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Olhausen Classic Pool Table Review

The thing which makes Olhausen standout among its Billiards competitors is its astonishing amount of variety in terms of price and quality. Apparently, Olhausen understands the requirements and budget of a casual and professional pool player better than others, that’s why it is striving to make the right pool table for all types of players with different budgets.

However, despite dealing in both low price and high price tables, the company has adhered to the high-quality standards. For this reason, even inexpensive pool tables seem to have been constructed from fine quality material. From their impressive designs to perfect framing of slates, each of the table series is one of its kind.

The Classic Pool table is no different from other Olhausen Pool table series. This table features a classic design in the form of tapered legs and classic apron moulding. The Classic Pool table is a part of the Portland series with body and legs made from solid tulipwood. Its sturdy top rails are made from hard maple. The table is also available in a few more constructions – Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut.

Moreover, this table features premium quality slates. These slates are going to maximize your pool experience as they are diamond-honed to create the perfect playing surface. Strict quality checking at the time of manufacturing makes them absolutely flawless. With these precisely framed slates, you’ll enjoy a quieter play.

Its T-Nut Rail construction ensures precise alignment during the installation part. In addition, it also eliminates hollow spots under the cushions. Upon testing, the Uniliner pool table construction method was found to be twice as strong as other pool table frames. The Uniliner construction minimizes wood movement and helps to keep the slate level and flat.

And if you have mistaken that this low price table doesn’t come with playing essentials then let me correct you that it does. The playing kit includes four cues, bridge stick, wall-mounted cue rack, set of billiard balls, 8-ball and 9-ball racks. It also contains a box of cue-tip chalk, cover for table, specialist repair kit and table brushes.

This pool table series has tables available in 7′,8′ and 9′ sizes. Another impressive feature is you can order a pool cover in 24 different colours. And the best bit is, this table is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Top Features

  • Available in 7′,8′ and 9′ sizes
  • Handcrafted in Tennessee
  • Constructed of Tulipwood. Also available in Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut
  • Available in all different finishes
  • Comes with all playing essentials and table brushes
  • Life-Time warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in your favourite colour and the size you need


  • Still room for improvement in design


This classic design table has some fine features and offers a lot of customization options to meet your requirements. Moreover, the price is very affordable, so anyone from a casual to a professional pool player can buy it. All in all, we can say that this pool table is perfect for those looking for a durable table at an affordable price.

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