

If your current pool table has failed to live up to your expectations or you believe you need a more sturdy and precisely designed pool table to raise your pool game, then Olhausen Reno can be one of such pool tables that will help you to accomplish this. The thing is, it is hard to find a sustainable pool table at a low price, or a reasonable price.

We come across different pool tables with top-class features, yet their prices feel unreasonable. Or in other words, one feels that he is paying a bit of extra money than he ought to for a pool table of a particular standard. Moreover, an expensive pool table is always found far away from the reach of a casual or amateur pool table.

But Olhausen Reno is a pool table that not only comes at a reasonable price, you also get to enjoy its amazing features. Besides its elegant design, you enjoy the perk of having a sturdy table. Because it is made from top quality material – available in Solid Maple or Oak – you can expect this table to stand longer than ordinary ones.

These tables feature diamond-honed to create the perfect playing surface. Moreover, these slates are made under the supervision of experts, who thoroughly check the slates at the factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations.

The framing of slate is done to minimize the stress on the slate and ensure quieter play. In addition, the appropriate framing allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth to be installed. Large slate support helps to keep the slate flat and level. Further, it minimizes the wood movement and lets you devote your 100 percent focus to the game in hand.

The traditional style pool table comes with custom options that can be configured for just about any game or budget. For instance, you can buy this table in 4 different sizes, 7, 8′,8.5, and 9′. The size customization allows you to choose the perfect size that would make a good fit in your room/office/restaurant/billiards hall.

And what’s more, you can buy this table in different pool covers. There are a plethora of colour options available when it comes to choosing the pool cover. In this way, you are getting your dream pool table in your favourite colour. Moreover, this gives the flexibility to choose the colour that would make a good match with the surrounding decor.

Top Features

  • 7-ft, 8′-ft. 8 1/2′-ft., or 9′-ft table with 1-inch framed slate
  • Maple or Oak veneer with your choice of finish
  • Accu-Fast Cushion with Lifetime Warranty
  • Solid Hard Maple or Oak Top Rails, All Other Components wood veneer
  • Made in the USA
  • External Leather Drop Pockets
  • Pearlized Diamond Rail Sights


  • Very affordable table
  • Customisation options
  • Fine quality material made


  • No drawer


Like all the Olhausen Pool tables, this table has been equally well crafted to ensure precise and smooth play. Moreover, its strong construction suggests that this table is going to be your long term pool surface. And the best bit is, it is cheap. So, there’s not much to ponder over, if this table falls in your budget, it is worth buying.

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