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Olhausen 30th Anniversary Pool Table Review

The Olhausen 30 Anniversary pool table comes in multiple finishes. This pool table has very much the same features you’ll find in all Olhausen Pool tables. From its perfect finishing to sturdy construction, one can be assured that he is getting full value for the money.

The Olhausen 30th anniversary table is available in 8 ft and 9 ft size, featuring Accu fast cushions for smooth movement of the ball around, and diamond pearlized rail sights to boost the looks of this table.

The Olhausen Accu-fast cushions are the best in the business. By many people, these cushions have been praised purely because of their extraordinary performance which makes one enjoy the pool game. Don’t worry about their durability, as these cushions are backed by a lifetime warranty.

This table is crafted from top-notch quality material. Northeastern hardwood lumber is cured to make the table strong enough to withstand a casual environment and remain steady in any climate. These woods are picked by experts who understand what makes a table durable.

Its T-NUT Rail construction makes the installation part easier by ensuring precise alignment. Furthermore, it eliminates the hollow spots under the cushions.

Like all Olhausen Pool tables, this table features a neatly crafted diamond-honed shaft that creates a perfect and flat playing surface for you. Before deeming ready to use, the slate is carefully checked by the workers to ensure that it is flat and has proper bolt-hole locations.

Moreover, this slate is perfectly framed to ensure quieter play and minimize the stress on it. This allows a tighter and faster cloth installation. Further, the table is bolted through the slate liner to reduce the vibration that can loosen the rail bolts.

And like all olhausen Pool tables, this pool table can be covered in your favourite colour. At the same price, the company offers various colour options for the pool table cloth, which the dealer will discuss with you at the time of your purchase. However, if you choose other than the standard cloth options, you might have to pay a few extra dollars.

And what’s more, this table comes with all playing essentials that you’ll need to start playing immediately. The essential playing kit includes a full set of billiard and snooker balls, 6 cues, bridge, cue storage rack, and many other accessories.

The table is made in the USA, by finest craftsmen at Olhausen factory where they use cutting-edge technology to manufacture sturdy and durable tables, so you can expect this table to play well for thousands of exciting pool games.

Top Features

  • Available in 7ft and 8ft size
  • Available in all Olhausen finishes
  • Accu-fast cushions
  • Leather pockets
  • Comes with essential playing accessories


  • Low price table
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Difficult to find


This pocket-friendly Pool table is a nice choice if you are on a low budget and need a pool table for casual play. And like all Olhausen Pool tables, it offers many customization options so you can choose the size and finishing of your choice. All in all, this pool table feels good for the price.

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